Monday, May 28, 2007

Well Friends - you need to know...

I hope your Holiday is going well.

Some may find out that my Yahoo Group - The Unexplained World
is not showing at this time (as of yesterday).

I hope it is burp in the system with Yahoo as it is still showing up in
their directory - unexplained_world

Ok with that said and done and hoping that our group for the
Unexplained World comes back up... I will be posting our stuff
at these locations for the time being.. (also if you have a group
etc.. and do not mind me doing there also, let me know).

Our 'Spirit Weavers' - group:

My 'my Space':

My Google Blog:

Yahoo 360

Also Patti from Mystic Investigations group is allowing me:

And I'm sure our Inner Circle members Donna & Mark will allow it
at their group:

I'm also starting a stand alone message board to use,
at this time I'm setting it up and should be in operation

But until then you have our Spirit Weavers and the others
listed above..

Let's hope The Unexplained World one comes back...

Have a good week,
Ed Shanahan

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A test from the Spirit World ?

Below you will find what I posted for the 1st time three years
ago.. and I still feel as strong about it today as then..

Hello Friends,

I want to share a thought, maybe even consider it a message
I received. You have free will to decide what it is.

The spirits or the spirit world. Many are claiming to see them.
There are those who believe some spirits do not know to cross
over, as in either not knowing their dead, or they are lost.

Some claim that there are evil spirits. You also have those who
use tools to 'prove', it's a spirit, a ghost or the paranormal, all
words meaning the same.

You have the weekend investigators who go almost weekly,
with nothing pulling them to a location other then hopes of
catching the next biggest orb or image of the dead.

Now that is all fine and dandy. But here is something to think about....

What if it is a test? I know your thinking 'A Test?'

Yep - a test.. You see as far as my ' feelings' and thoughts that
have always gone along with our Amy's internal ' feeling' and

I have named Amy our Psychic Feeler do to her gifted abilities
and spiritual background that have come about do to her
knowledge that she experienced as a child.

The feeling and thoughts are that Ghosts, Spirits, the
Paranormal is a spiritual gift your being allowed to view
and that they are making contact with you, and you decide
and show them by your actions, what you truly believe
by how you handle it.

But maybe it is a test by the spiritual world of spirits. Some
may call it the Summer land, others may call it Heaven or
other names depending on their faith and beliefs.

What if it was a test? A test to see how spiritual we really
are here on earth, are we ready to share a spiritual life
after death?

Maybe the spirit world today is testing to see how far
away people have fallen from the actual spiritual beliefs
of such, when the individuals claim to have a belief.

Let's say:
They show themselves as a test, and you have people
seeking to prove that it was a spirit with tools other then
their internal feelings and knowledge. So there is a showing
of doubt unless one can prove it with a tool.

They show themselves as a test, and you have individuals
trying to chase them away, thus showing that the spiritis
not welcomed and also more or less telling the Spirit World
that as a human being, the human is more powerful then
the Spirit World.

They show them selves as a test, and some people believe
they are lost or don't know their dead (that thought has
always baffled me when I hear it), thus showing the spirit
that one doubts the spirit of the soul's knowledge, and so
how could one believe in their own internal soul of knowledge?

They show themselves as a test, and there are groups
seeking them out on a weekly basis and asking the spirit show.

They show them selves as a test, one individual sees the
spirit and others will not believe until they can get tools in
there to prove the existence of such a thing.

Strange as it may be, some have been gifted the gift of
seeing, feeling and actually being touched by the spirits of
the spirit world. These people do not need any proof as they
feel it in their own soul, a soul like the soul of the spirit
there with them.

The test's will go on, as it is strange some need the proof
and these test are to see who they are, as many claim to
believe in the spiritual, but yet need the proof of it when
it does show it's self.

And other's have the internal knowledge of the proof and
for them no doubt is given by the spirit world of their
spiritual gifted internal knowledge. An internal knowledge
gifted to them by the spiritual as we all have been part
of the spirit world as we have souls.

Strange that the answers have been there for years, yet
more doubt is shown today in the need to prove then to
believe in.

Just some thing to think about from me,

Edward Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Friday, May 25, 2007

Next radio guest - paranormal and psychic.

Hello Friends,

Our next Internet Radio show will be
Sunday June 3rd at 9pm central and
our guests about the Paranormal will
be the Ghost Chicks and Psychic Reese.

