Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Shadows Know

Deep in the darkness of the mind, a depth un-reachable by science and the medical field, lurking in the shadows that are beyond common and acceptable thought, is an area that is unknown by many and yet many live with.

In the depths of our own human self who attempt to live and walk on the white or light side of the road, there is the shadow that follows behind or along on the path walked.

In the paranormal world of study and experience, many talk of what is waiting in the shadows, just waiting to be invited into our living world.

Individuals are at times are warned about going beyond the veil, into the world that many perceive as being a world of darkness. As lurking in the shadows they say are Demons, Evil Spirits, and a dark side of psychological wrath.

To warn against it, one would have to say then, it would have to have been experienced, yet the majority who talk against going beyond the veil, do so without having experienced what it is actually that they are warning against doing.

I believe that it is more their fear of knowing and tapping into the reality, of the reality that lingers in the shadows of the un-known that is within the reach of those who seek it.

An example could be as simple as one taking a prescribed medicine that has a side effect of taking one's mind to a world that they hope to never experience again. One that opens the closet of skeletons that seemed like they were just waiting in the shadows, to remind one's mind of the past. Is this something to fear? Depends on the person, but consider it a light focusing on the past, to structure one's future, then no it is not something to fear.

With myself being one who has experienced Spirits and the Spirit World and being one who brings this knowledge of experience to others with my attempt of connecting with the Spirits of their loved ones who have passed away. Also providing groups of individuals to experience the Spirits that visit and remain at locations, I have a different thought, one that is gifted to me and not my own, as this is written with a knowledge that is beyond my human knowledge, as I'm being guided with what is being written here.

The fear of what could be beyond the veil, the warnings about going in to the dark evil shadows of Demons, Evil Spirits, not to open that closet. Is a mask against the reality and an attempt to take away your free will and experience of the true knowledge that awaits one who does do what others have not experienced, has warned against doing.

By who and why? You may ask.

By what I call the 'The Real Dark Side', is the side that is always there and is in the shadows of all of us. Whatever the title is one desire to give it, the majority of the living has their own title or description for it. The source plants the seeds of thought pertaining to the evil that is in the shadows waiting to be invited in. It attempts to take the free will away from individuals to go beyond the veil that takes one into the reality of the Spirit World and Spiritual Side that has no Evil Spirits, Demons, or any wrath that may be waiting in the shadows.

Then there is also the consideration of the inexperienced individuals that I describe as new or young souls, those who are new souls and inexperienced to the Spiritual World do to their own freshness from being within it. During my personal readings for individuals, when the person turns their palms facing up to be read by me, I first look to see if they are a young or old soul. What I have learned with the conversations I have with the old souls, is that like me, they do not fear Spirits or the Spiritual World, nor see any evil present within it, because of their many experiences of being within it.

Spirits, Ghosts, the Paranormal or whatever name one may give them, are showing and being experienced more then ever and to all walks of life. A kind of coming out of the shadows or closet, I would say.

The majority of people know they exist and believe in Spirits and the Spirit World. However, there still are those who need to prove or disprove it. There are those individuals who are searching for proof using tools not yet truly proven and a tool may never come along that will prove a Spirit is present, when proof has been knocking them on the head and for many they internally know it. One has to remember no tool can measure the love one has for another, yet one knows it without the use of any tools.

Individuals have to just research what has been documented by so many who have died and comeback, those who have truly experienced the Spiritual World and come back to share that experience for reasons known to them.

The proof is out there to be experienced in a living state, but many warn us not to go there. Not to go beyond the veil with mind and soul to experience what is there in the shadows waiting and wanting in this fragment of time we live in, for us to experience what we once were and what we will be again, a Spirit of the Spiritual World, something we already know.

The spiritual side attempts to get our attention, many call it a haunting or ghosts, and if you experience this in your home, then you are told that you need someone to somehow get rid of the paranormal activities. What are you really getting rid of? May it be a Spirit as you your self once were? In addition, you will be again part of the Spiritual World that the Spirit you are experiencing came from.

Consider that thought and also consider the reality of the fact that no living person is more powerful then the spiritual world when you read about those who claim to be and claim to have control over spirits. One with internal knowledge can bring calmness to a paranormal situation with the knowledge from within of being an old soul, but the living controlling a spiritual power will never be allowed by the Spirit World, nor will those with internal knowledge of being an old soul attempt it.

I have personally gone deep and will go deeper in my experiences and with what I do and how I do it with Spirits and the Spiritual World. To do so is to give those who participate with me, the experience of the true Spirit World that is at a location. The plans have been made for the very near future to take others and my self to locations that the fear of what may be present at the location waiting in the shadows beyond the veil, rests in the closet of the mind.

As in the past when we placed an Ouija board in my Circle of Energy to see if, the spirit world would interact with it with no assistance of an individual. What is documented on video and posted on our web site, is what appears to be a Spirit or Shadow Person walking within the area of the Ouija board. The Spirit did not interact with the board, but did with those individuals who were present; as did other spirits and those, who participated in my Circle of Energy can be heard talking about the activities as they happened.

With the location planned in the future that we bring groups to, I plan to bring a ghost box with us, to place in my Circle of Energy in an attempt to see if the Spirits at the location will interact with it, as they do with the individuals that participate in my Circle of Energy.

One day I may experience what others warn that is out there waiting in the shadows. The last few years I have yet to encounter what is warned about. However, I have met it in the living with one who worships with rituals based and directed to the powers of evil. It was a meeting meant to happen, to show me were evil resides, the power of it is within the living, and that there is the free will to walk either side that one should decide on.

I had his ability proven to me personally with my own blood that ran free from the palm of my right hand that required stitches to stop the bleeding. The ability shown to me was a sign of respect for me and a gift of the knowledge given to me of were evil resides, a knowledge that could only come from the experience that would show me were the reality of the source evil comes from.

With that experience I nodded yes, as I knew that he knew my internal knowledge of the Spiritual World, that he was aware of my own abilities and that there is mutual respect and knowledge of both sides of the gray line we all walk.

You as the reader of this, have the free will to take from this what ever you desire and take it any way you want. The knowledge written here and that I have personally experienced is gifted to me, to pass on to you, to open the door within yourself, to shed some light on what the internal knowledge of what the shadows within you already know.


Edward Shanahan

(c) 2008 Edward L. Shanahan

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Paranromal Web Sites - updated.

Hello Friends,

I have updated the web sites for going into 2009
for: The Unexplained World - Haunted Historic Locations
and Edward Shanahan.

I have our listing of upcoming Haunted Historic
Locations and dates (these are limited and more
personal daylight and explore tours on the S.W.
Suburbs outside of Chicago).

Also it includes an updated description for Ursula
Bielski and my 'Beyond The Veil' at the Haunted
Joliet Mansion on Jan. 31st.

That web is our Haunted Historic Locations, web site:

Also I added a new web page to the photo / article
section of The Unexplained World Web site. It is
the Joliet, Haunted Scutt Mansion. You can see it
and all the other Haunted Locations (over 20),
Photo pages at:

Also updated is our web page of:
Our 2009 Spirit Weavers ~ Readers and also includes
the Spirit Feelers who will be assisting me in 2009.

You can find the link to it toward the bottom of
the page at:

or at the web page of photos and locations mentioned

Also for your Holiday Joy, if you have not heard it yet,
our re-broadcast of our Holiday Internet radio broadcast
that also includes an interview with Michelle who sees
Spirits and is a Feeler. It can be heard when you get
to the web site at:

That should be all until after Christmas, enjoy
the Holiday, be safe and stay warm.

Ed Shanahan

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Join Ursula Bielski and Edward Shanahan at Haunted Mansion

Hello Friends,

I hope all those here in the Midwest
are staying comfortable in this weather.

Friday night in the newsletter I sent out
to those who subscribe to my Haunted Historic
Locations newsletter at:

I posted the fact that a date has been set
for Beyond The Veil with Ms. Ursula Bielski
and me, to take individuals to the Haunted
Joliet Mansion - the Scutt Mansion.

I have not finished my web site pages yet,
to include our Beyond The Veil at the haunted
mansion, but Ursula has and the information
is below along with a link to the web page.

I wanted to inform you all, because there
is something we are doing incase you may be
interested in giving it as a Holiday Gift for
someone you know, including also your self,
and it may help you out if your interested.

Below is the information and the link to the
web page for more details.

Have a safe and great Holiday,

Edward Shanahan

Beyond The Veil goes to the Haunted Joliet
Mansion - The Scutt Mansion and there is a
little bonus thrown in for those reading this
here, to assist you in maybe giving this as
a gift for the holidays for someone special
(including you).

Ms. Ursula Beilski (Chicago's top paranormal
author of 6 books), and my self - for the 1st
time will together take individuals for our
Beyond The Veil location experience - to the:
Haunted Joliet Mansion, The Scutt Mansion.

