Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chicago area Paranormal Ghost Hauntings location tours and experience newsletter.

Hello Blog Readers,

This is the latest version of the
Haunted Historic Locations newsletter.

I'm posting it here for the 1st time, to
give you an idea of what is sent out
every month and to invite you to sign up
for it.

Just visit the web site:
Haunted Historic Locations

I hope all are having a nice Holiday.

Feel free to send this out to your friends,
and bring them along for an enjoyable
paranormal offering.

Happy Hauntings and Blessings,
Edward Shanahan

In this September Newsletter:

* Historic Museum / Society offering something
new on our tours / experience.

* NOW more can join in on Sunday Sept. 21st
Bachelor's Grove Cemetery and other locations
tour and experience.

* NEW Joliet, IL.Historic Locations tour /
experience has been added for
Saturday Sept. 27th. in Joliet, IL.

* Saturday Oct 11th, Special offer to only those
receiving this Newsletter.

* Saturday Oct. 25th - Special Night time
Historic Haunted Location that is brand new.
This is going to be 2 events for this night.

* Oct. 31st - Nov 2nd don't miss this Halloween
Weekend unique Supernatural location in WI.
right over the IL border.

* Worth Historical Museum and I are working
on a NEW tour / experience for November.

* Our Internet radio broadcast has been
selected for ....

* Monday - Labor Day I will be a guest on an
Internet radio broadcast.

* Those who are in my Inner Circle who assist
me with my 'Circle of Energy'.

* I'm booked for Readings from now until second
week of November.

* The Web Sites.

Historic Museum / Society are offering something
new on our tours / experience. We will be handing
out something for those who attend the Sept. 21st
and 27th outings. I believe we are the first to give
something out like this and I thank the Historical
groups who are the creators of this and it involves
the history of the locations.

Sunday Sept. 21st is our Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
and other locations tour and experience.

1pm - 5pm

With the cooperation of the Worth Park District, we
have at our access a larger vehicle for your transportation
to the Historic Haunted Locations, this allows us to
have more individuals participate on this tour / experience.

So sign up for this special day that starts at 1pm at
the Worth, IL Pk district and you can read more
about it and reserve either on-line or by phone with
the Worth Pk. District. You can receive more
information at our web site:

NEW - Saturday September 27th.
Joliet, IL - Haunted Historic Locations and
Gangster Tour / Experience.

In cooperation with the Museum of Victorian Life and
Joliet History and Historian Mr. Pat Magosky along
with Edward Shanahan to provide an unique haunted
locations and gangster tour of Joliet, IL.
The tour will start at the Haunted Hiram B. Scutt
Mansion and visit other locations that will allow you
to wander the grounds, like another haunted mansion
in Joliet that was at one time a funeral home and
before that a nursing home and the individual that
built the home, hung himself a week before moving

We'll visit a cemetery in Joliet that has an Indian
Mound and reports of activities. We'll wander the
grounds of another haunted house that has been
written about over the years in newspapers. We'll
view locations in the area that where used for
making illegal liquor during the prohibition. We'll
visit the area that for years was the 'Red Light'
district. Plus we'll view other haunted homes in

Then we will return to the haunted Hiram B. Scutt
Mansion and enter the location.

Details for this Tour / Experience is now on our web
site at:

Saturday Oct. 25th. 6:30 pm - ????
2 different events - Brand New Haunted Location
that is located in Worth, IL.

All Hallow Eve -
Starting at 6:30 pm, a Psychic Fair - then haunted
historic location.

Readings are a gift donations of $10 toward the
reader of your choice.

Readers Scheduled:
Edward Shanahan - Has been published in two
books and two more coming in 2008. Also has
been in the Chicago Tribune Red Eye, the
Chicago Tribune, Southtown Star, The Orland Park
Prairie News Paper, The Berwyn Newspaper,
Co-host of the Internet Radio Broadcast 'The
Unexplained World'. Life time resident of the
S.W. Suburbs. Has been doing readings from
the South Chicago Loop area to the S.W.
Suburbs and house parties.

Edward will be doing: Palm Readings, Psychometry
one-on-one readings (best for personal answers),
and Conscious Channeling with an item of your
loved one who passed away, bring items like
rings, glasses, watches etc.. that they wore
on a regular basis.

Annette - 20 years of doing readings. She will
be doing 'Past Lives' readings, Tarot readings.
She is the Co-host of the Internet Radio
Broadcast 'The Unexplained World'.

Ronda - A multi deck Tarot Reader with over
10 years experience and has been seen at
many of the local S.W. Suburban location
Psychic Nights.

Another Reader yet to be named.

* Also from 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
The L.A.P.S. Paranormal Investigation Team
will be on site to answer questions and explain
their research techniques and equipment. ....
* Pre-registration ' IS NOT ' required for the
Readings listed above or the L.A.P.S team
from 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm.

Then Starting at 9:30 pm.
A Paranormal Investigation at a
Haunted Historic Building.

This will be the first time this Historic building
will be open because of it's Paranormal Hauntings.
It has a long history of paranormal activity,
to the point grown men do not like to be left
alone in there late at night. You will experience
the location, learn the history, and participate
with LAPS, Edward Shanahan (will demonstrate
his 'Circle of Energy'), the Psychic Readers .

Don't worry about transportation, you are
within a few feet of this location.

* Pre-registration ' IS REQUIRED ' for the
Paranormal Investigation.

This will include after 9:30 pm:
Refreshments - The Historic Haunted Location
Experience and history - LAPS Investigation
Team - Edward Shanahan - Psychics / Spiritual

For more details and to sign up at the web site
or by phone with the Worth Park district, visit
our web site at:

Oct. 31st - Nov 2nd Halloween Weekend
unique Supernatural location in WI. right
over the IL border.

