Thursday, August 2, 2007

New Journey Started

Hello Friends,

As I have stated many times before and will again,
I'm not a Paranormal Investigator and hold the
Paranormal and Spirit world very close, as that I
believe brings me and I believe us so close to our
inner souls, the spiritual side that is the Spirit
world and that it surrounds us, as many
know it does.

For you to know my journey so far, it is posted in my
article: ' My Paranormal and Psychic journey so far'
and can be read @

My path like many call their own, is one of self choice,
as should be yours. And one not to allow others to
determine what is right for you, when it is you who
has to ultimately follow the path. Being asked for
advice is different then dictating advice.

I believe many who dictate how others should live,
are trying to compensate for why their life is the way
it is or missing something in it, and rather bring others
to their level, then to allow others to live as they see fit
for their own self.

Being of a living soul, we are human. I know even with
my abilities gifted to me, that I'm still human, nor do I
look upon any other human beyond that either.

Sure some are more gifted with abilities then other
humans and use it to what ever suits them. That is
between them and the powers who have gifted the
individual, as it is for me also and that higher power
I will trust in guiding me as it has, in what I do and
how to go about doing it and for reasons known to me.

When it comes to the Paranormal -
Paranormal Researchers, Location Researchers, Historical
Societies and Individual's experiences, I hold closest to me.
As they hold golden answers to 'What May Be' and actually
open the door for me to enter in an attempt to go beyond the
veil of the two worlds of the living and the spiritual and while
doing so, bring those present along for this journey beyond
the veil.

This ability is special to me, a gift meant to share and
demonstrate for others to participate in, if it wasn't, then
it would not be allowed to be done.

No equipment or tools are ever used by me and yet I welcome
others to bring them. As many times it actually verifies what
I'm feeling and many times I take those with the tools to areas
for their tool's best response.

Even during my 'Circle of Energy' the circle is created with
mine and every person in the circle hand being held to create
an un-broken circle and allowing me to do what I do with the
energy that is created from within. The ultimate goal of it is
the spirit world.

My readings -
(Under the title of Psychic), involves no tools, even though
I can do some Tarot readings and Pendulum readings. What I do
as I said involves no tools, I do Palm readings and as I say, the
knowledge of palm reading can be learned by others also.

Psychometry one on one, is a gift granted to me and makes up
what is becoming more popular with me doing, as many have
said they can feel my own energy when I hold their hand between
both of mine. Psychometery readings with an item of loved one
who has passed away, is a type of Conscious Channeling in my
way of doing what I do for the person I'm doing the readings for.

This type of reading is what I feel is a sacred gift allowed for me
to do, as that is the only words I can use to describe what I'm able
or allowed to do and the results received the majority of the time
when doing it.

This is the written start of my new Journey one that seems
to becoming upon it's own and meant to be, with those
becoming part of and sharing it with. They you will find
are special and the time has come, to come together
as what is meant to be.

Remember we are all human, some gifted, but yet all
still equal as being a living soul, one that was and will
be again part of the Spiritual World.

With that I end this until the next time.
Happy Hauntings and Blessings,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World