This will be Ursula's very first time at the

You have seen me write about this location in
the past and I have taken groups there both during
the day and at night and at all times we have
reached the max amount of people allowed to
sign up.

This will be at night, on Saturday January 31st.

This will also be an opportunity for those present
to have their photos considered for publication in
Ursula Beilski's next book.

Also since your receiving information on this by
way of my posting it here and before I even have
it listed on the Haunted Historic Locations web
site (I wanted to inform you before Christmas
Gift Giving).

You can reserve your spots for the night of Jan. 31st,
with just 1/2 down in advance and the difference paid
in cash on the night of January 31st.

Also joining us will be - Michelle, who we talked to
on our recent Internet radio broadcast of The Unexplained
World (it is listed as our 3rd year and Holiday Special):

Michelle will be assisting me this night, she sees
Spirits at times and is a Feeler also. She talks
about it on the radio show above. Also she will
for her first time, be part of my Circle of Energy.
Also I'm hoping that Mercedes can join us on this

Ursula will have her Ghost Box with us on this night.
This is the one that she and I have used at other
locations in the past with great results.

Also she will be assisting individuals with doing
an Investigation type of exploring at this location.

I will be offering 6-8 free Conscious Channeling
readings of items of loved one's who have passed
away, depending on time (remember it has to be
an item they wore often, like glasses, rings,
watch etc..).

Michelle and I will be wandering around the building
to assist those with our feelings and maybe Michelle
will see something. I also hope Mercedes will be able
to come out.

Also my Circle of Energy at the end of the night
and most likely in what I feel is a creepy room,
the doll room.

You can reserve your spots for the night of Jan. 31st,
with just 1/2 down in advance and the difference paid
in cash on the night of January 31st.

** Remember to mention your putting 1/2 down and
that I mentioned it **

Information on reserving is at:

Or just go to this web page and click on 'Beyond The Veil'

Thank You, stay warm and have a great
weekend and Holiday.

Edward Shanahan

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

re-broadcast of Fun Holiday - The Unexplained World.

Hello Friends,

Last night was a fun show. It was Annette
and my start of our 3rd year of broadcasting
The Unexplained World, and with Mercedes.

Had a very Jolly Santa joined us, along with
Michelle who see's spirits and is a feeler
plus other stuff including a Holiday tribute
to our soldiers, a fun show..

You can hear it at:
(will be the broadcast that comes on)

Or at my MySpace when you get there


Ed Shanahan

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sunday - 3rd yr of The Unexplained World broadcast, Holiday show.

A lot with The Unexplained World show coming up:

This Sunday Night, December 14th at 9pm central
time - at:
(You can set a reminder there now).

Join Annette, Mercedes and me Sunday night
as it will the start of the 3rd year of Annette
and I broadcasting The Unexplained World.

It will be a Holiday show (for us), Annette will
be talking about Yule, I will be discussing what
to do for your Spirits from Christmas and Holidays
past. A holiday song for our Troops. A call from
way, way up North. Chicago's top Paranormal
Author (6 books), Ms. Ursula Bielski plans on
calling in and maybe one more guest that has to
do with the paranormal.

So join Annette, Mercedes and I
on Sunday night, at 9pm central - it will
be enjoyable..
(you can set a reminder there now).

Edward Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bits of this and that

Hello Friends,

Whew is about the best way to start this blog. I've been a
bit busy, Thanksgiving was the 1st weekend I did not
have something going on with either the paranormal stuff
or doing parties.

Since August I have been taking groups of individuals to
the haunted Scutt Mansion in Joliet, and working with
Historical Societies, involved with others on their tours
and the house parties. Already booked into January.
Busy but I enjoy it.

Ursula Bielski and I have already set some locations
for our Beyond The Veil, with the 1st one coming up
in January. Details will be known shortly.

This Sunday the 14th, is the start Annette's and my -
The Unexplained World - Internet radio broadcast. It will
also be a Holiday show. Details are already posted for the
show, I will pass it along here, later in the week.

Well that is it for now, and I leave you with this thought:
Remember it is rough out there for many people and their
families, some not knowing what tomorrow will bring them.

So for us who can help in some way, let's try and do so,
I have given and will probably do so again before the holiday
is over. It does not take much, to help those who need it,
and maybe the little bit will make a BIG difference for a

Blessings and Happy Hauntings,

Edward Shanahan

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas / Holiday / 3rd year of The Unexplained World Internet radio broadcast

Sunday Dec. 14th 9pm central time.

Starts our 3rd year for The Unexplained World
Internet radio broadcast.

A Holiday Tribute to our Soldiers. Yule Time.
Spirits of Christmas and Holidays Past. Is there
going to be a long distance call coming in from
up North?

Starting our 3rd year with Annette, Ed and Mercedes.

Come and join us or hear our archived shows at:

Monday, December 1, 2008

For Psychic Readers - hear The Masks Of Tarot - here.

Hello Friends,

For Readers (Tarot - Runes - Palms etc.), On Sunday night our
guest on The Unexplained World broadcast, was the author of
The Masks of Tarot, Scott Grossberg.

This is something unique on how to do readings and Annette,
Mercedes and I - are used as the examples for how this unique
way of Readings are done and right on.

Also for a limited time (mentioned on the show), the listeners
of this broadcast are offered a discount from the publisher's
web site.

Hear it on my MySpace page @

or below at the link.


Edward Shanahan - Chicago area Reader.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Spirits of Christmas and Holidays Past

Spirits of Christmas and Holidays Past

One will always miss the loved ones of theirs who have passed away. The holidays can be emotional, as for some it is a time that many families gather together and yet there is that emotional feeling of the loved ones who have passed away not being there.

During the readings I do, along with my discussions that have to do with the Spiritual World, I talk about the Spirit of the loved ones who have passed away and the Spirit also missing not being involved or partaking in the family gatherings that at one time they did participate in.

Just because the love one is no longer in the living world, that does not mean their love for their living loved ones and family gatherings are gone. Usually it is stronger as the Spirit cannot be here in the living and are missing those still in the living world.

What I suggest to those who miss their love one who has passed away, is something that would be for both the Spirit and the living. First, I ask the person if they still have a photo of their loved one. Majority of the time the answer is yes, and usually the person says that they have a photo hanging up in their house.

It is great that the person has a photo of the loved one who passed away in their house. However, like the family gatherings and holidays, something a little special could be done, something that will show the Spirit of the loved one that they are still part of the holidays and family gatherings as in the past.

I suggest that the person takes the photo of their love one into the main room that the family gathers in during the holiday. Some individuals tell me that they have a photo of their love one already in that room. If that is the case, I tell them that is fine, but to take the photo and move it to another area in the room.

When the person either brings a photo into the room of the family gathering or moves the photo to another area in the room, it actually is a way of focusing on the loved one who passed away and this is a way of connecting to the Spirit. It also is a way for the Spirit to know that they are still part of the holiday family gatherings. The Spirit of holidays past is still part of the present and the love is shown to the Spirit and in return, felt by the living.

Edward Shanahan

©2008 Edward Shanahan

Edward Shanahan is a Psychic Reader, does Conscious Channeling and has been called a Spiritual Observer. He has been written about in four paranormal books. Sunday nights he co-hosts the Internet radio show 'The Unexplained World'. He does Psychic Reading Parties and runs Psychic Fairs in the Chicago land area and also is involved in group tours and experiences of paranormal locations.

To find out more about Edward Shanahan,
go to his web site at:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunday - Demonologist / Exorcist - Bishop James Long

Sunday at 9pm central time

The Unexplained World - Internet broadcast.

Demonologist / Exorcist - Bishop James Long.

On this broadcast we discuss with Bishop James Long
his experiences with being a Demonologist and his
book - Through The Eyes of an Exorcist.

Join Annette, Mercedes and Ed on this night.

Set a reminder for you self now - at:

Entertaining Psychic Parties with Edward Shanahan

More people are having Edward Shanahan for
their parties in the Chicagoland area.

Entertaining Psychic Readings for the home,
company, lounges or private gatherings.
In 2008 there will be a total of four books
that have written about Edward Shanahan.

He has been listed in Best Bet by Red Eye /
Metromix and written about in other
newspapers in the Chicagoland area. He has
been given the name 'A Spiritual
Observer' and 'Sun Ray'.

For parties Edward can do private readings
or what he calls and has been doing more of
at parties: "Readings in the Round". Now
accepting dates for New Year's Eve and

Christmas company / house parties may be
possible depending on the date. Also ir
can be arranged for two readers.

A letter received from a recent house
party host can be seen at his web site.

For more details, visit his web site:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

EVP's captured in Worth, IL building.

