Friday, December 7, 2007

You all are special to someone.

I wanted to bring this to you all (read all the way through it), and I try to do so around the Holidays, as there are some people who need to know this around the holidays.

We all have lost someone who has passed away, someone we have loved and have loved us, but for some people that is all they had or all that remained in their long life and sadly many feel they now have no one who loves them.

PLEASE remember you will always be loved by the ones who have passed away and loved you, they still do and will always do so. Also remember they are the ones you can still go to with your thoughts and problems, and in reality they may be able to help you even more being in the Spiritual World, then they could of here in the living world.

They all cross over, there is more information documented on that, then there are about 'not knowing their dead - being lost - not crossing over - etc..' No one will ever get me to believe they do not cross over or are lost or some spirits do not know their dead. It is beyond what any higher power would allow.

So never think they have not. Many I have done my readings for, with an item of their love one who has passed away... Usually always see a smile come up on my face during the reading with the item. It's because I pick up on the happiness and knowledge that the living loved one is being well watched over by the one who loved them and has passed.

For your own fact finding about 'That They Cross Over ', just do an Internet search on - Near Death Experiences, you might as well get it from the source, being those who experienced it.

I had the wonderful gift allowed for me, to actually have a chance to talk to a young man of 38 who died, and was brought back. It is a beautiful thing to see what came across his face as he discussed it, and what I felt by way of the energy coming off of him. No experience before, nor after (as of now), has come close to it.

But for many, remember your loved and will always be loved. This is a time of year that is hard for some of you and I totally understand. But your blessed, blessed with the fact that you will always be special to someone and also loved for ever.

* For those who it is not as hard for, because your surrounded by those who love you, don't forget those WHO HAVE passed away and you loved, it is somewhat easy to do so during the hustle of the Holiday.

Bring the loved one(s) up during the Holiday conversations when your other family members are together. So the one(s), who passed away will know during this time of the year, that they are still part of the Holiday gathering, as in the past.

Blessings to you all,

Edward Shanahan

The Unexplained World

(c) 2007 Edward Shanahan

Monday, November 26, 2007

Hello Friends,

Hope your staying warm, here in Chicago the temp is starting to
feel like winter. But it is the Season and I hope you all had a nice
Thanksgiving Holiday.

What we have in this posting today..
A) - What is coming up.

B) - Newspaper

C) - 30 years ..

D) - Changes that came, changed it.

E) - Have you checked out lately?

F) - Exchange links and what comes with it.

Well Friends, I have been busy and funny how when there is
something I want to do for my self, things come along to cancel it.
Have you come across that lately?

The rest is below and stay warm and that is it for today.

Ed Shanahan

The Unexplained World

A) What is coming up!

Sunday night, December 2nd,
Our radio broadcast with Annette and I, will be at 9 pm central time.
Our scheduled guest is C.J. Sellers, a Psychic Reader who will be part
of a new TV paranormal show starting Dec. 10th, and we will be talking
about cold reading.

You can hear our show live and call in 9 pm central time at:

Plus our past shows can be heard 24 hrs a day at the site.

Monday December 3rd
5pm - 9 pm @
Champs in Burbank,
6501 W. 79th ST, Burbank, IL. 60459

I will be doing Palm, Psychometry one on one
and Conscious Channeling with items of a loved
one who has passed away (bring your love one's item).
Gift / Love offerings to the reader. No set fees for readings.

Tuesday December 4th.
7 pm - Midnight @
Cigar and Stripes
6715 W. Ogden Ave.Berwyn, IL 60402

Besides my regular readings, for the first time, I plan on
also doing the Conscious Channeling on stage for all to witness
the demonstrations.

Bring an item of a loved one of your's that has passed away.
No set fee for readings, just a gift offering of your choice to
the reader.

B) - Newspaper....

Today I did an interview for the Gazette in the
Berwyn & surrounding area, and it will appear Friday and
they will be out with camera's to the Tuesday night of readings
at Cigar and Stripes, so feel free to stop by.

C) - 30 Years...

Come December 10th, 30 yrs will be the amount of years
my wife Cathy and I have been married and equals = Two beautiful
and great daughters, a beautiful granddaughter and a great son in law.
The secret - to realize both people are also individuals.

D) - Changes that came, changed it.

Well the plans seemed written in stone, with the date
and venue for the night and we both where looking forward
too this special Beyond the Veil night and location. Then Ursula
was informed and then informed me of the change. So with the
change came other changes that changed the venue as far as
Beyond the Veil and me for this night. Ursula will be contacting
those who had an interest in it, with info about the changes.

E) - Have you checked out lately?

Have you noticed our large collection of 'Paranormal News' on our
web site and it's updated on a regular basis. You can find it on our
web page with the listing of all our locations with photos at:

F) Exchange links and what comes with it.

The final say for this posting. For those interested, if you want to
exchange links between our The Unexplained World web site and
Your Paranormal site, e-mail me (you can do so from the web site).

Remember that our site receives exposure by two sites that publish
my articles world wide, the Internet radio broadcast, newspaper articles,
upcoming one for sure and maybe being in two books in 2008 and who
knows what else will be coming up.

That's it for now...

Happy Hauntings & Blessings to all,

Ed Shanahan

Monday, November 12, 2007

Our Haunted Bed and Breakfast this past weekend.

Hello Friends,What a nice 'Beyond the Veil' location and all the people who came out to Ursula's and my paranormal weekend.

Ursula Bielski did a fine job insetting up the tour and all that was involvedfor both days. The tour of the mob areas was very enjoyable and the off the bus tour into Starved Rock also was enjoyable.

I would like to "Thank" all who came out, as it was full. Also the Bed and Breakfast was a great location to be at and stay at. Our host Bobby Joe kept it interesting for all while we were at the house.

The haunted woods.... What can I say? They proved to be just that. From the photos taken on the path of the Stations of the Cross in the woods. To our venture back into the Grotto that Al Capone did visit many of times and one of the locations I received one of my strongest feelings at about Spirits being there. This is the location I did my Circle of Energy and the Spirits did not disappoint.

It started out with Ursula and our guests working with the dowsing rods. I'm feeling that this is a nice warm up, as Ursula has shown me in the past, that she has a way of asking the spirits questions and working them in with the dowsing rods that the guests are holding. We had four sets of rods out there. While that was going on, I was suggesting areas forPaul to point and shoot his camera, an area I felt the spirits where like standing above us on the wall's edge and looking down to what was going on.

Well itdid prove it self, as he did pick up images at the areas.Then came the Circle of Energy,
I had those I felt were most sensitive stand in the circle (if they desired to do so), and I went about doing my thing. And I have to say I was not one bit disappointed in it. Nor where does in the circle, as it seems everyone in the circle, in one way or another, had proof that spirits were there.

Those outside the Circle also did, from images taken and even Chad who's camera actually broke on him (froze up), while in the process of taking photos during the circle. Oh and my feelings that I would experience something thatI never did before?

Well let me say, I never had to the degree that I did this night, after the Circle of Energy, what was going on in my chest. Oh I call now after this experience, the experience I had at Archer Woods Cemetery, that was just being 'Tapped' when I was at Archer Woods video recording and you hear me talk about the pressure in my chest (video on our web site)...

Well this went beyond that, as even back at the B & B, after a couple of readings, one I had to make my last one, as I had to pull back from it, because even the person I was reading, could feel my pulse beating in my palm while I held hers in mine, and my heart was beating super fast and hard. So I decided she was the last reading and I had to focus on getting my self under control.

Well I know I will be told by two ladies I know, that theywarned me, as both told me to be very careful that night with the Circle of Energy. Amy and Annette were the ladies.But it was a very strong secluded area, surrounded by three brick walls and a lot of history and spirits, so why not go for it :-)

Again Thank You to all who came out.

Ed Shanahan

The Unexplained World

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Shadow Person experience.

Hello Friends,

Monday night as most know, I had my first Monday of the month readings at Champs in Burbank. Some thing there made me sit back and dig deep into my inner knowledge for the last two days, to try and figure out why what I seen, was being seen.

