Thursday, November 8, 2007

Shadow Person experience.

Hello Friends,

Monday night as most know, I had my first Monday of the month readings at Champs in Burbank. Some thing there made me sit back and dig deep into my inner knowledge for the last two days, to try and figure out why what I seen, was being seen.

Then it slowly came to me, the 'possible' reason that makes the most sense. No I'm not going to go the direction of 'look up this or that', for the fact I have been in the City of Burbank all my 40 plus years and know the building's present and past.

The answer is the fact that the location is used very, very, often by families for a place to hold fund raisers that bring families and friends together, who have lost a family member and are in need of some financial help to cover the costs of the death, funeral, medical etc..

The thing is all the love in the room for the person that passed away and the fund raiser is being held for, is a very strong emotional energy of love and attraction for the Spirit and soul that is being remembered. And the reason I believe for the 'Shadow Person' I seen Monday night wandering around the rooms I faced and was empty of any living soul.

It caught my attention the first time I seen it Monday night, nor was it shy after seeing it the first time, as I seen it about three times.

I'm happy to say I did get to see it, and that it allowed me to see it more then once. It was a special night with the readings for the living souls, and the Shadow Person that showed and made me search internally for the reason why.

Plus to know that the location may be one of spirits being drawn to it because of the love that come togetherin memory of it.


Ed Shanahan

The Unexplained World