Hello Friends,

Well I just came across this from Jenny's video post here
on MySpace (link it below). She is talking about the recent
Oct. 25th night when I ran a psychic fair and also that night,
we explored the haunted location in Worth, that was made
known public for the first time that night.

Also are some things that came across during my
Circle of Energy that I did that night.

I thought this may be of interest.

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World
Worth EVP's

Dr. Who is coming to Chicago.

Hear the re-broadcast and history of Dr.
Who - on The Unexplained World Internet broadcast at:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Paranormal and Psychic Chicago dates coming up.

Hello Friends,

The Veil is getting thinner, the full moon is almost here,
strange things may be coming and stranger some people
will become. The wonder is what will be first?

I hope all are doing well and below you will find what is
coming up with the Psychic Readings, the Paranormal
and our Internet Radio broadcast and being a guest
on a Chicago radio show.

* The Radio Stuff:
This coming Sunday night on The Unexplained World,
at 9pm central time, our show is called
"Halloween is Coming".

We will have a guest on Mary Sutherland talking about
what will be going on in Burlington, WI (just over the
IL border), this coming Halloween Weekend and the
Supernatural town and Woods in Burlington and what
I will be involved in there that weekend. Also we may
have another guest on that has experienced the
location. I just got off the phone with Mary Sutherland
and wait till you hear what's been going on in the
town with the Spirits. For details of this weekend:

Also that night our Annette will be discussing the
facts of Halloween and looking for Mercedes to give
her thoughts and also later in the night, Jenelle will
be calling in giving us some of her thoughts about
Halloween and her beliefs.
Then on Sunday Oct. 26th - at 9 pm central time,
Ursula Bielski and I will be together and on the
Chicago AM radio show called "The Mother Ship
It is located for those in IL and WI, on the
AM channel: WLIP AM 1050 -


* Psychic Readings & Fairs ...
OK - personally I'm booked with house parties
on the Saturday nights I'm not doing the paranormal
locations until nearly the end of Nov. Some Sundays
are open, as are Fridays if you are not a distance.

For more information on what I do and information
on our Psychic Readings and Fairs - just go to

And click on the link for the information and dates.

Psychic Fair - Saturday Oct. 25th,
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Readings are a gift donations of $10 toward the
reader of your choice.
Worth Park Dist and Historical Museum.
11500th S. Beloit, Worth, IL
(Harlem to 115th St. and go west).

The Readers:
Ed Shanahan (that's me). Palm Readings, Psychometry
one-on-one readings (best for personal answers),
and Conscious Channeling with items of your loved
one who passed away, bring items like rings, glasses,
watches etc.. that they wore on a regular basis. Five
years of doing public readings.

Annette - 20 years of doing readings. She will be doing
'Past Lives' readings, Tarot readings. She is the Co-host
of the Internet Radio Broadcast 'The Unexplained World'.

Ronda - A multi deck Tarot Reader with over 10 years
experience and has been seen at many of the local
S.W. Suburban location Psychic Nights and a long
time reader with some of the Fairs and locations I
have been doing readings at over the years.

Jenelle - Experienced Runes & Pendulum Reader and
one of the individuals who assists me (has been assisting
the most), with my Circle Of Energy at haunted locations.

ALSO we will have the Latin American Paranormal
Investigators there to meet and discuss their tools, what
they do and how they do it and show samples of their
Tuesday Night - Oct. 28th, Readings In The Round.
8pm - 11pm
Cigars & Stripes
6715 S. Ogden Ave
Berwyn, IL 60402

The veil will be getting thinner and on this I will be
doing all my readings for a gift offering of your choice
and the readings will be done from the stage and it
will be my Readings in the Round.

Plus the location has spirits and it's documented for
being so... and as many know, these type of locations
my Conscious Channeling is stronger.
Friday and Saturday Oct. 31st & Nov. 1st.
Burlington, WI.
The Burlington, Wi - Burlington Vortex Conference.
Readings during the day and all day Saturday.
I'm honored to be an invited guest reader of there.

There is just to much to list with what is going on,
you can read all about it at their web site below.
Also I will be doing all my readings there. For
more information go to:


* The Paranormal Dates.
Saturday Oct. 25th at the Haunted Location
in Worth, IL is full. Has been for almost two
Saturday November 15th -
Haunted Historic Locations
1pm - 5pm.
Haunted Archer Ave - tour and experiences.
This will be a get out and explore many of
the locations, including two cemeteries known
for their hauntings. This will include also the
Native American Healing Waters, a location
that at night many have heard drumming and
chanting with no one at location.

This will be limited to only 12 people.

Details at our web site at:
Saturday November 25th,
Haunted Historic Locations
8pm - 12 pm or later...

We will be back at night at
The Haunted Joliet Mansion.
On this night some of the
LAPS paranormal team will
be there. The mansion is a
whole different animal at night.

Experience it, experience my
Circle of Energy there. I will also
give some readings during the night.

This will be limited to the amount of

For details - visit our web site at:

Be safe and haunt safely,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Friday, October 10, 2008

Psychic Chicago area entertaining Psychic House and Corporate Parties

In the Chicago land area up to Wisconsin and down to Indiana, from doing entertaining Psychic House Parties to doing entertaining Psychic Readings in lounges,it is enjoyable to bring an enjoyable evening to those who participate.

My Readings In The Round, was a creation that basically just happened one night when Ursula Bielski and I where doing one of our Beyond The Veil Haunted Location experiences / tours at a Senators House that is now a Historical Site.

That experience was a must do situation that has now grown and expanded, as the Reader I put my self right out there for all to hear.

You can view the type of readings I do, just visit my personal web site:
Edward Shanahan

If your in to the Paranormal, visit my web site with Chicago locations:
The Unexplained World

Now I'm booking entertaining Psychic Parties for some of November / December and into 2009.

Take care and enjoy your life this time around.

Edward Shanahan

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Hauntings - Sunday night the 5th.

Hello Friends,

This Sunday Night the 5th, at
9pm central time, Our Internet
radio broadcast is:

The Hauntings - The locations and the
people who have experienced them.

You can set a reminder - now, for the
show at:

Also still being broadcast at the
web page above, is our last show
'When Demons Attack'.

Join Annette, Mercedes and me, as we
will have the guests who have experienced
the locations. Also as a guest co-host,
one of the individuals who assists me
with my Circle of Energy and has been
part of it at the haunted mansion,
Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, and was
part of it when we did it at a cemetery
for a family at their family headstones,
and the granite headstone of one of the
family members seemed to weep.

Our guest co-host is Jenelle and
will be part of the whole show. In
the future I hope to get Amy on also.

On this night we will have those on who
have experienced the locations in the
past. Including Wayne, who had his first
time Paranormal experience at the
haunted Joliet mansion, when we did
my Circle of Energy.

Remember it's this Sunday night at
9pm central at:

Go there and set a reminder for this

Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Updated web site for Haunted Chicago Locations.

Hello Friends,

I have just updated the web site for
Haunted Historic Locations - tours and experiences.

This is a combination of efforts with Historical Museums,
Historical Locations, Historians and my self.

You can view it at:

Happy Hauntings,

Edward Shanahan

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chicago Haunted Locations Photos and Videos

Visit the large web site of locations, photos, information about the locations and video tours at The Unexplained - A showcase of Chicago's haunted locations.

The Unexplained World - web site

When Demons Attack - Broadcast here

This is the recent Internet radio broadcast of The Unexplained World with our guest - Author Ms. Lisa Lindley about her 3 books that talk about the Demonic experiences that she and her family have encountered in their homes.


Edward Shanahan

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When Demons Attack !

Hello Friends,

On Sunday night (21st), at 9pm central time,
our guest on the Internet radio broadcast:
The Unexplained World
Click below link - Set yourself a reminder now.

Will be the author of 4 books, three are based on her and her families experiences with Demonic forces.

Lisa Lindley is the author. Her three books are:

NEVER ALONE- One Family's Hope For Finding Peace While Living With The Paranormal (released July 2007)
This account talks about our story and also helps others who might be going through an active haunting with children. We have lived in two houses outside of the St. Louis area, including our current one, that have been haunted with physical manifestations of demonic activity during the past five years.

NEVER ALONE – The Journey Home (released November 2007)
tells the truth in vivid detail about the events surrounding August 13, 2007 when after saying that we would never allow paranormal activity to run us out of our home, around 5:30 p.m. we fled our home for six days and eventually returned to fight back against these forces of darkness.

It is a true story about our family of five uniting together to fight back against spiritual warfare, finding faith in our darkest hour and turning to God for help. Our family realized that we were no longer dealing with what we thought were so called "ghosts" and the biggest part of our nightmare began. Our family has been attacked in ways that the human mind has a difficult time processing. All events in the second book began four days after NEVER ALONE – One Family's Hope For Peace While Living With The Paranormal was made available to the public. All events are real and documented over a five-year period of time.