Then it slowly came to me, the 'possible' reason that makes the most sense. No I'm not going to go the direction of 'look up this or that', for the fact I have been in the City of Burbank all my 40 plus years and know the building's present and past.

The answer is the fact that the location is used very, very, often by families for a place to hold fund raisers that bring families and friends together, who have lost a family member and are in need of some financial help to cover the costs of the death, funeral, medical etc..

The thing is all the love in the room for the person that passed away and the fund raiser is being held for, is a very strong emotional energy of love and attraction for the Spirit and soul that is being remembered. And the reason I believe for the 'Shadow Person' I seen Monday night wandering around the rooms I faced and was empty of any living soul.

It caught my attention the first time I seen it Monday night, nor was it shy after seeing it the first time, as I seen it about three times.

I'm happy to say I did get to see it, and that it allowed me to see it more then once. It was a special night with the readings for the living souls, and the Shadow Person that showed and made me search internally for the reason why.

Plus to know that the location may be one of spirits being drawn to it because of the love that come togetherin memory of it.


Ed Shanahan

The Unexplained World

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Countdown Begins !!

Hello Friends,

The countdown to the veil becoming thinner has begun.

The countdown for the first 'Chicago Ghost Conference' is here -
This coming Saturday is the day (also a full moon weekend).

To be held at the haunted Congress Plaza Hotel at:
525 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago.

This conference is created by Chicago's top Paranormal
Author - Ms. Ursula Bielski, (did you see the large article
in this past Sunday's Chicago Tribune about haunted
Chicago locations that featured her and her husband?
it was great).

Free !!!! Also Saturday night at 8pm after the conference
at the haunted Congress Hotel, Filmmaker Scott Markus
is presenting a 'free' evening session of screening a number
of film clips on ghost haunting and paranormal research.
* Reservations ARE NOT required for this after the conference
event and it will be held in haunted Florentine Ballroom.

Student admission for the entire conference,
from 9am to 11pm, is only $15. Regular admission for
the whole day is $40 and tickets are still available.

To see what all is being offered at this unprecedented
event in the Chicago land area, if not the whole state
of IL, just go to the web page:

Also Saturday at my 'The Unexplained World' table,
I will have for the first time in print, my book / manual:
Talking With Spirits - Learn how to be a Medium.

Also I will be giving free demonstrations of my
Conscious Channeling with items of your loved
one who have passed away, so remember to bring
an item.

I look forward to talking to all those who are friends
to The Unexplained World. Plus I find it amazing that
the tour I will be going on Friday Night and the one
Ursula Bielski and I will be running on Saturday Night
- The Haunted Archer Ave Tour, will be done under
a full moon!

PLUS don't forget to visit the 'Beyond the Veil' table
for a rundown of upcoming locations with Ursula and I.

Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Paranormal Announcements of Interest ..

Hello Friends,

I hope all are healthy!

Ok - on our next Internet radio broadcast Sunday Sept. 23rd,
You all get to ask the questions andI will be the guest. But we
will do it like this: You e-mail your questions in (you can try
calling also, but the sure way is to send them in), to Annette

I will not know what the questions are, Annette is not telling me.
She will also send some off to Ursula, so Ursula has some questions
from you all to ask also. Then the night of Sept. 23rd, I will be the
guest of The Unexplained World - Internet Broadcast.

Those questions we do not use on this show, we will use on future shows.

Newly listed for your listening enjoyment - I just converted the
Haunted Archer Woods Cemetery Tour into an Audio Tour for your
downloading to Ipods, CD, computer, etc.. nothing was cut from the
audio taken from the video tour.You can listen to it at:

or at:

The date set for the day at the two cemeteries here on the
S.W. side suburbs is Sunday Oct. 14th. remember this is free.
I have decided on at least on of the cemeteries and will be one
that one of our members has a loved one buried at. So I will be
doing for the 1st time, my psychometery of an item of a loved
one, at the site and the grave site / headstone will be the item
I use. This will be a demonstration for all to view.

If you did not decide earlier and are interested, just e-mail
me from our web site @

Let's not forget about Haunted N.W. Indiana Dunes, with
our Annette for Oct. 6th.
Details can be seen at:

Also what lays ahead for "Beyond The Veil" with Ursula
Bielski and my self at:

Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Power Within ...

We all have, it is stronger then we could imagine, be
it Magick, beliefs, Miracles, Karma, Healing, Psychic
Abilities, etc...

I personally years ago would of never thought such was
possible. You may read at some of my web pages, a
term I use "Never say Never, as I may change Your Mind".

Yes I came up with that, but was from my own personal
experiences and being what some have called me in the
way past, hard headed. Yes my own mind was and has
changed about many things. One being the belief in
Miracles and Healing. Yes it took me to be practically
put on my knees to realize the power within to heal
another and believe in Miracles, as that is what it was
called by doctors for one of God's littlest angels and to
know one's own abilities when called upon.

To know the power of Ultimate Magick, yet not a subject
that is talked about hardly at all, for maybe reasons that
those who know it may not share the knowledge of it, as
the knowledge is the power of it. If one has to ask what
it is, then maybe it is not meant for them to know it.

Yes there are natural Witches, internal knowledge of
the internal power we all are granted and yet tapping
into requires another with the knowledge to hold your
hand in the discovery of it. Once discovered, the
knowledge and abilities will always be within reach.

The dead are not dead, they reach out and touch us
in spirit, love and protection. More stronger in the
Spiritual world then they where in the living. I tell
each person who comes to me to have an item of
a love one read by me, what to do to open their self
up to their loved one's who have passed away.

If you ever have the chance to view (yes view), your
past lives, do so. What a wonderful experience, a
tapping into the soul of who and what it was. From
the good to the bad, it adds up to what you are today
and some answers to your abilities to know in others
what they are.

Yes we do run into in this life time, those we knew
in a past life time. You'll know it, some may eventually
wander away from you when the feeling is known.
Let it be so if it is meant to be, as this life time may
be just a quick coming together then departure, but
the feelings will always remain, as that is what brought
you back together in this life time, no matter how brief
or long of a time it was. Yet others will stay a lifetime
in this life time, because some time in a past life, the
words "We will always be together" may of been spoken
to each other, but has to be spoken by both individuals.

Never push aside the one who has walked many paths
in his or her life because they do not live up to your
way of thinking. The fact is, those paths are roads of
knowledge that few travel and less return from. The
knowledge gained are those known to the one who
took the different roads, not the one who did not.

Hate will draw those who hate together. Hate is
masked at times as being help or good. History has
shown us hate that was masked as helping or as good.
In our own country, in the 60's, actual hate to our fellow
human being, because they were different or did not
live up to what 'others' felt was right. Even recently
in time, because of one's choice in life partners, hate
is shown by those who preach to other what is right
in their minds.

Even a little man back in time, in Germany had a
whole country believe in him as they thought his
preaching of hate that was masked as good, was
actually good and many died because of his words
and actions. It took a world to stop him. So don't
just hear the words you may hear or just read the
words you see typed. FEEL what they are saying,
and ask your self is it their hate they are trying to
mask as good that they are preaching to me.

Yes the power in within you, as it is the promised
power for each of us.

Maybe in the future there will be a part two to this,
time will tell, depending on if it is of interest to you.

Ed Shanahan

Saturday, September 1, 2007

My tid bits of thoughts ...

Hello Friends,

1st let me wish everyone a Happy Holiday Weekend.

Below you will find some of my wandering thoughts
on different things and even an experience I had with
a person a couple days ago.

Here goes:
If you did not read all the way though my last posting
and e-mail, I finished it with this wish for you all:

May you be blessed with those who come into your
life as I have been. Even the bad is a blessing, as it
gets you to the point of appreciating the good that
will follow. Just embrace the good and hopefully your
promise to be there always, will always be there.

This week I talked to a person who is thirty something
years old, a male who died and was brought back to life.
Let me say it was very special to me the whole look that
came on his face as we talked about what he seen when
he was dead.

It was special as I seen the spiritual part of it on his face,
as if all of a sudden his face became very relaxed and he
just looked out, as if actually seeing something as he talked.

