Sunday, September 28, 2008

Updated web site for Haunted Chicago Locations.

Hello Friends,

I have just updated the web site for
Haunted Historic Locations - tours and experiences.

This is a combination of efforts with Historical Museums,
Historical Locations, Historians and my self.

You can view it at:

Happy Hauntings,

Edward Shanahan

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chicago Haunted Locations Photos and Videos

Visit the large web site of locations, photos, information about the locations and video tours at The Unexplained - A showcase of Chicago's haunted locations.

The Unexplained World - web site

When Demons Attack - Broadcast here

This is the recent Internet radio broadcast of The Unexplained World with our guest - Author Ms. Lisa Lindley about her 3 books that talk about the Demonic experiences that she and her family have encountered in their homes.


Edward Shanahan

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When Demons Attack !

Hello Friends,

On Sunday night (21st), at 9pm central time,
our guest on the Internet radio broadcast:
The Unexplained World
Click below link - Set yourself a reminder now.

Will be the author of 4 books, three are based on her and her families experiences with Demonic forces.

Lisa Lindley is the author. Her three books are:

NEVER ALONE- One Family's Hope For Finding Peace While Living With The Paranormal (released July 2007)
This account talks about our story and also helps others who might be going through an active haunting with children. We have lived in two houses outside of the St. Louis area, including our current one, that have been haunted with physical manifestations of demonic activity during the past five years.

NEVER ALONE – The Journey Home (released November 2007)
tells the truth in vivid detail about the events surrounding August 13, 2007 when after saying that we would never allow paranormal activity to run us out of our home, around 5:30 p.m. we fled our home for six days and eventually returned to fight back against these forces of darkness.

It is a true story about our family of five uniting together to fight back against spiritual warfare, finding faith in our darkest hour and turning to God for help. Our family realized that we were no longer dealing with what we thought were so called "ghosts" and the biggest part of our nightmare began. Our family has been attacked in ways that the human mind has a difficult time processing. All events in the second book began four days after NEVER ALONE – One Family's Hope For Peace While Living With The Paranormal was made available to the public. All events are real and documented over a five-year period of time.

DEMONS-EXPOSED (released August 14, 2008)
This book unveils the truth surrounding demonic forces and the world of dark spiritual warfare. It is a mixture of the frightening details surrounding our circumstances while interconnecting a spiritual viewpoint. Here, you will see the "real deal"; a first hand account from a hidden place that some may never dare to go.

She will be Annette's, Mercede's and my guest and talking about her experiences with all of the above.

9 pm Central Time - Sunday Sept. 21st.
The Unexplained World - link below or
set a reminder there for the show.


Edward Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Monday, September 15, 2008

Updated locations / Dates / Chicago / Paranormal

Hello Friends,

As promised the Worth Historical Museum
and I have added the day light tour of
Haunted Archer Avenue to the web site.

It is limited to JUST 12 individuals,
for Saturday Nov. 15th - start time 1pm.

Details of this tour and experience at:

Don't forget the other special dates:
* Joliet Paranormal and Ghost Tour for
Saturday Sept. 27th and includes the
haunted Joliet Mansion.

* The haunted location that will be made
known to the general public on Oct. 25th.
You can experience it! We will have an
Investigation Team there also (with their
equipment). This is a location that
men do not even like to be in at night

This will start at 9:30 pm, following the
Psychic fair that starts at 6pm and both
locations are in Worth, IL.

Details at our web site:

Have a great week,

Edward Shanahan

The Unexplained World

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chicago Dates: Psychic Readings and Paranormal in Chicago area

Hello Friends,

Because of the interest in having readings done, and my
schedule until November does not allow me to schedule
private readings at this time. I would like to give you two
public locations I will be doing readings at:

Friday November 12th - 8pm to 1am.
The Weather Mark - 1503 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago. IL
(this is right outside of Downtown Chicago).

It's my 2nd year of doing readings there for their special
events. Annette my co-host of The Unexplained World
will be joining me. She does past lives readings and

The event and party is called 'A Full Moon and Back to
Collage party'. Readings fee to the reader of your choice
is a gift offering on $20.

The Weather Mark has great food and great people that
attend this location.

Keep your eyes on the Chicago Tribune (either there Red
Eye' newspaper or the Friday weekend pull-out section of
the Tribune, as I was told there will be a write-up on it
in there.

Saturday October 25th,
The Worth Historical Museum at:
11500 S. Beloit, Worth, IL.
(just west of Harlem Ave at 115th Street)
details at and under Oct. 25th- All Hallow Eve>
Fee of a gift offering of $10 per reader of your

Four Readers -
Annette - doing Past Lives and Tarot Readings
(she is my co-host on The Unexplained World
radio broadcast) - 20 years of readings experience.
Ronda - doing Multi Tarot card readings (you may
of seen here at one of the Psychic Readings nights
in the S.W. Suburbs).

