Friday, May 25, 2007

Next radio guest - paranormal and psychic.

Hello Friends,

Our next Internet Radio show will be
Sunday June 3rd at 9pm central and
our guests about the Paranormal will
be the Ghost Chicks and Psychic Reese.

Lorrie and Tara are the Ghost Chicks,
a name that has caught on as their
exposure has grown for what they do
and are known for in the Paranormal

Also they have teamed up with
Psychic Reese and will be also
discussing their new project.

You can view the Ghost Chick web site

and Psychic Reese web site is:

You can listen to the show and most recent
past shows @

Over the holiday weekend, I hope to bring
you a new and recent video.


Monday night June 4th - Deanne and I will
be doing readings at Champs in Burbank, IL.

Sunday June 10th, is our Psychic Fair and
Paranormal gathering @
Champs in Burbank, IL.

Well here is wishing you a nice Holiday,
Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World