This is a unique offering and a very special
area in the city, that has been called a Vortex.
I will be there doing readings and also taking
people into the location of the Vortex.

For more details and details on the quests
that will be speaking there, visit the web site

Worth Historical Museum and I are working
on a NEW tour / experience for November.

This will be another tour / experience with new
locations and many that other's do not go to
or know of, but I bring a lifetime of living in
the area of the S.W. Suburbs and bring you
also the knowledge of the Worth Historical
Museum. Details in the next newsletter.

Our Internet radio broadcast has been
selected for .... Well here is the letter
I received:

Dear Ed, Annette, and Mercedes,

Congrats! We have listened to and enjoyed your
previous Blogtalkradio broadcasts. As a result,
our editorial team has selected you to be a
Featured HOST on BlogTalkRadio!

It offers us something new I can have with our
broadcast and I may just do it on our next show
- Sept. 7th

I may take advantage of running a web cam..?

Monday Sept. 1st, Labor Day
I will be a guest for 2 hours on an Internet
radio broadcast.
Southwest Oklahoma Ghost Chasers.

Those who are in my Inner Circle and
assist me in my 'Circle of Energy' one or
more I try to have at our locations.

They are: Jay - Mercedes and Amy.

I'm booked for Readings from now until second
week of November. If your interested in a
Psychic entertaining house party, feel free to
e-mail me at:

Our Web sites:

Haunted Historic Locations tours and experience:

Edward Shanahan - Personal Psychic web site:

The Unexplained World - paranormal packed
web site:

Our Internet radio broadcast:

Edward Shanahan's MySpace:

Have a Happy Holiday,

Ed Shanahan

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Update: Chicago Paranormal & more

Hello Friends,

I would like to mention that a 'New' newsletter will be
coming out either during the Holiday weekend or before.
This is the Haunted Historic Locations newsletter. Make
sure you sign up for it if your interested in paranormal

For those who receive the newsletter, there will be something
you can participate in at night and is not listed on the web

To sign up for the newsletter - just visit: and
go into the events section or e-mail me from there.

Also hear the re-broadcast of our last show of
The Unexplained World as our guest was Candy from
Kenosha Paranormal and at the start of the show we
had Lady Paulette talking about the Pagan Pride Day
coming to the Chicago land area in Sept.

You can hear the re-broadcast at:

It will be the show you will hear when you get there.

Have a great weekend,

Ed Shanahan

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What's going on with The Unexplained World

Hello Friends,

I hope all are doing well, and those who need some
extra help or blessings, remember to ask your higher
power from your heart.

* This Sunday - day & Night.

* Annette will be doing past lives readings
in person in September and joking me as we
return to the ....

* House Parties

* Upcoming Paranormal outings.

* The Web Pages.
Sunday Day the 10th.

This Sunday I will be doing readings for
gift offerings up in the N.W. Chicago
suburb of Bloomingdale, IL. at the:

Busy Woman's Expo
12 - 4pm
370 W. Army Trail Rd.
Bloomindale, IL

Sunday Night the 10th.

The Unexplained World - Internet radio broadcast.
9 pm central time, will have a re-turning guest,
Allie - author of Gypsy Magic.

Join Annette, Mercedes and I at 9pm, at:

This show is rated - Mature, as you never know
what may be discussed, as happened last time
(2 shows ago), or where we will go with our
guest. You can go to the web page now and set
a reminder or hear the last broadcast when Allie
was on.

Friday Night, Sept 12.
Annette and I will be back to the Weather Mark for the
Full Moon - Back to School Party.

I will be doing my readings (details at: ) and Annette will be
doing Past Lives and Tarot readings.

The Weather Mark is right out of Downtown Chicago at:
1503 South Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60605

A great group of people there, and great location, we
will be doing readings from 8pm - closing.

House Parties:
I'm being booked for more entertaining house parties.
You can see what is offered by me, at my web site:

So if it is of interest, just visit my personal web page to
see what I do. Min, amount of people needed is just 8.

Also if there is an interest (as there has been), two readers
most often can be arranged. More details at my web

Even could maybe held at a Paranormal location / house,
if that may be of interest for an unique party. Could also
maybe bring in one of the ladies / feelers that assist me
at haunted locations, Mercedes and Jay.

Upcoming Paranormal Dates..

There are dates listed already for the Haunted Historic
Locations here in the Chicago Suburban areas at:

Remember there will be transportation provided for
most locations and is limited to the amount of people.

I have arranged to make sign up easy for you, just a
simple phone call to the Worth Pk. District. or on-line
through Pay Pal, or e-mailing me to reserve your spot.

The Saturday Oct. 25th date- will be a new unknown
(until this date), building, a location grown men do
not like being in later at night because of what they
hear, feel and see. We will be there at night !!!!

Information at:

Also sign up for the newsletter that comes out of that

At times there will be special offers for those who
receive it. You can sign up at the web site - just click
on the link and send the e-mail off to request it.
Or e-mail me and I will put you on the list.

Web Sites:
The Unexplained World

Edward Shanahan - Personal Web Site

Haunted Historic Locations

The Unexplained World - Internet Radio Broadcast

Ed Shanahan -on My Space:

The Unexplained World - Yahoo Group:

My Blog on blogspot:

Well that's it for now, Have a Great weekend,

Ed Shanahan

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August - Chicago Paranormal Newsletter is out.

You can get yours for August's

Haunted Historic Locations - tour & experience,

Just go to:
Haunted Historic Locations - tours & experiences

Sign up there by way of an e-mail (click on
the link), or just send me an e-mail (from
that web site), and request to be put on the
newsletter list.

Happy Hauntings,

Edward Shanahan (Personal Psychic Web site)

Haunted Historic Locations

The Unexplained World - web site of photos, video's, articles and more..
The Unexplained World