Then we discussed the vivid dream I had of me being dead
(believe me when I say I still wonder if ...), and talking to
my loved ones and what I seen and was told by them.

I will not go into details here about our discussion, but it
goes along with my dream (message), confirms a couple
of things I felt and have talked about in the past and on
our radio show pertaining to death and crossing over etc..

If you ever have a chance to actually talk to someone
who has died and was brought back to life, do not pass it by.

I'm Very Happy for a friend of mine of nearly 15 years, she
got to see Karma play it's hand back in a big way on someone,
sure it may of took 16 years, but wham bam when it does take
that long ...

If you missed it, yes I have changed my thoughts on evil spirits.
It's the intent of the spirit (one seen coming at another with a knife
and then vanishes within two feet of being away from the living
person. It can be the intent that makes it evil also.

One does not have to walk in the goody too shoes, to be a spiritual
person or to have a spiritual connection.

Because who is the judge and who made the rules? The living?
Well those with a spiritual message from the spirit / spiritual
world in what ever way it comes across, is delivering that
message from the spiritual side, not the living side.

The spiritual will judge in what was delivered and what harm
one has done to others in the view of the spiritual side.

What is wrong for me, may not be wrong for you. What is ok
with me, may not be ok with you.

If one is seeking out the truth about spirits, then how does
one finally know it is such? (as I said earlier, do not pass up
a live discussion with one who has died and come back to life).

I still feel it is all a test by the spiritual world, as that was a
message I received in a dream. To read that message that
I posted as an article on the web site, just go to:

Thank You to all who have already filled up the Haunted Frankie's
Roadhouse night with Ursula and me.

For the other dates - feel free to go

That's about it from my side of the screen.

But if you want to try something that others have had a bit of results from.

Turn down your lights, turn up the sound of your computer and go to
this web page:

and hit play for:
Paranormal First - Spirits activated in listener's homes.

Happy Hauntings and Holiday,

Ed - The Unexplained World

Friday, August 24, 2007

Our Upcoming Dates..

Hello Friends,

These are the upcoming dates for The Unexplained World
and Beyond the Veil, with Ursula Bielski and my self.

Upcoming dates:

This Sunday night is our Internet Radio Broadcast
@ 9pm central time, at:

Monday Sept. 10th.

I will be doing readings Monday Night from 7pm - 9pm
at Champs in Burbank, IL. - No set fee, just a gift offering
for your reading.

Champs is located at:6501 W. 79th ST, Burbank, IL. 60459
(about 7 blocks east of Harlem ave).

Saturday Sept. 15th - 6pm / 11pm.
The Haunted Historic Humphrey House in
Orland Pk, IL.

This haunted night and location with Ursula
and me is limited to the amount of people
who will participate and is filling up.

To view what was caught on camera there in
the past with us, visit this web page:

For details on this location with Beyond the Veil, visit the
web page:

Sunday Sept. 30th - 6pm / 11pm
Haunted Frankie's Roadhouse (used to be Rico D's),
Willow Springs, IL.

This will just be a night for Beyond the Veil, and we
are limiting this night to the amount of people to

It is filling fast and to view more details on this one
of a kind Haunted location.....

Visit the Beyond the Veil web page at:
Saturday Oct. 6th - 7:30 pm start.
Haunted N.W. Indiana Dunes and surrounding

Again it is a pleasure to have our Annette as our
guide and speaker to the location we will be
visiting in her area (about 20 minutes from the
IL / IN border).

For details, go to our web page for The Unexplained World, outings -
Saturday and Sunday - Nov 10th - 11th

Haunted Bed and Breakfast, woods and so much more.
Beyond the Veil, with Ursula and my self and located in

This is one thing I have never done, put my self in a haunted
location, to sleep there over night and surrounded by haunted

This should be an all out experience for all who attend,
including me!

For more details on this one of a kind experience, visit
the Beyond the Veil web page at:

While your at the Beyond the Veil web page, take a look
at the 'The Ghosts of Christmas Past". This will be
held on December 8th and is unique in what Ursula
put together for this.

You can view all Beyond the Veil, paranormal days at:

Pick a night - Psychic Readings.

Bring your friends together andhave a night of Psychic readings
without the hassle of putting it together at your home and yet
enjoy the service and entertainment provided by others.

Join Edward Shanahan and host your get together with:
Champs in Burbank.@ 6501 W. 79th St, Burbank, IL 60459

Or another location of your choice!

Visit The Unexplained World web page of
upcoming events, to e-mail me for more
information to host your own:
Pick a night - Psychci Readings.
Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Upcoming guests on our show.

Hello Friends,

1st let me say if you did not hear Chicago Paranormal author - Ursula Bielski interview with me, you can hear it (and some upcoming surprises), along with some of our other broadcasts at:

Our next broadcast is: this Sunday (26th) at 9 pm central time, and our guest will be new Inner Circle member, David. Annette and I will be discussing UFOs and such, as David will be our UFO person for The Unexplained World.

On Sunday Sept. 9th (9 pm central time). We will be having free Tarot card readings for callers with Ronda. She is one of our readers at our Psychic Fairs and also works for many other Psychic night locations / promotions in the Chicago land area. She does multi-deck readings.

On Sunday Sept. 23rd, ( 9 pm central time). I will become the guest of the Internet radio broadcast, with Annette and possibly Ursula being your hosts and asking the questions of me. Besides questions, this may also be the 1st time I venture out to doing readings for callers on the air.

In Oct.... a nice surprise....

You can hear our LIVE Internet broadcast at 9 pm central this Sunday at:


Ed - The Unexplained World

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chicago's Miracle Child's grave site..

Hello Friends,

As many may remember a few months back, before last Christmas, I asked those here to pray for my sister in law, as she had cancer. They did back then remove the tumor, and she went through the chemo etc... will it has been a couple months since that ended and she just went back to have the area looked at again.

They found another tumor in the same spot and within a weeks time went back in to remove it and where afraid of the worse. I went right to the place known to me in my life, for miracles,
and that is the Chicago Miracle Child's gravesite. And did what I do there for those who need
a miracle......

It's been 3 days since they removed the other tumor andwe where worried as they kept
moving the result of the biopsy back a day, each day...Then the word came..... she is cancer free...

For anyone who does not believe in this location, the miracles that are granted, you have to go there and see the shrine dedicated to the Miracle Child. The location with my miracle experience (1st of a few), has been written about in the book 'Voices fromthe Chicago Graves'.

I've taken others there to pray for their self or loved ones. One January, Lea and I both went there to pray for a loved one of hers, and while we were praying, we where surrounded by the smell of roses in the middle of winter. That experience I will always hold close to my heart.

View the web page and video I created in honor of theMiracle Child.
It can be viewed at:

Ed - The Unexplained World

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sometimes your tested..

Oh yes, at times one will be tested, road blocks that pop up out of no where to test if you have the drive, wit and patients to go through or give up, as the thought does enter ones head for what ever personal reasons. A test to see if you will go ahead and are true to what your seeking and believe.

Or you may be tested to see if your faith still holds true, will you reach out and ask your higher power to assist or will you have forgotten during a crises what holds the ultimate power to assist you, but you have to truly believe in that ultimate power..

It also show it's self on how well you are connected when it does answer, in a way that your even shocked that it did.... As a reminder to you of what is there for you if you believe from your heart and soul, as the soul is the true connection.

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Listen to Paranormal author Ursula Bielski right here.

Hello Friends,

Last night (Sunday) our special guest on our Internet Radio Broadcast
was Chicago Paranormal author, Ursula Bielski.

We discussed the paranormal, talked about her and what she does.
We also announced something she and I have created, a new experience
for those with an interest in the Paranormal and Haunted Locations..

It is called: "Beyond The Veil".

Listen to the re-broadcast at my blog or at:

Listen to our discussion about the Paranormal and other
things of interest, it was an enjoyable night of discussion.

For more details about the new Beyond The Veil.

Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Thursday, August 2, 2007

New Journey Started

Hello Friends,

As I have stated many times before and will again,
I'm not a Paranormal Investigator and hold the
Paranormal and Spirit world very close, as that I
believe brings me and I believe us so close to our
inner souls, the spiritual side that is the Spirit
world and that it surrounds us, as many
know it does.

