Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Paranormal and Psychic Chicago dates coming up.

Hello Friends,

The Veil is getting thinner, the full moon is almost here,
strange things may be coming and stranger some people
will become. The wonder is what will be first?

I hope all are doing well and below you will find what is
coming up with the Psychic Readings, the Paranormal
and our Internet Radio broadcast and being a guest
on a Chicago radio show.

* The Radio Stuff:
This coming Sunday night on The Unexplained World,
at 9pm central time, our show is called
"Halloween is Coming".

We will have a guest on Mary Sutherland talking about
what will be going on in Burlington, WI (just over the
IL border), this coming Halloween Weekend and the
Supernatural town and Woods in Burlington and what
I will be involved in there that weekend. Also we may
have another guest on that has experienced the
location. I just got off the phone with Mary Sutherland
and wait till you hear what's been going on in the
town with the Spirits. For details of this weekend:

Also that night our Annette will be discussing the
facts of Halloween and looking for Mercedes to give
her thoughts and also later in the night, Jenelle will
be calling in giving us some of her thoughts about
Halloween and her beliefs.
Then on Sunday Oct. 26th - at 9 pm central time,
Ursula Bielski and I will be together and on the
Chicago AM radio show called "The Mother Ship
It is located for those in IL and WI, on the
AM channel: WLIP AM 1050 -


* Psychic Readings & Fairs ...
OK - personally I'm booked with house parties
on the Saturday nights I'm not doing the paranormal
locations until nearly the end of Nov. Some Sundays
are open, as are Fridays if you are not a distance.

For more information on what I do and information
on our Psychic Readings and Fairs - just go to

And click on the link for the information and dates.

Psychic Fair - Saturday Oct. 25th,
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Readings are a gift donations of $10 toward the
reader of your choice.
Worth Park Dist and Historical Museum.
11500th S. Beloit, Worth, IL
(Harlem to 115th St. and go west).

The Readers:
Ed Shanahan (that's me). Palm Readings, Psychometry
one-on-one readings (best for personal answers),
and Conscious Channeling with items of your loved
one who passed away, bring items like rings, glasses,
watches etc.. that they wore on a regular basis. Five
years of doing public readings.

Annette - 20 years of doing readings. She will be doing
'Past Lives' readings, Tarot readings. She is the Co-host
of the Internet Radio Broadcast 'The Unexplained World'.

Ronda - A multi deck Tarot Reader with over 10 years
experience and has been seen at many of the local
S.W. Suburban location Psychic Nights and a long
time reader with some of the Fairs and locations I
have been doing readings at over the years.

Jenelle - Experienced Runes & Pendulum Reader and
one of the individuals who assists me (has been assisting
the most), with my Circle Of Energy at haunted locations.

ALSO we will have the Latin American Paranormal
Investigators there to meet and discuss their tools, what
they do and how they do it and show samples of their
Tuesday Night - Oct. 28th, Readings In The Round.
8pm - 11pm
Cigars & Stripes
6715 S. Ogden Ave
Berwyn, IL 60402

The veil will be getting thinner and on this I will be
doing all my readings for a gift offering of your choice
and the readings will be done from the stage and it
will be my Readings in the Round.

Plus the location has spirits and it's documented for
being so... and as many know, these type of locations
my Conscious Channeling is stronger.
Friday and Saturday Oct. 31st & Nov. 1st.
Burlington, WI.
The Burlington, Wi - Burlington Vortex Conference.
Readings during the day and all day Saturday.
I'm honored to be an invited guest reader of there.

There is just to much to list with what is going on,
you can read all about it at their web site below.
Also I will be doing all my readings there. For
more information go to:


* The Paranormal Dates.
Saturday Oct. 25th at the Haunted Location
in Worth, IL is full. Has been for almost two
Saturday November 15th -
Haunted Historic Locations
1pm - 5pm.
Haunted Archer Ave - tour and experiences.
This will be a get out and explore many of
the locations, including two cemeteries known
for their hauntings. This will include also the
Native American Healing Waters, a location
that at night many have heard drumming and
chanting with no one at location.

This will be limited to only 12 people.

Details at our web site at:
Saturday November 25th,
Haunted Historic Locations
8pm - 12 pm or later...

We will be back at night at
The Haunted Joliet Mansion.
On this night some of the
LAPS paranormal team will
be there. The mansion is a
whole different animal at night.

Experience it, experience my
Circle of Energy there. I will also
give some readings during the night.

This will be limited to the amount of

For details - visit our web site at:

Be safe and haunt safely,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Friday, October 10, 2008

Psychic Chicago area entertaining Psychic House and Corporate Parties

In the Chicago land area up to Wisconsin and down to Indiana, from doing entertaining Psychic House Parties to doing entertaining Psychic Readings in lounges,it is enjoyable to bring an enjoyable evening to those who participate.

My Readings In The Round, was a creation that basically just happened one night when Ursula Bielski and I where doing one of our Beyond The Veil Haunted Location experiences / tours at a Senators House that is now a Historical Site.

That experience was a must do situation that has now grown and expanded, as the Reader I put my self right out there for all to hear.

You can view the type of readings I do, just visit my personal web site:
Edward Shanahan

If your in to the Paranormal, visit my web site with Chicago locations:
The Unexplained World

Now I'm booking entertaining Psychic Parties for some of November / December and into 2009.

Take care and enjoy your life this time around.

Edward Shanahan

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Hauntings - Sunday night the 5th.

Hello Friends,

This Sunday Night the 5th, at
9pm central time, Our Internet
radio broadcast is:

The Hauntings - The locations and the
people who have experienced them.

You can set a reminder - now, for the
show at:

Also still being broadcast at the
web page above, is our last show
'When Demons Attack'.

Join Annette, Mercedes and me, as we
will have the guests who have experienced
the locations. Also as a guest co-host,
one of the individuals who assists me
with my Circle of Energy and has been
part of it at the haunted mansion,
Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, and was
part of it when we did it at a cemetery
for a family at their family headstones,
and the granite headstone of one of the
family members seemed to weep.

Our guest co-host is Jenelle and
will be part of the whole show. In
the future I hope to get Amy on also.

On this night we will have those on who
have experienced the locations in the
past. Including Wayne, who had his first
time Paranormal experience at the
haunted Joliet mansion, when we did
my Circle of Energy.

Remember it's this Sunday night at
9pm central at:

Go there and set a reminder for this

Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World