Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Capone's Haunted Building Is Back in Chicago area.

Capone's Haunted Building is Back

Edward Shanahan is happy to announce a location in the Chicagoland area that in the past he was able to get published in two paranormal books. A place that Shanahan would on a regular basis hold paranormal gatherings and explore and experience paranormal tours with large turnouts along with him doing Psychic Readings.

It is back and bigger then ever in Willow Springs, IL.

The new owner has added a large addition to the building, created a real cooking kitchen, created a whole new bar, made the place look new and great. It will be an Irish Pub and restaurant and is now owned by an Irish man who is a success in the restaurant business. Shanahan has been speaking to the Manager for awhile and also the owner. Shanahan is welcomed to be there and also bring those who are interested in the paranormal along with him.

Join Edward Shanahan

* Saturday August 1st - 7pm

The place used to be known as Rico D's and is across the street from the Willowbrook Ballroom in Willow Springs, and now it is totally different (yet the Spirits do remain in the building and woods), and now known as the:

' The Stag's Head'
8933 S. Archer Ave.
Willow Springs, IL
Come out around 7pm, enjoy some food and beverages, discussion about the history of the location. Shanahan will go around and let individuals know if they are a young or an old soul and a maybe a couple other things if he sees it. There will be no cost for him doing this, as Shanahan will not be giving full readings on this night.

Then individuals will venture in to the paranormal / spiritual side, at around 8pm. Bring your flashlights, cameras etc.. This will include the building also...

* * There is no cost for the paranormal explore and experience * *

Lisa who is a new Feeler working with Shanahan, will be joining him on this night as may some others.

So come on out, enjoy what is offered on the menu, and what will follow on our very first night back to this Historic Location.

Edward Shanahan has been given the title of 'a Spiritual Observer', in Chicago area suburban newspapers he has been called 'one of Chicago's most respected psychics'. Shanahan does Psychic Readings, Medium work and Channeling. Two books have included him in them and a third is planned for 2009.

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