Saturday, September 1, 2007

My tid bits of thoughts ...

Hello Friends,

1st let me wish everyone a Happy Holiday Weekend.

Below you will find some of my wandering thoughts
on different things and even an experience I had with
a person a couple days ago.

Here goes:
If you did not read all the way though my last posting
and e-mail, I finished it with this wish for you all:

May you be blessed with those who come into your
life as I have been. Even the bad is a blessing, as it
gets you to the point of appreciating the good that
will follow. Just embrace the good and hopefully your
promise to be there always, will always be there.

This week I talked to a person who is thirty something
years old, a male who died and was brought back to life.
Let me say it was very special to me the whole look that
came on his face as we talked about what he seen when
he was dead.

It was special as I seen the spiritual part of it on his face,
as if all of a sudden his face became very relaxed and he
just looked out, as if actually seeing something as he talked.

Then we discussed the vivid dream I had of me being dead
(believe me when I say I still wonder if ...), and talking to
my loved ones and what I seen and was told by them.

I will not go into details here about our discussion, but it
goes along with my dream (message), confirms a couple
of things I felt and have talked about in the past and on
our radio show pertaining to death and crossing over etc..

If you ever have a chance to actually talk to someone
who has died and was brought back to life, do not pass it by.

I'm Very Happy for a friend of mine of nearly 15 years, she
got to see Karma play it's hand back in a big way on someone,
sure it may of took 16 years, but wham bam when it does take
that long ...

If you missed it, yes I have changed my thoughts on evil spirits.
It's the intent of the spirit (one seen coming at another with a knife
and then vanishes within two feet of being away from the living
person. It can be the intent that makes it evil also.

One does not have to walk in the goody too shoes, to be a spiritual
person or to have a spiritual connection.

Because who is the judge and who made the rules? The living?
Well those with a spiritual message from the spirit / spiritual
world in what ever way it comes across, is delivering that
message from the spiritual side, not the living side.

The spiritual will judge in what was delivered and what harm
one has done to others in the view of the spiritual side.

What is wrong for me, may not be wrong for you. What is ok
with me, may not be ok with you.

If one is seeking out the truth about spirits, then how does
one finally know it is such? (as I said earlier, do not pass up
a live discussion with one who has died and come back to life).

I still feel it is all a test by the spiritual world, as that was a
message I received in a dream. To read that message that
I posted as an article on the web site, just go to:

Thank You to all who have already filled up the Haunted Frankie's
Roadhouse night with Ursula and me.

For the other dates - feel free to go

That's about it from my side of the screen.

But if you want to try something that others have had a bit of results from.

Turn down your lights, turn up the sound of your computer and go to
this web page:

and hit play for:
Paranormal First - Spirits activated in listener's homes.

Happy Hauntings and Holiday,

Ed - The Unexplained World