For you to know my journey so far, it is posted in my
article: ' My Paranormal and Psychic journey so far'
and can be read @

My path like many call their own, is one of self choice,
as should be yours. And one not to allow others to
determine what is right for you, when it is you who
has to ultimately follow the path. Being asked for
advice is different then dictating advice.

I believe many who dictate how others should live,
are trying to compensate for why their life is the way
it is or missing something in it, and rather bring others
to their level, then to allow others to live as they see fit
for their own self.

Being of a living soul, we are human. I know even with
my abilities gifted to me, that I'm still human, nor do I
look upon any other human beyond that either.

Sure some are more gifted with abilities then other
humans and use it to what ever suits them. That is
between them and the powers who have gifted the
individual, as it is for me also and that higher power
I will trust in guiding me as it has, in what I do and
how to go about doing it and for reasons known to me.

When it comes to the Paranormal -
Paranormal Researchers, Location Researchers, Historical
Societies and Individual's experiences, I hold closest to me.
As they hold golden answers to 'What May Be' and actually
open the door for me to enter in an attempt to go beyond the
veil of the two worlds of the living and the spiritual and while
doing so, bring those present along for this journey beyond
the veil.

This ability is special to me, a gift meant to share and
demonstrate for others to participate in, if it wasn't, then
it would not be allowed to be done.

No equipment or tools are ever used by me and yet I welcome
others to bring them. As many times it actually verifies what
I'm feeling and many times I take those with the tools to areas
for their tool's best response.

Even during my 'Circle of Energy' the circle is created with
mine and every person in the circle hand being held to create
an un-broken circle and allowing me to do what I do with the
energy that is created from within. The ultimate goal of it is
the spirit world.

My readings -
(Under the title of Psychic), involves no tools, even though
I can do some Tarot readings and Pendulum readings. What I do
as I said involves no tools, I do Palm readings and as I say, the
knowledge of palm reading can be learned by others also.

Psychometry one on one, is a gift granted to me and makes up
what is becoming more popular with me doing, as many have
said they can feel my own energy when I hold their hand between
both of mine. Psychometery readings with an item of loved one
who has passed away, is a type of Conscious Channeling in my
way of doing what I do for the person I'm doing the readings for.

This type of reading is what I feel is a sacred gift allowed for me
to do, as that is the only words I can use to describe what I'm able
or allowed to do and the results received the majority of the time
when doing it.

This is the written start of my new Journey one that seems
to becoming upon it's own and meant to be, with those
becoming part of and sharing it with. They you will find
are special and the time has come, to come together
as what is meant to be.

Remember we are all human, some gifted, but yet all
still equal as being a living soul, one that was and will
be again part of the Spiritual World.

With that I end this until the next time.
Happy Hauntings and Blessings,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hello Friends,

I'm happy to do something for those who have
been on our Internet radio broadcast.

I wanted to show them thanks and not have what
they had to say end with the show or a few weeks afterwards.
We've had some great guests and the Co-hosts could of done
it without me, that is how important they are as far as I'm concerned.
They are Annette, Deanne, John and at times my wife.

So what I have done, I created a Podcast web page of our
shows and will be adding to the list the ones I have yet to
get too, but right now you will find over 15 hrs to listen to,
by either download, on theweb page or put to your IPod.

You can find this web page at:

Some of the interviews there:
Paranormal author: Ursula Bielski
Courageous Souls - author Robert Schwartz
Peter Farley interview - a Spiritual Healer, UFO's and more.
Ghost Chicks and Psychic Reese interview.
Past Lives readings with our Annette.

And much more that we have done and guests
we have had on.

Again you can these and more at:

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Friday in Chicago Trib and more ...

Hello Friends,

It's been a busy week - a couple locations visited for our
possible future Paranormal outings and some other things
mentioned below I have been working on.

Tomorrow (Friday), in the Chicago Tribune 'Red Eye'
newspaper there will be (informed by the editor), a
write up about Ronda and I doing readings at the
Weather Mark for the Friday the 13th party and
more on the Internet Radio Broadcast and The
Unexplained World etc.. in the weekend section.

For more information on the Weather Mark and
their Friday the 13th party just go our web page:

Now you can download some of our past broadcasts
on ITunes for your I-Pods. I will be adding more
broadcasts in the near future. Just search for
The Unexplained World in the 'Free Podcasts'
in the store section.

Also our past broadcasts (those now on ITunes), are
being carried and hosted on:

for your easy listening enjoyment or to download.

Sunday night our Internet radio broadcast of
The Unexplained World will have as our guests:
Tammy and Tonya known as the Ghost Divas.

The broadcast starts at 9pm central time Sunday @

Well that is about it for now, enjoy your weekend and
maybe Friday night we will see you or you'll call in
during the broadcast Sunday Night.

Blessings and Happy Hauntings,
Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Saturday, July 7, 2007

History of Friday the 13th

Hello Friends,

Friday the 13th is less then a week away and I would like
to invite you to a pleasant history / facts to how Friday
the 13th came about.

Our Annette who is the High Priestess of 'Coven of the White Heart'
gives a great and enjoyable history of how this day came about to
mean what it does to so many people.

Come on over to the web page listed here to either listen or download
the audio History of Friday the 13th @

Sit back and Enjoy!

Ed - The Unexplained World

Monday, July 2, 2007

Last night's guest broadcast - Spirit, conspiracies, aliens and more..

Hello Friends,

Last night's guest on our broadcast, is one you
should not miss if you have not heard it yet. It
is in our archived shows at the link listed below.

Our guest was Peter Farley and we talked about
the Spiritual side of things, conspiracies, who's
behind it, New World Order, what is ahead
for us as humans here on earth, aliens and more.

He was an excellent guest and to hear the
re-broadcast just go to:

His web site (over 300 of his articles) and
also 2 free downloads for 2 of his 7
You can view his site at:


Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Sunday, July 1, 2007

I have updated my profile.

Hello Friends,
I have updated my MySpace profile
and it can be viewed @

Have a good week and remember Sunday night at 9pm central time,
our radio broadcast and Monday Psychic readings at Champs -
starting at 7pm.

Take care,
Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Man haunted by Paranormal Demons - a video interview.

Annette from The Unexplained World, interviews a man
who was haunted by demons. He talks about what they
did to him, how many at one time came at him, what they
did to a cross hanging in his room and much more.

He also describes how he got rid of the Paranormal Demons.
View this rare video interview at:


Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Coming Soon। psychic and Paranormal

Hello Friends,

Well July is around the corner
and right from the 1st of July
we start.. PLUS it's possible
that in Chicago on your Movie
theater screen you may see ...

1st - The history of Friday the 13th,
(July 13th is Friday the 13th)
can be listened to on our web site
as our Annette gives a great history
background of it. Sit back, listen and
enjoy @

Sunday - July 1st,
Annette and I welcome as a
guest to our Internet radio
broadcast at 9pm central time:

Peter Farley, spiritual healer, metaphysical
researcher, and author of the seven volume
book series Where Were You Before the Tree
of Life?

We will be talking about conspiracies.
You can hear the show and archived shows @

ALSO MAYBE at Chicago movie theaters
showing on the big screen in July...
Ed (yep me), one day I was around the
Thompson center in downtown Chicago and
I was stopped by a camera crew and they
asked if I would not mind being taped
for a trivia show that will be shown
before the movies in July.. So one
thing led to another and if you see
a guy doing impressions, talking about
his years in pro wrestling and more
fun being done, well it's me :-)

Monday - July 2nd,
Deanne and I will be doing reading at
Champs in Burbank, IL
7 pm - 10 pm. Gift / Love offerings to
the reader of your choice.. No set fees.
@ 6501 W. 79th ST, Burbank, IL. 60459

I will be doing Palm readings, Psychometry
(one on one) readings, and Conscious Channeling
/ Psychometry using an item(s) of your loved one
who has passed away, so bring an item or two.
Deanne will be doing Tarot readings.
Visit our web page of events for more details
and see a recent photo of Champ's marquee @

Friday - July 13th,
Weather Mark's Friday the 13th Party (July)
where I will doing with others, private readings
for guests. I will be doing Palm readings, Psychometry
(one on one) readings, and Conscious Channeling
/ Psychometry using an item(s) of your loved one
who has passed away, so bring an item or two.

