Saturday, June 23, 2007

You and the Paranormal - just wondering..

Hello Friends,

Where are you with the Paranormal?

Think about it before responding.

You may believe in Spirits but not Demons
or you may believe in both.

Do you believe spirits can be evil or not at

You may believe Spirits are stuck or lost
or you may not.

Would you classify your self as an Investigator?
And to what degree = one that could hold their
own with those who have been noticed by the
media (tv and such), with discussing the

Or are you more into the going to locations
(new or un-tapped), with a group of people
to share in the activities of the locations
one would visit?

What paranormal experiences have you had?
Was this alone or with others around?

What would interest you as far as doing
something with or at a paranormal location?
(some would love to pull a talking board (Ouija)
out - some want a paranormal experience be it
on camera (more then orbs), or to the person).

These where just questions put out to get the
thinking going. I'm not seeking answers to any
specific question at all, just looking with
interest on what your thinking about the
paranormal for you may be.

There are no right or wrong answers, so please
no arguments over what someone may post :-)

Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World