Jenelle (Jay), Runes readings, she has participated
in some of the haunted locations with me and will be
also joining us later in the night for the Paranormal
location we will be at.

Ed Shanahan - that's me and I will be offering all my
readings I do. For more details, visit my web site:

As I mentioned, I'm booked with House Parties and
the paranormal locations with the Historical offerings,
along with the events mentioned above.

That is why if your interested in a personal reading,
you can visit one of the two locations above.

At the haunted locations, those that allow us indoor
access, I have been known to do free readings, matter
of fact when Ursula Bielski and I bring a group to the
Senator Humphrey House - all present receive free
readings - and is done 'In The Round' - meaning that
the readings if the one being read agrees, are done
out-loud for all to hear. This is great when families
are present and they bring items for the Conscious
Channeling readings. The 'In The Round' readings
are also becoming popular with House Parties, as
it puts me right out there when a reading is being

Paranormal Offerings -

1st - let me say if you sign-up to receive the
newsletter for the Haunted Historic Locations

Those who do receive it, have a special offer
for a night at a Haunted Mansion in Joliet.

The Haunted Historical Locations experience / tour
for Sunday Sept. 21st is full. The Worth Historical
Museum and Park District has added Saturday
Sept. 20th to the date.

Details at:

Joliet - Haunted Locations and Gangster Tour..

The Museum of Victorian Life and Joliet History
brings you this special day on Saturday Sept. 27th
We will finish the tour and then enter and spend
time at the Haunted Joliet Mansion.
Details at:

Saturday Oct. 25th - 9:30 pm until ???

New Haunted Location - open to the public for
the first time in Worth, IL. Suicides have happened
here and even adult men do not like being in this
location at night, for what they experience and

That is what we will be offering, exploring the
location at night, and will have a Investigation
Team there, Psychic Feelers, and is being offered
for you to experience it, as we and I experience it.

Details at the web site, under
Oct. 25th - All Hallow Eve night.

Oct. 31st - Nov. 2nd.
I'm honored to be part of the conference in
Burlington Wi, and all it has to offer including
the location that is one of a kind. For details

Visit the photo packed, video haunted location tours, articles
and more at out 'The Unexplained World' web site at:

Enjoy what life offers you this time around.

Edward Shanahan

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

News: Historical Locations Bring On Paranormal Spirits Observer

Historical Locations Bring On Paranormal Spirits Observer
Chicago, IL September 1st, 2008

Historical Museums and Historical Societies from locations like the Worth, IL Historical Museum that is part of the Heritage Corridor, to the Joliet Museum of Victorian Life and Joliet History have joined with Chicago area Paranormal Spiritual Observer, Psychic, and Internet radio show co-host of The Unexplained World, Edward Shanahan.

This unique combination of the Historical and Historians along with the Paranormal
History of Edward Shanahan have come together to create what is titled ‘Haunted Historical Locations – tours and experiences’. These are not just bus tours, they go beyond that, as they offer the ability to explore many of the historic locations. The Historians of the areas that are visited, will tell the historic facts about the locations and Edward Shanahan will tell the paranormal history of the locations.

Edward Shanahan has lived his whole life within minutes of the Chicagoland area’s most haunted historic locations in the S.W. Suburbs just outside of Chicago. Areas like Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Resurrection Cemetery that is home of Resurrection Mary and has all his life been just five minutes from the city he lives in. The haunted Archer Avenue and Willow Springs, IL area are within minutes of his home and provided him the paranormal knowledge that allowed Shanahan to be written about with two of the locations on Archer Avenue in the book ‘Encyclopedia of Haunted Places’. His knowledge, experiences and photos of the many haunted locations in the S.W. Suburbs of Chicago has also allowed him to be written about in two other books about the paranormal, and are ‘Voices From The Chicago Graves’ and ‘Ghosts Coast to Coast’.

Shanahan’s abilities as a Paranormal Spiritual Observer, Psychic and Feeler has also brought him together with Ms. Ursula Bielski, who is Chicago’s top paranormal author with paranormal tours in the city of Chicago, together they have combined their talents for the last two years for their ‘Beyond The Veil’ overnighters.

The Haunted Historic Locations – tours and experiences can run four hours or longer depending on the amount of locations that are explored by foot, once leaving the transportation that is provided. In addition, Edward Shanahan will provide a demonstration of his ‘Circle of Energy’ at one of the haunted historic locations on the tours.

For details on the Haunted Historic Locations – tours and experiences, visit their web site at:

For details on Edward Shanahan and locations he will be doing readings at or if there is an interest in having him for an entertaining Psychic House Party, visit his personal web site at: