Saturday, April 28, 2007

Karma & more

Hello Friends,

Last Sunday's radio broadcast was mostly a discussion
on Karma. Annette, Deanne and my wife who is friends
with both ladies talked about it with me. Even toward
the end of the broadcast - with about 10 minutes to
go, Karma did play a factor with a phone call we

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Blessings, Prayers and Energy sent, I believe are a
form of Karma in a higher level for the sender and
receiver. All that goodness being sent from the heart
of others to the receiver, thus comes back to the sender
in due time or when requested, and that is the
beautiful thing about it and why when it is requested
by others, I step up and send it out.

All I can say is I've been blessed to see medical miracles
and that is what they where called by the medical field
in some cases.

Hate seems to work this way also, but at times faster
as there is no faith based on it. Maybe that was the
concept of the writings in some religous beliefs of
'original sin', as faith takes a lot to bring about and
believe in, where as hate or negative thoughts takes
no real work to bring about.

Negative actions or hate toward other individuals drags
people down to where that is all they may see, think
about and in some cases create negative thoughts
or hatefull thoughts about others in one's own mind
and that is the only place of what they think exists,
as it is not the reality, it's just in their mind.

Some individuals at first even mask this behind their
being concerned about what they feel is negative things
another person is doing, then it starts to be a snowball
effect in their thinking and their sending out. Gathering
weight on their shoulders, as in their mind and what they
send out, instead of sending positive thoughts - this was
also discussed by Annette in our last broadcast as a way
to counter it, is to send positive thoughts out to those
who seem to be stuck in a negative or hateful level
of thinking, along with cutting that out of your life
before you yourself are drawn down to the negative
or hateful way of thinking - again the snowball effect.

It's like what they say about Good and Evil. Good is
just what it is and actually draws the evil and at times
evil tries to suck the Good into it, be it thoughts or

But good will always prevail in the end, go back in
history........ a man nailed to a cross, individuals burned
at the stakes, individuals put to death in gas chambers,
those who where beaten or killed because of their
skin color.

There was negative and evil thoughts and actions there
and for many the reasons for doing it was created in their
own mind then the actual reality of the facts. But good did
eventually prevail, much based on prayer and faith..
Thus taking me back to my second paragraph
about: Blessings, Prayers and Energy sent.

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Take care and enjoy the weekend,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World