Thursday, July 12, 2007

Friday in Chicago Trib and more ...

Hello Friends,

It's been a busy week - a couple locations visited for our
possible future Paranormal outings and some other things
mentioned below I have been working on.

Tomorrow (Friday), in the Chicago Tribune 'Red Eye'
newspaper there will be (informed by the editor), a
write up about Ronda and I doing readings at the
Weather Mark for the Friday the 13th party and
more on the Internet Radio Broadcast and The
Unexplained World etc.. in the weekend section.

For more information on the Weather Mark and
their Friday the 13th party just go our web page:

Now you can download some of our past broadcasts
on ITunes for your I-Pods. I will be adding more
broadcasts in the near future. Just search for
The Unexplained World in the 'Free Podcasts'
in the store section.

Also our past broadcasts (those now on ITunes), are
being carried and hosted on:

for your easy listening enjoyment or to download.

Sunday night our Internet radio broadcast of
The Unexplained World will have as our guests:
Tammy and Tonya known as the Ghost Divas.

The broadcast starts at 9pm central time Sunday @

Well that is about it for now, enjoy your weekend and
maybe Friday night we will see you or you'll call in
during the broadcast Sunday Night.

Blessings and Happy Hauntings,
Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World