Lorrie and Tara are the Ghost Chicks,
a name that has caught on as their
exposure has grown for what they do
and are known for in the Paranormal

Also they have teamed up with
Psychic Reese and will be also
discussing their new project.

You can view the Ghost Chick web site

and Psychic Reese web site is:

You can listen to the show and most recent
past shows @

Over the holiday weekend, I hope to bring
you a new and recent video.


Monday night June 4th - Deanne and I will
be doing readings at Champs in Burbank, IL.

Sunday June 10th, is our Psychic Fair and
Paranormal gathering @
Champs in Burbank, IL.

Well here is wishing you a nice Holiday,
Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Saturday, May 19, 2007

What's coming - Paranormal & Psychic..

Hello Friends,

Well it was a beautiful day and night this Saturday
and let me tell you what weare doing Sunday and
the rest of what is coming up..

A) - The angel photo I took at Archer Woods Cemetery
has been requested and will be receiving internet exposure
to those who's main interest is angels.

B) - This Sunday night Internet radio broadcast will
be with the author of the book 'Courage's Souls', his
name is Robert Schwartz and the web site for the
book is:

The broadcast starts at 9 pm central time

I would like for you to read what this book is
about and the web site also includes a free 'pdf' download.

C) - Monday June 4th from 7pm - 10 pm,
Deanne and I will be doing Readings at Champs in Burbank, IL.

Champs is located at:
6501 W. 79th St., Burbank, IL. 60459
(about 8 blocks east of Harlem Ave).

Deanne does Tarot and Intuitive readings and
I do Palm - Psychometry (one on one with you),
and Psychometry with items of loved ones who
have passed away (bring the item if you want it read).

D) - On Sunday June 10th, we will be combining our
Psychic Fair witha Paranormal gathering, as our location
is huge enough to do so:
Champs in Burbank, IL.. (address is below)..

The Psychic Fair will start at 1pm and run till 5pm.
Your readers will be:
Patty - from Mystic Investigations, doing Pendulum readings and more.

Ronda - who is one of our regular readers and she will be doing Tarot
readings (has a few decksto pick from).

Deanne - who will be doing Tarot and Intuitive readings.

Ed (me) - Palm readings, Psychometry (one on one) readings,
and Conscious Channeling / Psychometry using an item(s) of
your loved one who has passed away (bring it with you).

There is no set fee's - just a gift offering to the readers your read by.
To read about some of our readers go

ALSO: We will have a Paranormal gathering also this day..
Figure on coming out between 1pm and 1:30 or so. Talk
about your experiences and feel free to bring your tools
with you if you use any.

We hope to have some images / videos and evp's from our last
outing at the HumphreyHouse.

Also what is planned is a free outing to one of the locations in the area.
This will follow the Paranormal gathering and will be the choice of the
group who attend the gathering.

There is a chance I may or may not be going on the outing, depending
on how many I will have for readings.

Champs is located at:
6501 W. 79th St., Burbank, IL. 60459
(about 8 blocks east of Harlem Ave).
E) - Other Guests and more.... Well friends it's been interesting,
those who I'm coming across with an interest in having me
participate with what they are doing and locations and also
others who may be guests on our show. I'm in the process of
shorting them out, waiting to make arrangements with others
and also deciding what and what not may be an interest to me
as I have turned down an offer or two already with individuals.

Also I'm considering what would be an interest to you in the
future as far as experience with the paranormal.

Amy and I will most likely be setting out soon to a couple locations,
something we have not done in awhile. There is so much that is in
the scope of interest coming to me / us, just deciding on what interests
me with what I do, and if you would also be interested in some other
things for group outings etc..

Let me know what would be of interest to you..

Take care and Happy Haunting,
Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This Sunday night's broadcast..

Hello Friends,
Our guest Sunday night on our The Unexplained World - InternetRadio Broadcast
will be the authorof the new book: Courageous Souls.

The broadcast starts at 9 pm central time

I would like for you to read what thisbook is
about and the web site also includes a free 'pdf' download.

Read about this great new book'Courageous Souls'

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Monday, May 7, 2007

Hello Friends,

Our Sunday night broadcast had a lot to do with Julie
who uses her abilities to find missing children. And is
also a Parnaormal Investigator in the Chicagoland area.

You can hear this broadcast at:


Ed - The Unexplained World