Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chicago's Miracle Child's grave site..

Hello Friends,

As many may remember a few months back, before last Christmas, I asked those here to pray for my sister in law, as she had cancer. They did back then remove the tumor, and she went through the chemo etc... will it has been a couple months since that ended and she just went back to have the area looked at again.

They found another tumor in the same spot and within a weeks time went back in to remove it and where afraid of the worse. I went right to the place known to me in my life, for miracles,
and that is the Chicago Miracle Child's gravesite. And did what I do there for those who need
a miracle......

It's been 3 days since they removed the other tumor andwe where worried as they kept
moving the result of the biopsy back a day, each day...Then the word came..... she is cancer free...

For anyone who does not believe in this location, the miracles that are granted, you have to go there and see the shrine dedicated to the Miracle Child. The location with my miracle experience (1st of a few), has been written about in the book 'Voices fromthe Chicago Graves'.

I've taken others there to pray for their self or loved ones. One January, Lea and I both went there to pray for a loved one of hers, and while we were praying, we where surrounded by the smell of roses in the middle of winter. That experience I will always hold close to my heart.

View the web page and video I created in honor of theMiracle Child.
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Ed - The Unexplained World