DEMONS-EXPOSED (released August 14, 2008)
This book unveils the truth surrounding demonic forces and the world of dark spiritual warfare. It is a mixture of the frightening details surrounding our circumstances while interconnecting a spiritual viewpoint. Here, you will see the "real deal"; a first hand account from a hidden place that some may never dare to go.

She will be Annette's, Mercede's and my guest and talking about her experiences with all of the above.

9 pm Central Time - Sunday Sept. 21st.
The Unexplained World - link below or
set a reminder there for the show.


Edward Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Monday, September 15, 2008

Updated locations / Dates / Chicago / Paranormal

Hello Friends,

As promised the Worth Historical Museum
and I have added the day light tour of
Haunted Archer Avenue to the web site.

It is limited to JUST 12 individuals,
for Saturday Nov. 15th - start time 1pm.

Details of this tour and experience at:

Don't forget the other special dates:
* Joliet Paranormal and Ghost Tour for
Saturday Sept. 27th and includes the
haunted Joliet Mansion.

* The haunted location that will be made
known to the general public on Oct. 25th.
You can experience it! We will have an
Investigation Team there also (with their
equipment). This is a location that
men do not even like to be in at night

This will start at 9:30 pm, following the
Psychic fair that starts at 6pm and both
locations are in Worth, IL.

Details at our web site:

Have a great week,

Edward Shanahan

The Unexplained World

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chicago Dates: Psychic Readings and Paranormal in Chicago area

Hello Friends,

Because of the interest in having readings done, and my
schedule until November does not allow me to schedule
private readings at this time. I would like to give you two
public locations I will be doing readings at:

Friday November 12th - 8pm to 1am.
The Weather Mark - 1503 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago. IL
(this is right outside of Downtown Chicago).

It's my 2nd year of doing readings there for their special
events. Annette my co-host of The Unexplained World
will be joining me. She does past lives readings and

The event and party is called 'A Full Moon and Back to
Collage party'. Readings fee to the reader of your choice
is a gift offering on $20.

The Weather Mark has great food and great people that
attend this location.

Keep your eyes on the Chicago Tribune (either there Red
Eye' newspaper or the Friday weekend pull-out section of
the Tribune, as I was told there will be a write-up on it
in there.

Saturday October 25th,
The Worth Historical Museum at:
11500 S. Beloit, Worth, IL.
(just west of Harlem Ave at 115th Street)
details at and under Oct. 25th- All Hallow Eve>
Fee of a gift offering of $10 per reader of your

Four Readers -
Annette - doing Past Lives and Tarot Readings
(she is my co-host on The Unexplained World
radio broadcast) - 20 years of readings experience.
Ronda - doing Multi Tarot card readings (you may
of seen here at one of the Psychic Readings nights
in the S.W. Suburbs).

Jenelle (Jay), Runes readings, she has participated
in some of the haunted locations with me and will be
also joining us later in the night for the Paranormal
location we will be at.

Ed Shanahan - that's me and I will be offering all my
readings I do. For more details, visit my web site:

As I mentioned, I'm booked with House Parties and
the paranormal locations with the Historical offerings,
along with the events mentioned above.

That is why if your interested in a personal reading,
you can visit one of the two locations above.

At the haunted locations, those that allow us indoor
access, I have been known to do free readings, matter
of fact when Ursula Bielski and I bring a group to the
Senator Humphrey House - all present receive free
readings - and is done 'In The Round' - meaning that
the readings if the one being read agrees, are done
out-loud for all to hear. This is great when families
are present and they bring items for the Conscious
Channeling readings. The 'In The Round' readings
are also becoming popular with House Parties, as
it puts me right out there when a reading is being

Paranormal Offerings -

1st - let me say if you sign-up to receive the
newsletter for the Haunted Historic Locations

Those who do receive it, have a special offer
for a night at a Haunted Mansion in Joliet.

The Haunted Historical Locations experience / tour
for Sunday Sept. 21st is full. The Worth Historical
Museum and Park District has added Saturday
Sept. 20th to the date.

Details at:

Joliet - Haunted Locations and Gangster Tour..

The Museum of Victorian Life and Joliet History
brings you this special day on Saturday Sept. 27th
We will finish the tour and then enter and spend
time at the Haunted Joliet Mansion.
Details at:

Saturday Oct. 25th - 9:30 pm until ???

New Haunted Location - open to the public for
the first time in Worth, IL. Suicides have happened
here and even adult men do not like being in this
location at night, for what they experience and

That is what we will be offering, exploring the
location at night, and will have a Investigation
Team there, Psychic Feelers, and is being offered
for you to experience it, as we and I experience it.

Details at the web site, under
Oct. 25th - All Hallow Eve night.

Oct. 31st - Nov. 2nd.
I'm honored to be part of the conference in
Burlington Wi, and all it has to offer including
the location that is one of a kind. For details

Visit the photo packed, video haunted location tours, articles
and more at out 'The Unexplained World' web site at:

Enjoy what life offers you this time around.

Edward Shanahan

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

News: Historical Locations Bring On Paranormal Spirits Observer

Historical Locations Bring On Paranormal Spirits Observer
Chicago, IL September 1st, 2008

Historical Museums and Historical Societies from locations like the Worth, IL Historical Museum that is part of the Heritage Corridor, to the Joliet Museum of Victorian Life and Joliet History have joined with Chicago area Paranormal Spiritual Observer, Psychic, and Internet radio show co-host of The Unexplained World, Edward Shanahan.

This unique combination of the Historical and Historians along with the Paranormal
History of Edward Shanahan have come together to create what is titled ‘Haunted Historical Locations – tours and experiences’. These are not just bus tours, they go beyond that, as they offer the ability to explore many of the historic locations. The Historians of the areas that are visited, will tell the historic facts about the locations and Edward Shanahan will tell the paranormal history of the locations.

Edward Shanahan has lived his whole life within minutes of the Chicagoland area’s most haunted historic locations in the S.W. Suburbs just outside of Chicago. Areas like Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Resurrection Cemetery that is home of Resurrection Mary and has all his life been just five minutes from the city he lives in. The haunted Archer Avenue and Willow Springs, IL area are within minutes of his home and provided him the paranormal knowledge that allowed Shanahan to be written about with two of the locations on Archer Avenue in the book ‘Encyclopedia of Haunted Places’. His knowledge, experiences and photos of the many haunted locations in the S.W. Suburbs of Chicago has also allowed him to be written about in two other books about the paranormal, and are ‘Voices From The Chicago Graves’ and ‘Ghosts Coast to Coast’.

Shanahan’s abilities as a Paranormal Spiritual Observer, Psychic and Feeler has also brought him together with Ms. Ursula Bielski, who is Chicago’s top paranormal author with paranormal tours in the city of Chicago, together they have combined their talents for the last two years for their ‘Beyond The Veil’ overnighters.

The Haunted Historic Locations – tours and experiences can run four hours or longer depending on the amount of locations that are explored by foot, once leaving the transportation that is provided. In addition, Edward Shanahan will provide a demonstration of his ‘Circle of Energy’ at one of the haunted historic locations on the tours.

For details on the Haunted Historic Locations – tours and experiences, visit their web site at:

For details on Edward Shanahan and locations he will be doing readings at or if there is an interest in having him for an entertaining Psychic House Party, visit his personal web site at:

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chicago area Paranormal Ghost Hauntings location tours and experience newsletter.

Hello Blog Readers,

This is the latest version of the
Haunted Historic Locations newsletter.

I'm posting it here for the 1st time, to
give you an idea of what is sent out
every month and to invite you to sign up
for it.

Just visit the web site:
Haunted Historic Locations

I hope all are having a nice Holiday.

Feel free to send this out to your friends,
and bring them along for an enjoyable
paranormal offering.

Happy Hauntings and Blessings,
Edward Shanahan

In this September Newsletter:

* Historic Museum / Society offering something
new on our tours / experience.

* NOW more can join in on Sunday Sept. 21st
Bachelor's Grove Cemetery and other locations
tour and experience.

* NEW Joliet, IL.Historic Locations tour /
experience has been added for
Saturday Sept. 27th. in Joliet, IL.

* Saturday Oct 11th, Special offer to only those
receiving this Newsletter.

* Saturday Oct. 25th - Special Night time
Historic Haunted Location that is brand new.
This is going to be 2 events for this night.

* Oct. 31st - Nov 2nd don't miss this Halloween
Weekend unique Supernatural location in WI.
right over the IL border.

* Worth Historical Museum and I are working
on a NEW tour / experience for November.

* Our Internet radio broadcast has been
selected for ....

* Monday - Labor Day I will be a guest on an
Internet radio broadcast.

* Those who are in my Inner Circle who assist
me with my 'Circle of Energy'.

* I'm booked for Readings from now until second
week of November.

* The Web Sites.