The Weather Mark is located at:
1503 South Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60605
Visit our web page of events for more details @

Sunday - July 15th
Annette and I welcome to our Internet radio broadcast
at 9pm central time:

The Ghost Divas are our guests and they have
a whole different outlook to Investigations and more.
This is another one that should not be missed as the
ladies are out spoken about the field.

Coming in August .....
Paranormal dates of our upcoming paranormal outings.

Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Saturday, June 23, 2007

You and the Paranormal - just wondering..

Hello Friends,

Where are you with the Paranormal?

Think about it before responding.

You may believe in Spirits but not Demons
or you may believe in both.

Do you believe spirits can be evil or not at

You may believe Spirits are stuck or lost
or you may not.

Would you classify your self as an Investigator?
And to what degree = one that could hold their
own with those who have been noticed by the
media (tv and such), with discussing the

Or are you more into the going to locations
(new or un-tapped), with a group of people
to share in the activities of the locations
one would visit?

What paranormal experiences have you had?
Was this alone or with others around?

What would interest you as far as doing
something with or at a paranormal location?
(some would love to pull a talking board (Ouija)
out - some want a paranormal experience be it
on camera (more then orbs), or to the person).

These where just questions put out to get the
thinking going. I'm not seeking answers to any
specific question at all, just looking with
interest on what your thinking about the
paranormal for you may be.

There are no right or wrong answers, so please
no arguments over what someone may post :-)

Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Past Lives readings - re broadcast

Hello Friends,

The lines where full with callers Sunday Night
with Annette doing past live readings for callers.

At the start of the show we had a call in from a
lady who is pretty well known in the Pagan and Wicca
community in the Chicagoland area, Ms. Lady Paulette
and she discussed what is coming up for the area.

You can hear the re-broadcast 24 hrs a day at:

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Friday, June 8, 2007

My journey so far....

My Journey So Far.

At the young age of about 5, my enjoyment of magic
was sparked. I don't know if it was the Bozo Circus show
(with Bob Bell as Bozo) or if was something I seen on
the Ed Sullivan show. But it was 'wow' that's neat and
to a 5 year old it was magic, sure I seen the Mickey
Mouse Disney cartoon where Mickey was the magician,
but this was my 1st understanding of a 'human' creating

My mother decided then to get me my first magic set.
I still retain my 2nd set and have shared it with my
Grandchild as I did with my two daughters when they
where young. But I actually enjoy teaching my granddaughter
the magic also, as she picked it up fast at a very young
age with simple stuff.

For those who live in the Chicagoland area, many would
know the name Ford City mall and in the mall they had
(and still do), Peacock Alley that housed a lot of little shops.

That is where at around the age of eleven I was first introduced
to ' Real Magick', as I just stood in a store in Peacock Alley
staring at an object that's description promised ' Real Magick',
it was the very first time I had ever seen a thing called a
Black Mirror.

I asked my mother if she would buy me it, she said
that I was not ready. I wandered around the shop
in wonder to this whole new vision for my eyes.
Crystal Balls, incense sticks, Tarot Cards, what then
to me looked like stars sewn on small bags with pull
strings, candles, and other little neat stuff along with
a small collection of books on astrology, séances,
Mediums, Tarot etc...

After wandering around the store for awhile and not
knowing any more then what these items claimed to
be, my Mom said it was time to go (and I give her
credit today, even she and I being a Catholic back
then, she did not say anything negative about anything
in the store and gave me the freedom to wander in there).

Time went on and I came across stuff on TV that would
mention ghosts. My own Uncle (my mom's brother) for
a few years with his wife would appear on the Eddie
Schwartz - talk radio show at night. Either it was on
WLS or WIND and my Uncle would do Hand Writing
Analysis and Eddie Schwartz a couple of weeks ahead
of time, would have people send in their names written
on post cards or a letter. My Uncle then would give readings
over the radio to the listeners and others would call in
with questions. That was neat, but back then all I knew
it to be was something called Hand Writing Analysis.

That is also the same show that I heard for the first
time the person who was and still many consider the
Chicago Paranormal expert on locations, Mr. Richard

I was in fascinated, as I heard him talking about all the
happenings and experiences here in the Chicago area
and to me back then (as is now), some where almost
right in like my own back yard.

Then came the teen years and all it provided a curious
teen. Lucky for me I had a very strict mother, so I was
more afraid of her during the early and middle 70's then
the stories I heard about drugs and booze. So I never
ventured there, but the teen years also seen me put on
the back shelf the interest in magic tricks and such..
But I would still try to catch a Richard Crowe or other
ghost type radio interviews when I could, as it was
always very interesting to me to hear the stories.

There where many interests as a youth and teen,
one was predicting I would do some day what I
watched every Saturday night and Sunday morning
on TV and what would be a family outing once in
awhile for my mom, my Uncle and Aunt to see it
live when it would come to Chicago. That was
Pro. Wresting. That did come about when I was
in my very early 20's and for about 10 years.

In 1975 and with the freedom to drive, I set out
to go to one of those haunted cemetery locations
that Richard Crowe spoke so much about, but
what one? Let's see - Resurrection was (and is),
5 minutes away but it was all fenced in at night.
Monk's Castle, I had no idea then where it was,
as I knew of no castle's in the area. But the one
that interested me as it had the best stories told
about it then, was Bachelor's Grove Cemetery.

So I convinced my then girl friend (who is now and
has been my wife for 30 years in 2007), she did
not want any part of it, but I told her it would be OK,
nothing would happen. Also my buddy Dave came
along with us.

The thing about Bachelor's Grove back then, is you
where able to drive back there with your car and
the stories about doing so was, you would hear
scratching on the top of your car roof, allegedly
from a spirit that in it's living form, was hung
up side down from a tree by it's feet and left
there to die and what you where hearing if you
heard it, was the spirit's / ghost's fingers dragging
across the roof of your car as you drove under it.
Plus the other stories that even today remain from
those years when I first heard them on the radio.

So all three of us piled into the front seat of my 68 Ford XL
(a more sleeker car then the Ford Galaxy for those who can
go back that far :-) and headed out to Bachelor's Grove..

Well not knowing back then what I (we), do now,
my wife is very sensitive. We started driving down
the single road into Bachelor's Grove in the
pitch of darkness, a darkness that the
headlights would only penetrate so far into.

Well my wife could not take it, she actually
climbed into the back seat area of the car,
and demanded while crying that we pull out
of there. With no other choice, I did so.

But..... The end of one night brings another.
Dave and I the brave young dudes we where
and no little lady with to be scared, we headed
out for Bachelor's Grove again at night.

We drove all the way in and parked the car,
got out (no flashlights or anything) and walked
the direction that the high beams of the headlights
lit for us. This led us to the lagoon area, slowly
we walked there as all our senses kicked in
(more so then we thought possible), and we
walked toward the lagoon with just a touch
of headlight or maybe it was the moon, with
a reflection shining off of it.

About six feet away from the lagoon, and nothing
between us and the lagoon. We started to hear on
the ground heavy foot steps of wet shoes walking
toward us, and yet nothing was there in front of us,
yet something un-seen was coming toward us.

Well needless to say thinking back on it, Dave and
I must of looked like Abbott and Costello getting out
of there in a full run toward the car and gunning our
way out of there in the car.

True to what has become, Dave and I went back there
the next day during the afternoon and discovered the
true Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in it's fullest light.
Much was like it is today, but yet so different then
compared to today.

So back in 1975 at the age of 17 and a teenager innocent
to knowing anything about the paranormal other then it was
a spooky good time and in reality that is what it was. I would
not even claim today that my 'Paranormal experiences,
interest and feeling spirits', started back then, because
honestly as a teen I did not have that way of thinking about
spirits as a teenager. Spooky encounters - yes they would
go back to then. Paranormal experiences with spirits and
the spiritual world? That was not part of my teenage thoughts,
so no I will not make claims of such thoughts going back to

In my early late 20's there where a vacant home or two that
a Real-estate lady friend took my buddy Pat and I too in the
Chicago Ridge area, that had their own things going on in
the Paranormal way of things. At that age I started to
look at it differently then when I was in my teens, more of a
"hmmmm, what is going on here?", way of thinking.

