Friday, August 24, 2007

Our Upcoming Dates..

Hello Friends,

These are the upcoming dates for The Unexplained World
and Beyond the Veil, with Ursula Bielski and my self.

Upcoming dates:

This Sunday night is our Internet Radio Broadcast
@ 9pm central time, at:

Monday Sept. 10th.

I will be doing readings Monday Night from 7pm - 9pm
at Champs in Burbank, IL. - No set fee, just a gift offering
for your reading.

Champs is located at:6501 W. 79th ST, Burbank, IL. 60459
(about 7 blocks east of Harlem ave).

Saturday Sept. 15th - 6pm / 11pm.
The Haunted Historic Humphrey House in
Orland Pk, IL.

This haunted night and location with Ursula
and me is limited to the amount of people
who will participate and is filling up.

To view what was caught on camera there in
the past with us, visit this web page:

For details on this location with Beyond the Veil, visit the
web page:

Sunday Sept. 30th - 6pm / 11pm
Haunted Frankie's Roadhouse (used to be Rico D's),
Willow Springs, IL.

This will just be a night for Beyond the Veil, and we
are limiting this night to the amount of people to

It is filling fast and to view more details on this one
of a kind Haunted location.....

Visit the Beyond the Veil web page at:
Saturday Oct. 6th - 7:30 pm start.
Haunted N.W. Indiana Dunes and surrounding

Again it is a pleasure to have our Annette as our
guide and speaker to the location we will be
visiting in her area (about 20 minutes from the
IL / IN border).

For details, go to our web page for The Unexplained World, outings -
Saturday and Sunday - Nov 10th - 11th

Haunted Bed and Breakfast, woods and so much more.
Beyond the Veil, with Ursula and my self and located in

This is one thing I have never done, put my self in a haunted
location, to sleep there over night and surrounded by haunted

This should be an all out experience for all who attend,
including me!

For more details on this one of a kind experience, visit
the Beyond the Veil web page at:

While your at the Beyond the Veil web page, take a look
at the 'The Ghosts of Christmas Past". This will be
held on December 8th and is unique in what Ursula
put together for this.

You can view all Beyond the Veil, paranormal days at:

Pick a night - Psychic Readings.

Bring your friends together andhave a night of Psychic readings
without the hassle of putting it together at your home and yet
enjoy the service and entertainment provided by others.

Join Edward Shanahan and host your get together with:
Champs in Burbank.@ 6501 W. 79th St, Burbank, IL 60459

Or another location of your choice!

Visit The Unexplained World web page of
upcoming events, to e-mail me for more
information to host your own:
Pick a night - Psychci Readings.
Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World