Historic Museum / Society are offering something
new on our tours / experience. We will be handing
out something for those who attend the Sept. 21st
and 27th outings. I believe we are the first to give
something out like this and I thank the Historical
groups who are the creators of this and it involves
the history of the locations.

Sunday Sept. 21st is our Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
and other locations tour and experience.

1pm - 5pm

With the cooperation of the Worth Park District, we
have at our access a larger vehicle for your transportation
to the Historic Haunted Locations, this allows us to
have more individuals participate on this tour / experience.

So sign up for this special day that starts at 1pm at
the Worth, IL Pk district and you can read more
about it and reserve either on-line or by phone with
the Worth Pk. District. You can receive more
information at our web site:

NEW - Saturday September 27th.
Joliet, IL - Haunted Historic Locations and
Gangster Tour / Experience.

In cooperation with the Museum of Victorian Life and
Joliet History and Historian Mr. Pat Magosky along
with Edward Shanahan to provide an unique haunted
locations and gangster tour of Joliet, IL.
The tour will start at the Haunted Hiram B. Scutt
Mansion and visit other locations that will allow you
to wander the grounds, like another haunted mansion
in Joliet that was at one time a funeral home and
before that a nursing home and the individual that
built the home, hung himself a week before moving

We'll visit a cemetery in Joliet that has an Indian
Mound and reports of activities. We'll wander the
grounds of another haunted house that has been
written about over the years in newspapers. We'll
view locations in the area that where used for
making illegal liquor during the prohibition. We'll
visit the area that for years was the 'Red Light'
district. Plus we'll view other haunted homes in

Then we will return to the haunted Hiram B. Scutt
Mansion and enter the location.

Details for this Tour / Experience is now on our web
site at:

Saturday Oct. 25th. 6:30 pm - ????
2 different events - Brand New Haunted Location
that is located in Worth, IL.

All Hallow Eve -
Starting at 6:30 pm, a Psychic Fair - then haunted
historic location.

Readings are a gift donations of $10 toward the
reader of your choice.

Readers Scheduled:
Edward Shanahan - Has been published in two
books and two more coming in 2008. Also has
been in the Chicago Tribune Red Eye, the
Chicago Tribune, Southtown Star, The Orland Park
Prairie News Paper, The Berwyn Newspaper,
Co-host of the Internet Radio Broadcast 'The
Unexplained World'. Life time resident of the
S.W. Suburbs. Has been doing readings from
the South Chicago Loop area to the S.W.
Suburbs and house parties.

Edward will be doing: Palm Readings, Psychometry
one-on-one readings (best for personal answers),
and Conscious Channeling with an item of your
loved one who passed away, bring items like
rings, glasses, watches etc.. that they wore
on a regular basis.

Annette - 20 years of doing readings. She will
be doing 'Past Lives' readings, Tarot readings.
She is the Co-host of the Internet Radio
Broadcast 'The Unexplained World'.

Ronda - A multi deck Tarot Reader with over
10 years experience and has been seen at
many of the local S.W. Suburban location
Psychic Nights.

Another Reader yet to be named.

* Also from 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
The L.A.P.S. Paranormal Investigation Team
will be on site to answer questions and explain
their research techniques and equipment. ....
* Pre-registration ' IS NOT ' required for the
Readings listed above or the L.A.P.S team
from 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm.

Then Starting at 9:30 pm.
A Paranormal Investigation at a
Haunted Historic Building.

This will be the first time this Historic building
will be open because of it's Paranormal Hauntings.
It has a long history of paranormal activity,
to the point grown men do not like to be left
alone in there late at night. You will experience
the location, learn the history, and participate
with LAPS, Edward Shanahan (will demonstrate
his 'Circle of Energy'), the Psychic Readers .

Don't worry about transportation, you are
within a few feet of this location.

* Pre-registration ' IS REQUIRED ' for the
Paranormal Investigation.

This will include after 9:30 pm:
Refreshments - The Historic Haunted Location
Experience and history - LAPS Investigation
Team - Edward Shanahan - Psychics / Spiritual

For more details and to sign up at the web site
or by phone with the Worth Park district, visit
our web site at:

Oct. 31st - Nov 2nd Halloween Weekend
unique Supernatural location in WI. right
over the IL border.

This is a unique offering and a very special
area in the city, that has been called a Vortex.
I will be there doing readings and also taking
people into the location of the Vortex.

For more details and details on the quests
that will be speaking there, visit the web site

Worth Historical Museum and I are working
on a NEW tour / experience for November.

This will be another tour / experience with new
locations and many that other's do not go to
or know of, but I bring a lifetime of living in
the area of the S.W. Suburbs and bring you
also the knowledge of the Worth Historical
Museum. Details in the next newsletter.

Our Internet radio broadcast has been
selected for .... Well here is the letter
I received:

Dear Ed, Annette, and Mercedes,

Congrats! We have listened to and enjoyed your
previous Blogtalkradio broadcasts. As a result,
our editorial team has selected you to be a
Featured HOST on BlogTalkRadio!

It offers us something new I can have with our
broadcast and I may just do it on our next show
- Sept. 7th

I may take advantage of running a web cam..?

Monday Sept. 1st, Labor Day
I will be a guest for 2 hours on an Internet
radio broadcast.
Southwest Oklahoma Ghost Chasers.

Those who are in my Inner Circle and
assist me in my 'Circle of Energy' one or
more I try to have at our locations.

They are: Jay - Mercedes and Amy.

I'm booked for Readings from now until second
week of November. If your interested in a
Psychic entertaining house party, feel free to
e-mail me at:

Our Web sites:

Haunted Historic Locations tours and experience:

Edward Shanahan - Personal Psychic web site:

The Unexplained World - paranormal packed
web site:

Our Internet radio broadcast:

Edward Shanahan's MySpace:

Have a Happy Holiday,

Ed Shanahan

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Update: Chicago Paranormal & more

Hello Friends,

I would like to mention that a 'New' newsletter will be
coming out either during the Holiday weekend or before.
This is the Haunted Historic Locations newsletter. Make
sure you sign up for it if your interested in paranormal

For those who receive the newsletter, there will be something
you can participate in at night and is not listed on the web

To sign up for the newsletter - just visit: and
go into the events section or e-mail me from there.

Also hear the re-broadcast of our last show of
The Unexplained World as our guest was Candy from
Kenosha Paranormal and at the start of the show we
had Lady Paulette talking about the Pagan Pride Day
coming to the Chicago land area in Sept.

You can hear the re-broadcast at:

It will be the show you will hear when you get there.

Have a great weekend,

Ed Shanahan

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What's going on with The Unexplained World

Hello Friends,

I hope all are doing well, and those who need some
extra help or blessings, remember to ask your higher
power from your heart.

* This Sunday - day & Night.

* Annette will be doing past lives readings
in person in September and joking me as we
return to the ....

* House Parties

* Upcoming Paranormal outings.

* The Web Pages.
Sunday Day the 10th.

This Sunday I will be doing readings for
gift offerings up in the N.W. Chicago
suburb of Bloomingdale, IL. at the:

Busy Woman's Expo
12 - 4pm
370 W. Army Trail Rd.
Bloomindale, IL

Sunday Night the 10th.

The Unexplained World - Internet radio broadcast.
9 pm central time, will have a re-turning guest,
Allie - author of Gypsy Magic.

Join Annette, Mercedes and I at 9pm, at:

This show is rated - Mature, as you never know
what may be discussed, as happened last time
(2 shows ago), or where we will go with our
guest. You can go to the web page now and set
a reminder or hear the last broadcast when Allie
was on.

Friday Night, Sept 12.
Annette and I will be back to the Weather Mark for the
Full Moon - Back to School Party.

I will be doing my readings (details at: ) and Annette will be
doing Past Lives and Tarot readings.

The Weather Mark is right out of Downtown Chicago at:
1503 South Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60605

A great group of people there, and great location, we
will be doing readings from 8pm - closing.

House Parties:
I'm being booked for more entertaining house parties.
You can see what is offered by me, at my web site:

So if it is of interest, just visit my personal web page to
see what I do. Min, amount of people needed is just 8.

Also if there is an interest (as there has been), two readers
most often can be arranged. More details at my web

Even could maybe held at a Paranormal location / house,
if that may be of interest for an unique party. Could also
maybe bring in one of the ladies / feelers that assist me
at haunted locations, Mercedes and Jay.

Upcoming Paranormal Dates..

There are dates listed already for the Haunted Historic
Locations here in the Chicago Suburban areas at:

Remember there will be transportation provided for
most locations and is limited to the amount of people.

I have arranged to make sign up easy for you, just a
simple phone call to the Worth Pk. District. or on-line
through Pay Pal, or e-mailing me to reserve your spot.