Things where interesting, I re-established my interest in the
early 1990's with Magic, more with the books then the tools,
just for the knowledge of knowing how cards, ropes, doves
and other magic was done that I would see on TV. Then other
things started sending me down a road of a new journey.

Something was pulling at me, not on the paranormal side,
but on the 'Magick' side. I was then able to hear the show -
Coast to Coast, and that there was more then just Ghosts
that existed and reminded me that there was 'Real Magick'
somewhere out there. I was being drawn, but by what?
I did not know then and not sure even today by what, but
it was to find something, answers per say..

I visited Psychics, the first well known one in my area that
I visited had her own newspaper article and she was Ms. Jacki
Marie. Plus I visited now and then others who where what I call
storefront Psychics with all saying I was gifted and it will come..
I'd ask, what will come? "You'll know it" was their response (well
that is no answer for my money, is it?)..

Then I came across a Psychic who was on the radio, guests
on many TV shows and we became friends back then in the
early and mid 1990's. His name is Joe Who, and he showed
me possibilities I only heard talk about on the radio. He took
me into my Past Lives, he showed me his abilities and
slowly showed me a little on opening my self up, as he said
he knew what was there, but I had to discover it.

He was also the only Psychic I've ever came across that
was able to direct me (telling me where to turn etc..), to
a house I knew about that was haunted because a mother
and child was killed in it, by the husband and she remained
as the child did not know to leave. He directed me right to it,
by being able to 'read me' and know in his Psychic ways
where I wanted to take him.

Then I came across our Annette, who is a High Priestess
and she, her husband, my wife and I became friends. But she
would explain her views and beliefs on Magick to me,
this led me deeper to discover what was inside me wanting
to be discovered. Now I was in my early 40's, I would have to
look at my old e-mails on my other computer to see how far
Annette and I go back, but it's been awhile. Even though
I'm not Pagan or practice Wicca, I did realize then and still
do, that there was and is much that is beautiful in their beliefs.

I then came across our Amy, the one who helped and
held my hand to walk me through to learning what abilities
where inside of me.

Oh I put her to the test first about her abilities. She at
the time when we started talking on the phone, lived
what seemed more then an hour away by expressway
driving, way north. She must of felt a question in my
mind. She told me while on the phone, to walk to my
basement window and look outside of it.

I did so and then she went about telling me what I was
looking at, brick colors, curtain colors of the house
next door etc.. Ok I believed.

The Paranormal & web pages came first,

with the going out only during the day and capturing
with my camera what I had no idea I would get. I was
just receiving feelings to shoot the camera in a certain
direction and I did so, nor was I and I'm still not, one
that will photograph what seems like every yard of a
location hoping to catch something. If I take 15 photos
at a location that would be a lot.

* I'm not an Investigator nor call my self one * nor will
I use tools and spend hours investigating a location in
the manner that Investigators do.

That was never an interest of mine. At this stage and
since Amy opened me up to my 'feeling' abilities, I go
with what I'm feeling and being told through those
feelings. Something others can also learn to do.

The Readings:
I started first with Palm readings, and I even say any
one can learn to do them'. But when I finally came out
in public to do them, something happened that I was not
even aware could. I was Palm reading Luanne, while
doing so, she asked a couple questions to be answered.

Something came over me, all I said was, "put your hand
between both of mine", and that is when I discovered
what later I learned was called Psychometry. But because
I do it with an Individual, I call it one-on-one psychometry.
From that I wanted to try something else a few months
later that I internally believed I could do. While doing a
reading at an individual's home, the person mentioned
her dead husband. My internal feelings told me to tell
her to bring me an item of his. That was the start of
my Psychometry with an item of a loved one who
has passed away. Being able to do that for others
who have lossed a loved one, is very special to
my heart.

I started to pick up more books in the new-age field,
as I was now going deeper for answers, something
spiritual in knowledge was opening up thanks to our
Amy who was still working with me.

Then the miracle that the medical field called a miracle
happened for my granddaughter, it was wished upon by
me, a wishing and praying that went deep into the soul
and I even offered up my own life in exchange for
this little baby to be cured, as I lived my life.

I call her 'God's little Angel'. The Spiritual side
provided the Miracle. I also started to receive dream
messages, one was - what I would have to do, because
of the miracle and that was to open more people up
to the experience of the Spiritual / Spirit World so
individuals know it exists by experiencing it.

That would happen with the paranormal outings and
I was gifted the ability to allow the happenings that
usually happen during my Circle of Energy at locations.
This has also has taken me beyond what I was originally
doing with my Circle of Energy, as once in awhile I end
up doing some type of conscious channeling.

Dream messages I still receive, to guide me in
the direction I should and should not go. Even
when to end some things. What I'm putting out
here today and your reading, was something as
a message to me in my mind told to do.

One message a couple month ago was that I paid
my debt to the Spiritual side for the Miracle for I'm
a total believer in it and that has been shown by me
in requesting other healing miracles at times and
knowing where the living human abilities are limited
when dealing with the Spiritual and Spirit side and
much more that I will not discuss here as it is
Internal knowledge gifted and if only needed by one,
to be shared knowledge. But for me to also never
forget that one will not know all until one becomes
a non living soul again, nor is one more powerful
then the Spiritual world.

Different knowledge found in books:
Doing searches for different topics and knowledge in
the New Age books area, I started to come across
books in the Magic field by some of the same authors
who wrote for the New Age book publishers, but these
where not magic as we know it from TV and actually
most have nothing to do with TV magic, they go much
deeper in thought and thinking.

The other thing I found out, is these books where in many
cases limited editions, as they where learning tools and
took the reader or student deeper then the books they
sold on the New age shelf on the same subject. So
what was one thing at the age of 5 for me, came around
again full circle at a whole different and unknown level
to me.

What many get confused about, is these books do speak
of the belief and true psychic abilities, instincts, internal
knowledge. They also bring back a nice return on the
original investment in them because they are in many
cases limited additions of print. Some people actually
make a nice side income getting their hands on these
books and reselling them at a later time, something
I was forced to do with a nice collection of some I had
that went back as far as the 1940's. I had to sell a few
to put a gift for each of my children and my granddaughter,
under the Christmas tree in 2005.

What is amazing also, some of the books that are a bit
hard to find, go deeper into doing séances more then the
new age books. I'm not talking about the gimmick and
tools séances in the total darkness or better yet, the
spook shows. I'm talking the lights on séances, where
nothing is used.. But the sad thing is the majority of
people and without the knowledge to know better, see
these as only one thing because of where these unique
books can only be found.

Even though I can do what I do in total sunlight and have
done so many of times, the darkness allows the senses
of others to open up and experience. As they say about
those that are blind (living in total darkness), they at times
can see better then those who are not blind.

Also some of the books allow you to become aware of
what may not be true 100% Psychic abilities or Paranormal
activities. I've posted in the past if your allowed to tape
at a Psychic reading, tell the reader you would like to know
what type of tape to get for their recorder and use your tape
if possible. It's just a suggestion because of what I read that
has and can be been done if the reader may be the one who
provides the tape.

Also I showed a link recently to a little video on You Tube,
that showed how one could be fooled by the use of what
appears as a ghost on a cell phone.

The cell phone thing I knew about over a year ago and had
to break the news then to an innocent individual who was
duped by someone he worked with that showed him the
cell phone appearing ghost. When the video appeared
on You Tube, it confirmed what I told him, even though
it was over a year later from when I told him.

During our Internet radio broadcast show on Karma,
we received a phone call into the show thanking me
for giving out the link to the video, as this was a friend
of the individual that was duped by the ghost on the
camera phone and she also just needed that proof to
actually see what I was talking about.

Well that is a short story about what has been actually
a long journey. It will go on, as what is written here is
like the cap on this leg of the journey and expanding on
to another. One that may be more for the general public
and their enjoyment then those in the Paranormal Field
as one would call it.

