Saturday, June 2, 2007

No set fee - psychic readings..

Hello Friends,

Since it's been awhile since I fully explained the
Psychic Fair / readings and how they work..
Let me do so now as it's been awhile since our
last psychic fair.

1st - for those coming out for the Monday night
readings or the June 10th Psychic Fair.
Champs is about 6 blocks east of Harlem Ave on
the south side of 79th St. (if your coming from the West).

If your coming from the East - you will see their
large Marquee and on it:
Psychic Night - Monday June 4th. (or may say
July 2nd by the 10th), or they may surprise me
and put up the Psychic Fair also :-)

The Marquee has posted the Monday Psychic readings
there for every Monday Night reading since April.

2nd - for those wondering - We do not charge a set
fee for readings. It is and has always been a gift offering
of your choice to the reader of your choice.

This has been my practice for the Psychic Fairs for
the last 3 years I have been running them and our
1st Monday night of the month readings at Champs
since Feb.

Also I do not charge our readers and never have, that
makes us a bit different also. As I put myself in the
same position as our readers. This to me is only fair.

So for those wondering, there it is.

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World