The Saturday Oct. 25th date- will be a new unknown
(until this date), building, a location grown men do
not like being in later at night because of what they
hear, feel and see. We will be there at night !!!!

Information at:

Also sign up for the newsletter that comes out of that

At times there will be special offers for those who
receive it. You can sign up at the web site - just click
on the link and send the e-mail off to request it.
Or e-mail me and I will put you on the list.

Web Sites:
The Unexplained World

Edward Shanahan - Personal Web Site

Haunted Historic Locations

The Unexplained World - Internet Radio Broadcast

Ed Shanahan -on My Space:

The Unexplained World - Yahoo Group:

My Blog on blogspot:

Well that's it for now, Have a Great weekend,

Ed Shanahan

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August - Chicago Paranormal Newsletter is out.

You can get yours for August's

Haunted Historic Locations - tour & experience,

Just go to:
Haunted Historic Locations - tours & experiences

Sign up there by way of an e-mail (click on
the link), or just send me an e-mail (from
that web site), and request to be put on the
newsletter list.

Happy Hauntings,

Edward Shanahan (Personal Psychic Web site)

Haunted Historic Locations

The Unexplained World - web site of photos, video's, articles and more..
The Unexplained World

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Haunted Humphrey House and more ...

Hello Friends,

Haunted Senator Humphrey House is coming
in a week, Saturday July 26th. This is a
Beyond the Veil night / location with Ursula
Bielski and my self and the location is located
in Orland Pk, IL. Start time will be 6pm. I will
also do some readings with the items of loved
ones who have passed away, so bring yours
and maybe yours will be read.

Just go to our web page of events and Beyond
the Veil dates / listings at

You then can click on the link for:
Beyond the Veil - Location Information
to see more information and register.

I'm still waiting to hear from Ursula about other
possible Beyond the Veil dates, but for now - our
next one is The Humphrey House in a weeks time.
She has informed me that the Mansfield date fell
through, it will not be happening.

My - The Unexplained World paranormal dates,
have some that are already listed for September
and October.

September will be very interesting and include
transportation, limited to amount of people
involved also.

October is a unique location, as it is a haunted
building we will be visiting, and like the Humphrey
House, I will be the 1st to make it known to the
general public. It is a location many men do not
like being in at night, and that is what we will
be doing, being there at night. LAPS Investigation
Team will be joining us also. As we may have
our Amy and Jay. Also see what our Annette
(past lives readings), will be doing with me and
Ronda on this night in Oct.

Plus a conference at a Unique town and haunted
location in WI, on Halloween weekend, that I will
be participating at is also listed.

November is a different combination of locations
and December I will go totally on the Spiritual
side as it is a month that special thought forever
remembered are made of.

For these new dates and locations, I have teamed
up with the Worth Historical Museum, Historical
Societies and Historical sites, as they are special
locations and I want to bring you something special
and I have spent my lifetime within minutes of many
of the most haunted locations in the area and they
are on the S.W. Suburbs of the Chicagoland area.
See the descriptions of the locations at the
'new' web site.

The New dates / locations and descriptions can be
found at:

Also you can reserve on line or by calling.

Also let me suggest that you sign up for our free
newsletter there, as that way you will be informed
first of new dates and locations of Haunted Historic

Remember in a week - it's Beyond the Veil..

Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Unexplained World of haunted Chicago photos, videos, tours and locations.

The Unexplained World of photos of haunted Chicago locations, videos of many haunted locations in the Chicago land area suburbs with unique paranormal photos, up coming tours of haunted historic location sites, articles and The Unexplained World - Internet radio broadcast.

The Unexplained World web site can
be viewed here: The Unexplained World

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Paranromal - New Site, Dates, Photos & Info.

Hello Friends,

Fun, Unique, New Photos & New Paranormal
Dates for The Unexplained World with a
message of information for you.

That is what is coming up for you.
I have created a new web site for up
coming The Unexplained World dates.
Our Unique and interesting guest and
broadcast Sunday night (new photos
also of Annette, Mercedes and me),
and more is below.

This Sunday night 9pm central time,

(You can set a reminder there now).

Annette, Mercedes and my guest will be:

Gypsy Magic / Advice with author:
Allie Theises.

Allie Theiss is a descendant of the Rom
gypsies of Transylvania. By utilizing
readings, workshops, classes and coaching,
she propels people to empower themselves
in order to successfully transform their
lives. We will be discussing doing Out of
Body Experiences, Astral, Dream and Telepathic
and more that will be along the lines of
mature discussions for a mature audience.
It will be an interesting and fun night.
Join Us!

Tune in / set a reminder @

* Also you can view New photos of Annette,
Mercedes and I together at our web page


Saturday July 26th. 6pm - ??
Beyond The Veil -
The Haunted Senator Humphrey House,
in Orland Pk, IL.

Ursula Bielski and my self return to the
Humphrey House on this night. In the past
our visit there with a group made newspaper
headlines in Orland Pk, IL.

Come and join us as there are just a few
spots open for this night. Ursula Bielski
will assisting with Paranormal tools and
I will be assisting with my Spiritual Side,
and also for those who bring an item of a
loved one who has passed away, I will be
doing some readings of the items. And
we will also finish the night with my
Circle of Energy on this night.

There are only a few days left to sign up,
do so by going to Beyond The Veil web
page at:

Come out and be part of this night.

The Unexplained World - dates.

I would like to mention here that our
The Unexplained World upcoming events
have expanded to something I want to
bring you as being very interesting,
different, new and enjoyable for you

Our locations and dates are now:
Haunted Historic Locations and can
be found at the New Web Site:

(This is also the web site for
exchanging links with your web site).

Our new locations / dates are in
co-operation with the Worth, IL.
Historical Museum, Historical
Societies and locations. Plus
as always with The Unexplained
World dates, these dates will
include locations that we will
wander and will also have me
doing my 'Circle of Energy'.

Also you will be able to sign up
On-Line, or calling the Worth Pk,
District or stopping there. Info
at the new web site.

The 1st date
Sunday Sept. 21st / 1pm - 5pm.

Haunted Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
and other locations on this day.
ALSO transportation will be provided
and this day is limited to only 12

Visit our web site's Dates & Locations
area for details:

2nd date:
Saturday Oct. 25th - 6:30 pm - ???
All Hallow Eve.

A night that will bring you a Historic
Haunted Building that will be for the
first time, open to the public for the
paranormal history that is going on
there, that gets to the point adult
males do not like being there late
at night.

We will learn the history along with
what has gone on in there and also
why, because of what went on in
there in the past.

The night will start with a Psychic
Fair at 6:30 pm, with me doing all
my type of readings. Annette will be
there doing Past Lives readings and
Tarot Card readings. Ronda doing Tarot
readings and using 5 decks. Plus
one more yet to be announced.

Then we will move into a night of the
Paranormal, starting at 10 pm at
the Haunted Historic Building.

We will have the Paranormal
Investigation Team - L.A.P.S.from
the Chicagoland area, and will be
along with you, exploring this Historic
location. I will be doing my Circle
of Energy. I will have a feeler who
has assisted me in the past,
assisting on this night.

For more information on this night,
visit the Dates, Locations section at
our web site:

A Whole Historic City.. In Wisconsin.
This is an Unique City, Event, and

Fri - Sat - Sunday.
Oct. 31st, Nov 1 & 2.
Burlington, WI - Vortex Conference.

All I can say is you have to click on
the banner / link at our web site to
visit this One Of a Kind unique location
and Conference during this Halloween
weekend that I will also be present and
part of.

Information at our web site at:

We are working on something special for
November, details will follow when it is

See what is coming up in December at our
web site:

Also if your interested, we can set up a
'Private Tour' for you and your friends that
comes with Transportation, e-mail me for

Psychic House Party, does it interest you?
I have been doing more of them, as part of
the entertainment for the night. All my
readings are included, and if desired I can
make arrangements for a 2nd reader may also
be included.

Happy Hauntings and a Happy Weekend,

Ed Shanahan

The Unexplained World

Haunted Historic Locations

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Photos - Paranormal Dates - Web pages

Hello Friends,

Well it's straight ahead and non-stop with dates, photos
and changes to web pages.

NEW PHOTOS of the Hosts of The Unexplained World -
Internet radio broadcast have been posted on our web
page at our web site. Yes it is Annette, Mercedes and
my self, all three of us together and taken by Wanda
at the past Pagan Fest in Willow Springs. You can
view them here:

This coming Sunday is our next broadcast and
it will be about:
Magick, Potions and Spells.

You can hear it at 9pm central time, along with our past
Haunted Remote Broadcast (hear it now), at:

DATES & New Photo:
A new photo of me from Ashmore Estates is
now at my personal web site and many have
said they like it. You can view it at:

July 10th (Thursday), is the 'Welcome to The Unexplained
World, and hosted by the Burbank, Pk. Dist. details at
web page here:

July 26th - Saturday.
Haunted Senator Humphrey House in Orland, Pk, IL.
There are only a few openings left for this 'Beyond
The Veil' date with my self and Ursula Bielski.
Beyond The Veil is a creation of Ursula and my self.