My readings and demonstrations of abilities have always
been basically for the general public and not a source
for religious beliefs or to be accepted in or by a religious
belief. I'm a firm believer we all have abilities to know and
all have internal knowledge, different degrees and levels for
each individual.


Edward L. Shanahan, The Unexplained World

(c) 2007 Edward L. Shanahan

Saturday, June 2, 2007

No set fee - psychic readings..

Hello Friends,

Since it's been awhile since I fully explained the
Psychic Fair / readings and how they work..
Let me do so now as it's been awhile since our
last psychic fair.

1st - for those coming out for the Monday night
readings or the June 10th Psychic Fair.
Champs is about 6 blocks east of Harlem Ave on
the south side of 79th St. (if your coming from the West).

If your coming from the East - you will see their
large Marquee and on it:
Psychic Night - Monday June 4th. (or may say
July 2nd by the 10th), or they may surprise me
and put up the Psychic Fair also :-)

The Marquee has posted the Monday Psychic readings
there for every Monday Night reading since April.

2nd - for those wondering - We do not charge a set
fee for readings. It is and has always been a gift offering
of your choice to the reader of your choice.

This has been my practice for the Psychic Fairs for
the last 3 years I have been running them and our
1st Monday night of the month readings at Champs
since Feb.

Also I do not charge our readers and never have, that
makes us a bit different also. As I put myself in the
same position as our readers. This to me is only fair.

So for those wondering, there it is.

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Friday, June 1, 2007

Sunday and Monday - Paranormal interests.

Hello Friends,

Well the months are flying bye..
I hope you all have a good weekend.

Sunday night The Ghost Chicks and
Psychic Reese will be guests of
The Unexplained World Internet
Radio Broadcast @ 9 pm central

Lorrie and Tara are the Ghost Chicks,
a name that has caught on as their
exposure has grown for what they do
and are known for in the Paranormal Field.

Also they have teamed up with Psychic
Reese and will be also discussing their new

You can view the Ghost Chick web site @

and Psychic Reese web site is:

You can listen to the show and
most recent past shows @

Monday night June 4th -
Deanne and I will be doing readings at
Champs in Burbank, IL. 7 pm - 10 pm.

Champs is located at:
6501 West 79th St.
Burbank, IL 60459
(about 8 blocks east of Harlem Ave).

Sunday June 10th,
is our Psychic Fair and Paranormal gathering.
1pm - 5pm

Your readers will be:
Patty - from Mystic Investigations, doing Pendulum & Tarot readings.
Ronda - she will be doing Tarot readings.
Deanne - who will be doing Tarot and Intuitive readings.
Ed - Palm readings, Psychometry (one on one) readings,
and Conscious Channeling /Psychometry using an item(s)
of your loved one who has passed away (bring it with you).

There is no set fee's - just a gift offering to the readers your
read by.

ALSO:We will have a Paranormal gathering also this day.
Figure on coming out between 1pm and 1:30 or so.

Talk about your experiences and feel free to bring your tools
with you if you use any. We hope to have some images / videos
and evp's from our last outing at the Humphrey House.

Also what is planned is a free outing to one of the locations in the area.
This will follow the Paranormal gathering and will be the choice of the
group who attend the gathering.

There is a chance I may or may not be going on the outing,
depending on how many I will have for readings.
@ Champs in Burbank, IL.

Champs is located at:
6501 West 79th St.
Burbank, IL 60459
(about 8 blocks east of Harlem Ave).
Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Monday, May 28, 2007

Well Friends - you need to know...

I hope your Holiday is going well.

Some may find out that my Yahoo Group - The Unexplained World
is not showing at this time (as of yesterday).

I hope it is burp in the system with Yahoo as it is still showing up in
their directory - unexplained_world

Ok with that said and done and hoping that our group for the
Unexplained World comes back up... I will be posting our stuff
at these locations for the time being.. (also if you have a group
etc.. and do not mind me doing there also, let me know).

Our 'Spirit Weavers' - group:

My 'my Space':

My Google Blog:

Yahoo 360

Also Patti from Mystic Investigations group is allowing me:

And I'm sure our Inner Circle members Donna & Mark will allow it
at their group:

I'm also starting a stand alone message board to use,
at this time I'm setting it up and should be in operation

But until then you have our Spirit Weavers and the others
listed above..

Let's hope The Unexplained World one comes back...

Have a good week,
Ed Shanahan

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A test from the Spirit World ?

Below you will find what I posted for the 1st time three years
ago.. and I still feel as strong about it today as then..

Hello Friends,

I want to share a thought, maybe even consider it a message
I received. You have free will to decide what it is.

The spirits or the spirit world. Many are claiming to see them.
There are those who believe some spirits do not know to cross
over, as in either not knowing their dead, or they are lost.

Some claim that there are evil spirits. You also have those who
use tools to 'prove', it's a spirit, a ghost or the paranormal, all
words meaning the same.

You have the weekend investigators who go almost weekly,
with nothing pulling them to a location other then hopes of
catching the next biggest orb or image of the dead.

Now that is all fine and dandy. But here is something to think about....

What if it is a test? I know your thinking 'A Test?'

Yep - a test.. You see as far as my ' feelings' and thoughts that
have always gone along with our Amy's internal ' feeling' and

I have named Amy our Psychic Feeler do to her gifted abilities
and spiritual background that have come about do to her
knowledge that she experienced as a child.

The feeling and thoughts are that Ghosts, Spirits, the
Paranormal is a spiritual gift your being allowed to view
and that they are making contact with you, and you decide
and show them by your actions, what you truly believe
by how you handle it.

But maybe it is a test by the spiritual world of spirits. Some
may call it the Summer land, others may call it Heaven or
other names depending on their faith and beliefs.

What if it was a test? A test to see how spiritual we really
are here on earth, are we ready to share a spiritual life
after death?

Maybe the spirit world today is testing to see how far
away people have fallen from the actual spiritual beliefs
of such, when the individuals claim to have a belief.

Let's say:
They show themselves as a test, and you have people
seeking to prove that it was a spirit with tools other then
their internal feelings and knowledge. So there is a showing
of doubt unless one can prove it with a tool.

They show themselves as a test, and you have individuals
trying to chase them away, thus showing that the spiritis
not welcomed and also more or less telling the Spirit World
that as a human being, the human is more powerful then
the Spirit World.

They show them selves as a test, and some people believe
they are lost or don't know their dead (that thought has
always baffled me when I hear it), thus showing the spirit
that one doubts the spirit of the soul's knowledge, and so
how could one believe in their own internal soul of knowledge?

They show themselves as a test, and there are groups
seeking them out on a weekly basis and asking the spirit show.

They show them selves as a test, one individual sees the
spirit and others will not believe until they can get tools in
there to prove the existence of such a thing.

Strange as it may be, some have been gifted the gift of
seeing, feeling and actually being touched by the spirits of
the spirit world. These people do not need any proof as they
feel it in their own soul, a soul like the soul of the spirit
there with them.

The test's will go on, as it is strange some need the proof
and these test are to see who they are, as many claim to
believe in the spiritual, but yet need the proof of it when
it does show it's self.

And other's have the internal knowledge of the proof and
for them no doubt is given by the spirit world of their
spiritual gifted internal knowledge. An internal knowledge
gifted to them by the spiritual as we all have been part
of the spirit world as we have souls.

Strange that the answers have been there for years, yet
more doubt is shown today in the need to prove then to
believe in.

Just some thing to think about from me,

Edward Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Friday, May 25, 2007

Next radio guest - paranormal and psychic.

Hello Friends,

Our next Internet Radio show will be
Sunday June 3rd at 9pm central and
our guests about the Paranormal will
be the Ghost Chicks and Psychic Reese.

Lorrie and Tara are the Ghost Chicks,
a name that has caught on as their
exposure has grown for what they do
and are known for in the Paranormal

Also they have teamed up with
Psychic Reese and will be also
discussing their new project.

You can view the Ghost Chick web site

and Psychic Reese web site is:

You can listen to the show and most recent
past shows @

Over the holiday weekend, I hope to bring
you a new and recent video.


