Monday, May 28, 2007

Well Friends - you need to know...

I hope your Holiday is going well.

Some may find out that my Yahoo Group - The Unexplained World
is not showing at this time (as of yesterday).

I hope it is burp in the system with Yahoo as it is still showing up in
their directory - unexplained_world

Ok with that said and done and hoping that our group for the
Unexplained World comes back up... I will be posting our stuff
at these locations for the time being.. (also if you have a group
etc.. and do not mind me doing there also, let me know).

Our 'Spirit Weavers' - group:

My 'my Space':

My Google Blog:

Yahoo 360

Also Patti from Mystic Investigations group is allowing me:

And I'm sure our Inner Circle members Donna & Mark will allow it
at their group:

I'm also starting a stand alone message board to use,
at this time I'm setting it up and should be in operation

But until then you have our Spirit Weavers and the others
listed above..

Let's hope The Unexplained World one comes back...

Have a good week,
Ed Shanahan