Thursday, July 17, 2008

Haunted Humphrey House and more ...

Hello Friends,

Haunted Senator Humphrey House is coming
in a week, Saturday July 26th. This is a
Beyond the Veil night / location with Ursula
Bielski and my self and the location is located
in Orland Pk, IL. Start time will be 6pm. I will
also do some readings with the items of loved
ones who have passed away, so bring yours
and maybe yours will be read.

Just go to our web page of events and Beyond
the Veil dates / listings at

You then can click on the link for:
Beyond the Veil - Location Information
to see more information and register.

I'm still waiting to hear from Ursula about other
possible Beyond the Veil dates, but for now - our
next one is The Humphrey House in a weeks time.
She has informed me that the Mansfield date fell
through, it will not be happening.

My - The Unexplained World paranormal dates,
have some that are already listed for September
and October.

September will be very interesting and include
transportation, limited to amount of people
involved also.

October is a unique location, as it is a haunted
building we will be visiting, and like the Humphrey
House, I will be the 1st to make it known to the
general public. It is a location many men do not
like being in at night, and that is what we will
be doing, being there at night. LAPS Investigation
Team will be joining us also. As we may have
our Amy and Jay. Also see what our Annette
(past lives readings), will be doing with me and
Ronda on this night in Oct.

Plus a conference at a Unique town and haunted
location in WI, on Halloween weekend, that I will
be participating at is also listed.

November is a different combination of locations
and December I will go totally on the Spiritual
side as it is a month that special thought forever
remembered are made of.

For these new dates and locations, I have teamed
up with the Worth Historical Museum, Historical
Societies and Historical sites, as they are special
locations and I want to bring you something special
and I have spent my lifetime within minutes of many
of the most haunted locations in the area and they
are on the S.W. Suburbs of the Chicagoland area.
See the descriptions of the locations at the
'new' web site.

The New dates / locations and descriptions can be
found at:

Also you can reserve on line or by calling.

Also let me suggest that you sign up for our free
newsletter there, as that way you will be informed
first of new dates and locations of Haunted Historic

Remember in a week - it's Beyond the Veil..

Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Unexplained World of haunted Chicago photos, videos, tours and locations.

The Unexplained World of photos of haunted Chicago locations, videos of many haunted locations in the Chicago land area suburbs with unique paranormal photos, up coming tours of haunted historic location sites, articles and The Unexplained World - Internet radio broadcast.

The Unexplained World web site can
be viewed here: The Unexplained World

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Paranromal - New Site, Dates, Photos & Info.

Hello Friends,

Fun, Unique, New Photos & New Paranormal
Dates for The Unexplained World with a
message of information for you.

That is what is coming up for you.
I have created a new web site for up
coming The Unexplained World dates.
Our Unique and interesting guest and
broadcast Sunday night (new photos
also of Annette, Mercedes and me),
and more is below.

This Sunday night 9pm central time,

(You can set a reminder there now).

Annette, Mercedes and my guest will be:

Gypsy Magic / Advice with author:
Allie Theises.

Allie Theiss is a descendant of the Rom
gypsies of Transylvania. By utilizing
readings, workshops, classes and coaching,
she propels people to empower themselves
in order to successfully transform their
lives. We will be discussing doing Out of
Body Experiences, Astral, Dream and Telepathic
and more that will be along the lines of
mature discussions for a mature audience.
It will be an interesting and fun night.
Join Us!

Tune in / set a reminder @

* Also you can view New photos of Annette,
Mercedes and I together at our web page


Saturday July 26th. 6pm - ??
Beyond The Veil -
The Haunted Senator Humphrey House,
in Orland Pk, IL.

Ursula Bielski and my self return to the
Humphrey House on this night. In the past
our visit there with a group made newspaper
headlines in Orland Pk, IL.

Come and join us as there are just a few
spots open for this night. Ursula Bielski
will assisting with Paranormal tools and
I will be assisting with my Spiritual Side,
and also for those who bring an item of a
loved one who has passed away, I will be
doing some readings of the items. And
we will also finish the night with my
Circle of Energy on this night.

There are only a few days left to sign up,
do so by going to Beyond The Veil web
page at:

Come out and be part of this night.

The Unexplained World - dates.

I would like to mention here that our
The Unexplained World upcoming events
have expanded to something I want to
bring you as being very interesting,
different, new and enjoyable for you

Our locations and dates are now:
Haunted Historic Locations and can
be found at the New Web Site:

(This is also the web site for
exchanging links with your web site).

Our new locations / dates are in
co-operation with the Worth, IL.
Historical Museum, Historical
Societies and locations. Plus
as always with The Unexplained
World dates, these dates will
include locations that we will
wander and will also have me
doing my 'Circle of Energy'.

Also you will be able to sign up
On-Line, or calling the Worth Pk,
District or stopping there. Info
at the new web site.

The 1st date
Sunday Sept. 21st / 1pm - 5pm.

Haunted Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
and other locations on this day.
ALSO transportation will be provided
and this day is limited to only 12

Visit our web site's Dates & Locations
area for details:

2nd date:
Saturday Oct. 25th - 6:30 pm - ???
All Hallow Eve.

A night that will bring you a Historic
Haunted Building that will be for the
first time, open to the public for the
paranormal history that is going on
there, that gets to the point adult
males do not like being there late
at night.

We will learn the history along with
what has gone on in there and also
why, because of what went on in
there in the past.

The night will start with a Psychic
Fair at 6:30 pm, with me doing all
my type of readings. Annette will be
there doing Past Lives readings and
Tarot Card readings. Ronda doing Tarot
readings and using 5 decks. Plus
one more yet to be announced.

Then we will move into a night of the
Paranormal, starting at 10 pm at
the Haunted Historic Building.

We will have the Paranormal
Investigation Team - L.A.P.S.from
the Chicagoland area, and will be
along with you, exploring this Historic
location. I will be doing my Circle
of Energy. I will have a feeler who
has assisted me in the past,
assisting on this night.

For more information on this night,
visit the Dates, Locations section at
our web site:

A Whole Historic City.. In Wisconsin.
This is an Unique City, Event, and

Fri - Sat - Sunday.
Oct. 31st, Nov 1 & 2.
Burlington, WI - Vortex Conference.

All I can say is you have to click on
the banner / link at our web site to
visit this One Of a Kind unique location
and Conference during this Halloween
weekend that I will also be present and
part of.

Information at our web site at:

We are working on something special for
November, details will follow when it is

See what is coming up in December at our
web site:

Also if your interested, we can set up a
'Private Tour' for you and your friends that
comes with Transportation, e-mail me for

Psychic House Party, does it interest you?
I have been doing more of them, as part of
the entertainment for the night. All my
readings are included, and if desired I can
make arrangements for a 2nd reader may also
be included.

Happy Hauntings and a Happy Weekend,

Ed Shanahan

The Unexplained World

Haunted Historic Locations