I will also be doing readings of your loved ones who
have passed away, while we are there.

For more details visit the 'Beyond the Veil' web page at:

Oct. 31 - Nov 1st and 2nd. Halloween Weekend.
Unique Midwest Conference being held in Burlington, WI,
and I and The Unexplained World is part of this huge event.
Special Thanks to Pam, for the input. You can view the
detail banner link at the web page:

This Saturday night we will be doing the experiment with
Mr. David Kump that we have talked about on the past
Internet radio broadcast. Will discuss it on the Sunday's
Night broadcast.

More dates have been set, but not to be made public at this
time and working on getting two unique locations for us in
the near future. I have been working on one of the two for
the last year now.

Come over and view my MySpace at:

That is what is happening right now, and remember to
join us Sunday night.

Happy Hump Day...

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Friday the 13th History and more.

Hello Friends,

I would like to recommend a very good podcast
Annette and I did a couple years ago, about the
History of Friday the 13th. She knows it's history
and I ask questions. We had fun.

* Feel free to post and run from your web site *

This was an enjoyable recording we did for another
radio show in the past, the dates of events at the
end where for that year.

You can hear the podcast at:

Or at the web page (click on the microphone at the page):

This coming Friday the 13th weekend happenings with us:
Friday the 13th - (June). 7pm - close.

This is the only 'Friday 13th' in 2008 and
it will be a party @
The Weather Mark!
1503 South Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605

Enjoy the dining menu of Chef Jake.

I will be doing Palm, Psychometery one on one
and Conscious Channeling with items of your
loved ones who passed away (bring items they
wore, like rings, glasses etc..)

Joining me on this night, will be Leah Mueller
a astrology & tarot reader and she has been
at some of my psychic fairs. Patti will also be
doing Pendulum, Crystal Ball and Tarot
readings.Other Mystic vendors will be available
for consultations.

This is a great place right outside of downtown
Chicago and one I've been at on the last two
years of Friday the 13th.

The Weather Mark is located just three
blocks south of the Roosevelt on South
Michigan Avenue. One block east of Wabash.

Reservations are accepted, under 21 stay
until 10:30pm.

Then Sunday Night, the 15th..
Our Internet Radio Broadcast of
The Unexplained World at 9pm central time.

Join Annette, Mercedes and my self for
'Open Line and Open Minds' feel free to
call, the topics are your choice, feel free
to e-mail me any you may be interested

Also our chat board at the web site
will be running during the broadcast.

You can hear the show and set a reminder
for your self now at:

Happy Friday the 13th to you and play safe..

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Friday, May 30, 2008

Newsletter - Paranormal / Pagan and more

Hello Friends,

I hope you all are doing well.

It has been a bit hectic on my end, as
there are new things on the horizon
that are planned and now set in stone
and others also being worked on.

I will be informing you of it with a
posting / e-mail newsletter during
the 4th of July Weekend.

Also I and another person are working
on the possibility as in the past, getting
permission to go to a haunted cemetery
after the July 10th ' Welcome to the
Unexplained World' hosted by the
Burbank Park District, information is

As I mentioned in our last newsletter,
our Annette (hostess of The Unexplained
World broadcast), will be at the Pagan
event on June 21st in Willow Springs.

Also it is planned that Mercedes and I
will be visiting the event before we leave
for the haunted over nighter that night.

If you see us (lol - you may know what
I look like by now), stop and say hello,
also stop by Annette, you can see her
on our web site in the video section at:

Information is below about this event.

Have a good weekend,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World


As for now - what is happening.

Sunday night at 9pm central time,
The Unexplained World internet radio
broadcast at:

Sierra Sky joins Annette, Mercedes
and my self to discuss her journey and
new book: Through The Eyes of a
Spirit Rescuer.

Monday June 2nd. 6pm - 9pm.
I will be doing my readings at
Champs in Burbank, IL
6501 W. 79th St.
Burbank, IL 60459.

No set fees - just a gift offering of you
choice. I will be doing Palm readings,
Psychometry one on one, and the
readings of items of loved ones who
have passed away. Remember to
bring the item with you.

Friday the 13th - (June). 7pm - close.
This is the only 'Friday 13th' in 2008 and
it will be a party @
The Weather Mark!
1503 South Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605

Enjoy the dining menu of Chef Jake.

Joining me on this night, will be Leah Mueller
a astrology & tarot reader and she has been
at some of my psychic fairs. Other Mystic
vendors will be available for consultations.

This is a great place right outside of downtown
Chicago and one I've been at on the last two
years of Friday the 13th.

The Weather Mark is located just three
blocks south of the Roosevelt on South
Michigan Avenue. One block east of Wabash.
Reservations are accepted, under 21 stay
until 10:30pm.

Paranormal Dates:

Beyond the Veil with Ursula Bielski, Chicago's
top paranormal author and my self, will take
you to the location that is just ours for an
Overnight stay in a haunted location that has
had at least 100 deaths, the emotions and
forgotten souls of:

An Abandoned Mental Institution,
The Ashmore Estates in Ashmore, IL.

Ursula will be assisting all who come out
with her Investigation knowledge. I will be
using my 'Feeler abilities' along with doing
my 'Circle of Energy' with having on my
left side in the Circle of Energy, Mercedes
who will be assisting (found out her abilities
in the Circle at Villisca Axe Murder House).

This will be unique for me, and somewhat
wondering what I will be walking into at
this location, because of the energy of
emotions left there by those who had
suffered there throughout the years and
what was done to them, and the number
of people who have died there.

For more details - visit the web page for
Beyond the Veil @

Thursday July 10th - 7pm
' Welcome to The Unexplained World'
Burbank, IL - Pk. Dist.
8050 S. Newcastle,
Burbank, Illinois 60459

I will be discussing the Paranormal and
what I do, also LAPS Investigation team will
be there to talk about their tools etc..
To be part of this night, contact the
Park district at: (708) 599-2070

Pagan event:

A Celebration of Spirit, Unity, and Harmony!
June 21, 2008 11 AM to dusk
Willow Springs Woods Forest Preserve Grove1
(Flavin Road just east of Archer)

Spend the Summer Solstice with our Interfaith
community! Picnic, vendors, readers, raffles,
drumming, and outdoor rituals to celebrate the
Summer Solstice!



Monday, May 19, 2008

Haunted Abandoned Mental Institution is OURS!

Yes it will be just for ourselves, on June 21st
at Ashmore, IL and it is the Ashmore Estates.

You can be part of this Over night stay with
Beyond The Veil, with Ursula Bielski and
my self. Also Mercedes will be assisting me
during my Circle of Energy at this location
full of Spirits, as she did at the Villisca
Axe Murder House, and you can be part of it.

There are those who have already signed up
for this night of having this haunted abandoned
mental institution location to ourselves, and
no other groups will be there on this night.

This is a 3 storey building that has seen as
many as 100 people die in it. We will also be
testing out the Ghost box there, as we did at
the Axe Murder House.

For more details on this unique Beyond The Veil
night, go to:
Beyond The Veil

Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World
The Unexplained World

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New 'News' from The Unexplained World

Hello Friends,

I'm happy to announce that after a conversation
with an individual who I was impressed by her
ability as a Spirit Feeler, something she basically
kept to her self and yet she could not hide it.

Also add that to the fact she is part of an
Investigation Group and has experience with that
also. I'm happy to say that Mercedes will be part
of our Inner Circle for The Unexplained World and
joining with me on our upcoming The Unexplained
World paranormal locations.

The reason for this is she adds to the strength
of the Circle of Energy, as proven at the Axe
Murder House (I've done the circle for three years
now and I know when the rare opportunity of
having a strong feeler on my left side is present).

Mercedes has also been invited to join Annette
and I on our broadcasts, and she will be back on
a week from this Sunday, (next show the 18th),
as we pick up with part two of our discussion
with Mr. David Kump.

Part one can be heard here - comes on when
you get to the web page:

Also as mentioned in the past, the Investigation
team of LAPS is one I highly recommend after
seeing them at work (and only way I will
recommend an Investigation team), and will be
speakers with me on Thurs night July 10th, at
the Burbank Pk. district for the 'Welcome to
The Unexplained World' night.

There may be another one or two individuals
I add to our Inner Circle of The Unexplained
World, that will be made known in the future.

