Thursday, August 23, 2007

Upcoming guests on our show.

Hello Friends,

1st let me say if you did not hear Chicago Paranormal author - Ursula Bielski interview with me, you can hear it (and some upcoming surprises), along with some of our other broadcasts at:

Our next broadcast is: this Sunday (26th) at 9 pm central time, and our guest will be new Inner Circle member, David. Annette and I will be discussing UFOs and such, as David will be our UFO person for The Unexplained World.

On Sunday Sept. 9th (9 pm central time). We will be having free Tarot card readings for callers with Ronda. She is one of our readers at our Psychic Fairs and also works for many other Psychic night locations / promotions in the Chicago land area. She does multi-deck readings.

On Sunday Sept. 23rd, ( 9 pm central time). I will become the guest of the Internet radio broadcast, with Annette and possibly Ursula being your hosts and asking the questions of me. Besides questions, this may also be the 1st time I venture out to doing readings for callers on the air.

In Oct.... a nice surprise....

You can hear our LIVE Internet broadcast at 9 pm central this Sunday at:


Ed - The Unexplained World