Monday night June 4th - Deanne and I will
be doing readings at Champs in Burbank, IL.

Sunday June 10th, is our Psychic Fair and
Paranormal gathering @
Champs in Burbank, IL.

Well here is wishing you a nice Holiday,
Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Saturday, May 19, 2007

What's coming - Paranormal & Psychic..

Hello Friends,

Well it was a beautiful day and night this Saturday
and let me tell you what weare doing Sunday and
the rest of what is coming up..

A) - The angel photo I took at Archer Woods Cemetery
has been requested and will be receiving internet exposure
to those who's main interest is angels.

B) - This Sunday night Internet radio broadcast will
be with the author of the book 'Courage's Souls', his
name is Robert Schwartz and the web site for the
book is:

The broadcast starts at 9 pm central time

I would like for you to read what this book is
about and the web site also includes a free 'pdf' download.

C) - Monday June 4th from 7pm - 10 pm,
Deanne and I will be doing Readings at Champs in Burbank, IL.

Champs is located at:
6501 W. 79th St., Burbank, IL. 60459
(about 8 blocks east of Harlem Ave).

Deanne does Tarot and Intuitive readings and
I do Palm - Psychometry (one on one with you),
and Psychometry with items of loved ones who
have passed away (bring the item if you want it read).

D) - On Sunday June 10th, we will be combining our
Psychic Fair witha Paranormal gathering, as our location
is huge enough to do so:
Champs in Burbank, IL.. (address is below)..

The Psychic Fair will start at 1pm and run till 5pm.
Your readers will be:
Patty - from Mystic Investigations, doing Pendulum readings and more.

Ronda - who is one of our regular readers and she will be doing Tarot
readings (has a few decksto pick from).

Deanne - who will be doing Tarot and Intuitive readings.

Ed (me) - Palm readings, Psychometry (one on one) readings,
and Conscious Channeling / Psychometry using an item(s) of
your loved one who has passed away (bring it with you).

There is no set fee's - just a gift offering to the readers your read by.
To read about some of our readers go

ALSO: We will have a Paranormal gathering also this day..
Figure on coming out between 1pm and 1:30 or so. Talk
about your experiences and feel free to bring your tools
with you if you use any.

We hope to have some images / videos and evp's from our last
outing at the HumphreyHouse.

Also what is planned is a free outing to one of the locations in the area.
This will follow the Paranormal gathering and will be the choice of the
group who attend the gathering.

There is a chance I may or may not be going on the outing, depending
on how many I will have for readings.

Champs is located at:
6501 W. 79th St., Burbank, IL. 60459
(about 8 blocks east of Harlem Ave).
E) - Other Guests and more.... Well friends it's been interesting,
those who I'm coming across with an interest in having me
participate with what they are doing and locations and also
others who may be guests on our show. I'm in the process of
shorting them out, waiting to make arrangements with others
and also deciding what and what not may be an interest to me
as I have turned down an offer or two already with individuals.

Also I'm considering what would be an interest to you in the
future as far as experience with the paranormal.

Amy and I will most likely be setting out soon to a couple locations,
something we have not done in awhile. There is so much that is in
the scope of interest coming to me / us, just deciding on what interests
me with what I do, and if you would also be interested in some other
things for group outings etc..

Let me know what would be of interest to you..

Take care and Happy Haunting,
Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This Sunday night's broadcast..

Hello Friends,
Our guest Sunday night on our The Unexplained World - InternetRadio Broadcast
will be the authorof the new book: Courageous Souls.

The broadcast starts at 9 pm central time

I would like for you to read what thisbook is
about and the web site also includes a free 'pdf' download.

Read about this great new book'Courageous Souls'

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Monday, May 7, 2007

Hello Friends,

Our Sunday night broadcast had a lot to do with Julie
who uses her abilities to find missing children. And is
also a Parnaormal Investigator in the Chicagoland area.

You can hear this broadcast at:


Ed - The Unexplained World

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Karma & more

Hello Friends,

Last Sunday's radio broadcast was mostly a discussion
on Karma. Annette, Deanne and my wife who is friends
with both ladies talked about it with me. Even toward
the end of the broadcast - with about 10 minutes to
go, Karma did play a factor with a phone call we

You can hear the re-broadcast all week at:

Blessings, Prayers and Energy sent, I believe are a
form of Karma in a higher level for the sender and
receiver. All that goodness being sent from the heart
of others to the receiver, thus comes back to the sender
in due time or when requested, and that is the
beautiful thing about it and why when it is requested
by others, I step up and send it out.

All I can say is I've been blessed to see medical miracles
and that is what they where called by the medical field
in some cases.

Hate seems to work this way also, but at times faster
as there is no faith based on it. Maybe that was the
concept of the writings in some religous beliefs of
'original sin', as faith takes a lot to bring about and
believe in, where as hate or negative thoughts takes
no real work to bring about.

Negative actions or hate toward other individuals drags
people down to where that is all they may see, think
about and in some cases create negative thoughts
or hatefull thoughts about others in one's own mind
and that is the only place of what they think exists,
as it is not the reality, it's just in their mind.

Some individuals at first even mask this behind their
being concerned about what they feel is negative things
another person is doing, then it starts to be a snowball
effect in their thinking and their sending out. Gathering
weight on their shoulders, as in their mind and what they
send out, instead of sending positive thoughts - this was
also discussed by Annette in our last broadcast as a way
to counter it, is to send positive thoughts out to those
who seem to be stuck in a negative or hateful level
of thinking, along with cutting that out of your life
before you yourself are drawn down to the negative
or hateful way of thinking - again the snowball effect.

It's like what they say about Good and Evil. Good is
just what it is and actually draws the evil and at times
evil tries to suck the Good into it, be it thoughts or

But good will always prevail in the end, go back in
history........ a man nailed to a cross, individuals burned
at the stakes, individuals put to death in gas chambers,
those who where beaten or killed because of their
skin color.

There was negative and evil thoughts and actions there
and for many the reasons for doing it was created in their
own mind then the actual reality of the facts. But good did
eventually prevail, much based on prayer and faith..
Thus taking me back to my second paragraph
about: Blessings, Prayers and Energy sent.

You can hear the re-broadcast all week at:

Take care and enjoy the weekend,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Karma Discussion...

Hello Friends,

Sunday night's broadcast of our radio show will include Karma discussion along with
what went down tonight at the haunted house.

Annette a High Priestess and co-founder of The Unexplained World and a great source
about Karma will be involved in it.

I call her 'my Sponsor for 12 steps of Karma control', I will explaine more on the show..

You can hear the broadcast @ 9pm central time
and feel free to call in at:(646) 915-9653 (use your cell as it should be free).

Listen in at:

Ed - The Unexplained World

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sunday's radio show and more..

Hello Friends,

Sunday night is our Internet radio broadcast.

We will cover this Saturday Night's paranormal night at the Humphrey House, plus taking phone calls and there might be announcements pertaining to:

One of a kind haunted place we are invited to bring a group in to.

Being part of a cable tv show.

Going back to where it started.

Paranormal investigators - dream..

Show time is 9 pm central and at:

I'm looking forward to our Saturday night, the weather is supposed
to be nice and all is set and I'm ready.

Happy Hauntings,
Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Finding New Haunted Locations..

Hello readers,

Ed Shanahan here and what I'm about to discuss came to me as a message one day as I was driving. It was like something hit me on the side of my head and said " WAKE UP ED ".

I don't know if it was my intuitive / psychic nature or what, but here are locations that seem like not many, if any, have thought of and the locations are basically out there right in our face.

They are the ' road side memorials ' dedicated to those who have died due to some type of accident at the location. These are those locations on the side of the road that you pass and may have a cross set up, maybe photos of the individual(s) that died at the location or some other type of tribute.

One has to remember most of these are fresh locations, so the energy of the departed soul and the accident more then likely still lingers and is fresh. Plus one has to also remember that the emotional energy of those that set up the memorials dedicated to the love one they lost may keep the spirit there.

This is to give you some 'New' places to discover.

Happy Hauntings,
Ed Shanahan