Right now our The Unexplained World, inner
circle consists of:

Edward Shanahan (Spiritual Observer / Reader)
High Priestess Annette (co-founders)

Inner Circle Members:
Amy (Psychic Feeler)
David Kump (UFO's and such)
Mercedes (Paranormal Feeler)
Steve Hyzny
Donna / Mark (Paranormal)

Our paranormal web site is located at:

Our Yahoo group is:

I am working on dates and locations
for The Unexplained World in the future,
it is something I want to do the way I have
it planned in my mind and just working with
crossing the t's and dotting the i's to make
sure there are no surprises for me once it
is set. Details soon will be following and
there should be things you enjoy with what
I'm planning for The Unexplained World.

Also let me say, if any group of individuals
outside of the Chicago land area (meaning
like Wisconsin), etc.. would be interested in
having me out and possibly Mercedes and
others in the inner circle, feel free to contact
me and I will see if it is possible.

Beyond the Veil trips are a creation of
Ursula Bielski and my self and different
from my The Unexplained World paranormal
outings and her Chicago Hauntings Tours.

The next couple of Beyond The Veil
locations will be:

Ashmore Estates in Ashmore, IL.
over nighter starting on June 21st.

Ashmore Estates is a three-storey building
that was built in 1916. It has housed people
who were indigent and those who had mental
disabilities. From 1916 to around 1956 the
building was the Coles County Almshouse
located on the 200-300 acre Coles County
Poor Farm.

During that period as many as 100 people
died in the building. From 1956 to 1976 it
housed the "mentally impaired" as a
mental institution. In 1976 Paul Swinford
purchased the building and reworked it to
be used as a ICFDD (Intermediate Care
Facility for the Developmentally Disabled).
The building remained in use until 1987
when it was closed due to lack of funding.
9 paranormal groups have visited here since
July 2006. All have said the building is very
--from the Ashmore Estates website.

The Humphrey House - Orland, Pk. IL
Saturday July 26th. - 6pm start.

The home of Senator and Mrs. John Humphrey,
the couple lived in this Orland Park home
until their first child died at birth.

The infant girl was buried at nearby
Bachelors Grove, one of the most haunted
cemeteries in the world. When Mrs. Humphrey
was found dead in the house soon after,
extraordinary events at both the home and
the cemetery began, leading even the home's
caretakers to wonder whether the famed
"Madonna of Bachelors Grove"--one of
Chicago's most infamous phantoms--is,
in fact, the shade of Mrs. Humphrey bearing
her lost child.

More details and reserving for either Beyond the
Veil nights, can be found at:

or reserve by calling:
For reservations, call

Experiment - Are you interested in participating ?

As it states, this will be an experiment at no cost
or fee. Mr. David Kump will be running it (hear our
last broadcast).

What I need are a couple more feelers or sensitive's
to participate in my Circle of Energy and done for a
different reason other then picking up spirits. This
will be in the eve and we are looking at Saturday
June 14th.

It will be done very, very near the Indiana Dunes
and we will meet at Annette's house (details of
meeting location, once you commit to coming).

As I said this will be an experiment by request of
David Kump.

Just e-mail me if interested.

Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Paranormal - What happened, possibilities, what's coming.

Hello Friends,

I'm just bouncing back from our Villisca Axe Murder
House Trip / weekend and followed up by doing readings
last night (Monday).

Below you will find my overview thoughts on the
location, my experience and how all contributed in
one way or another.

Then what is a possibility and what is coming up.

Also for those who are interested, I have a
MySpace page and blog at:

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

The Villisca Axe Murder House - Experience.

I have to say it was an enjoyable drive there and back.
Sure it was long, but I never have been in Iowa, so that
was new, plus those I traveled with were comfortable to
be with, and when your traveling hours on end, that is
very important. And Mike, Wanda and Mercedes I briefly
met in the past and on this trip I feel they have become

You can hear Mercedes describe some of the stuff that
went down at the house on our recent broadcast (it will
be the show that comes on when you get to the page):

Also in the Archived Shows you can hear the live 1/2 hour
remote from the Villisca Axe Murder House with Ursula
Bielski(who planned this Beyond the Veil overnighter with
me), Wanda, Mercedes and Mike. Mercedes and Mike's cell
phone are the only ones who were able to get out with the
phone call to the broadcast that Annette was controlling,
so we ended up sharing phones for the remote broadcast.
Annette had her hands full but did an excellent job.

We had 12 individuals total participate, a nice number
for this location.

It was a very interesting and active location, one of the
few that I got banged up some at, but each could of been
worse then what actually happened, as with two of them
inches made a difference. Lu who is also a feeler caught
it hard when a door slammed on her finger when she first
walked into the location.

It actually was for the first time, at a location that
I provided my self protection before the Circle of Energy.

Yes it is haunted, yes there are spirits there, both good
and bad and I believe most experienced it in one way or

Right now Marion and her husband are working on putting
the EVP up on the Internet, this stood out on it's own, was
caught on the recorder while it sat in a closet next to
the bed the boys where killed in. This came about why we
all were downstairs and we had the Circle of Energy going.

One thing that came out of this and was important, is what
came about in discovering who also had abilities to feel
and know the spirits. The two ladies I had on each side
of me, Stacy and Mercedes both are strong feelers and
I hope to have Mercedes participate in other Circle of
Energy locations in the future, as she also has the
paranormal background as an Investigator and she describes
what is going on as it happens during the Circle of Energy.
This then would give us 3 who I can invite to be on my left
side because of their abilities that I have already experienced.

The Ghost Box that Ursula brought with her (and will
bring to other locations for Beyond the Veil), was a very
interesting tool to have with, and made a few of us actually
wonder about it's ability, because of how direct it was to
some of the situations that it responded. We will work with
it in the future also, as a test of it.

To hear more, just listen to our recent broadcast at:

The Possibilities:

OK - I had a discussion with Mr. David Kump, who you
can hear also on our last broadcast. After hearing
'again' what came about in the Circle of Energy, and a
believer as many are, that Spirits, Supernatural, the
unknown of other forms of lives beyond what we know,
could be tied together.

He would like to have me involved, Annette (who has
already agreed, along with me), those who I feel have
abilities to be in the Circle of Energy (on my left side
& I will be contacting them), and an invitation to those
who also have abilities to feel.

This will be an experiment, right near Indiana Dunes,
no cost or fees and we would meet at Annette's (near
the Indiana Dunes), for this experiment. If there is
interest right now, let me know.

All I have to do is set a date for this. More may be
discussed during our next broadcast on May 18th,
as David will be our guest again for part two of our
discussion with Annette and I, and Mercedes we
plan on having back also.

Other Possibilities:

Plans are in the works for local S.W. Chicago Historic
Paranormal Locations, this will be The Unexplained World

Also if you or your team would like to have me involved
in one of your ghost haunting locations and outings or
have me set one up for you, feel free to contact me by
e-mail, my MySpace, Yahoo group etc..

Upcoming Dates:

Sunday May 18th - 2nd part of our discussion with
Mr. David Kump, on our broadcast at 9 pm central
time at:

Thursday July 10th - It's official now.

"Welcome to The Unexplained World"
on Thursday eve 6:30 - 8:30 pm,
The Burbank Park Dist - special event.

I will be talking about the Supernatural and also we will
have an Investigation team there that I respect because
I've seen them in action, they will be talking about and
explaining their paranormal tools.

This is limited to the amount of people 16 years and older.
A Park District fee of $10.

E-mail me if your interested and I will then e-mail you the
registration information.

If your within the area, stop in there in advance
to register - their address is:
8050 S. Newcastle, Burbank, IL 60459

June 1st - Monday
at Champs in Burbank, IL
6 - 9 pm

6501 W. 79th Street, Burbank, IL 60459

(Champs is about 6 blocks east of Harlem Ave on 79th St.)

From palm readings, one on one psychometry, to reading
items of your loved ones who have passed away.

No set fees - just a gift offering of your choice.

I will also be in contact with Cigar & Stripes in Berwyn
to set up another date, hopefully in July.

Beyond the Veil - dates and locations with Ursula Bielski
and my self.

The dates with a * will be locations I will also be doing
some readings of items of loved ones who have passed

Also the Circle of Energy will be demonstrated with those

Overnight at the abandoned mental institution in Ashmore,
* Ashmore Estates. June 21st. *
* Senator John Humphrey House - Orland Pk, IL *
by popular demand we are back there on Saturday
July 26th. 6 pm to usually 10 pm.

As always I will be doing some readings with the items of
loved ones who have passed away.

It is limited to the amount of people who can participate at
the location.
Notoriously haunted state prison.
Mansfield Reformatory - Nov 8th.
in Mansfield, Ohio.

For more details on the locations and
to reserve, go to:

Two locations with no dates yet:
Another trip to the Villisca Axe Murder House
Camp Chesterfield, Spiritualist Camp in
Chesterfield, IN.

You can e-mail Ursula Bielski on the two
dates above, to be informed of the dates

My web sites:
The Unexplained World

Edward Shanahan

That is about it, Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan