Monday, November 12, 2007

Our Haunted Bed and Breakfast this past weekend.

Hello Friends,What a nice 'Beyond the Veil' location and all the people who came out to Ursula's and my paranormal weekend.

Ursula Bielski did a fine job insetting up the tour and all that was involvedfor both days. The tour of the mob areas was very enjoyable and the off the bus tour into Starved Rock also was enjoyable.

I would like to "Thank" all who came out, as it was full. Also the Bed and Breakfast was a great location to be at and stay at. Our host Bobby Joe kept it interesting for all while we were at the house.

The haunted woods.... What can I say? They proved to be just that. From the photos taken on the path of the Stations of the Cross in the woods. To our venture back into the Grotto that Al Capone did visit many of times and one of the locations I received one of my strongest feelings at about Spirits being there. This is the location I did my Circle of Energy and the Spirits did not disappoint.

It started out with Ursula and our guests working with the dowsing rods. I'm feeling that this is a nice warm up, as Ursula has shown me in the past, that she has a way of asking the spirits questions and working them in with the dowsing rods that the guests are holding. We had four sets of rods out there. While that was going on, I was suggesting areas forPaul to point and shoot his camera, an area I felt the spirits where like standing above us on the wall's edge and looking down to what was going on.

Well itdid prove it self, as he did pick up images at the areas.Then came the Circle of Energy,
I had those I felt were most sensitive stand in the circle (if they desired to do so), and I went about doing my thing. And I have to say I was not one bit disappointed in it. Nor where does in the circle, as it seems everyone in the circle, in one way or another, had proof that spirits were there.

Those outside the Circle also did, from images taken and even Chad who's camera actually broke on him (froze up), while in the process of taking photos during the circle. Oh and my feelings that I would experience something thatI never did before?

Well let me say, I never had to the degree that I did this night, after the Circle of Energy, what was going on in my chest. Oh I call now after this experience, the experience I had at Archer Woods Cemetery, that was just being 'Tapped' when I was at Archer Woods video recording and you hear me talk about the pressure in my chest (video on our web site)...

Well this went beyond that, as even back at the B & B, after a couple of readings, one I had to make my last one, as I had to pull back from it, because even the person I was reading, could feel my pulse beating in my palm while I held hers in mine, and my heart was beating super fast and hard. So I decided she was the last reading and I had to focus on getting my self under control.

Well I know I will be told by two ladies I know, that theywarned me, as both told me to be very careful that night with the Circle of Energy. Amy and Annette were the ladies.But it was a very strong secluded area, surrounded by three brick walls and a lot of history and spirits, so why not go for it :-)

Again Thank You to all who came out.

Ed Shanahan

The Unexplained World