Monday, November 24, 2008

Spirits of Christmas and Holidays Past

Spirits of Christmas and Holidays Past

One will always miss the loved ones of theirs who have passed away. The holidays can be emotional, as for some it is a time that many families gather together and yet there is that emotional feeling of the loved ones who have passed away not being there.

During the readings I do, along with my discussions that have to do with the Spiritual World, I talk about the Spirit of the loved ones who have passed away and the Spirit also missing not being involved or partaking in the family gatherings that at one time they did participate in.

Just because the love one is no longer in the living world, that does not mean their love for their living loved ones and family gatherings are gone. Usually it is stronger as the Spirit cannot be here in the living and are missing those still in the living world.

What I suggest to those who miss their love one who has passed away, is something that would be for both the Spirit and the living. First, I ask the person if they still have a photo of their loved one. Majority of the time the answer is yes, and usually the person says that they have a photo hanging up in their house.

It is great that the person has a photo of the loved one who passed away in their house. However, like the family gatherings and holidays, something a little special could be done, something that will show the Spirit of the loved one that they are still part of the holidays and family gatherings as in the past.

I suggest that the person takes the photo of their love one into the main room that the family gathers in during the holiday. Some individuals tell me that they have a photo of their love one already in that room. If that is the case, I tell them that is fine, but to take the photo and move it to another area in the room.

When the person either brings a photo into the room of the family gathering or moves the photo to another area in the room, it actually is a way of focusing on the loved one who passed away and this is a way of connecting to the Spirit. It also is a way for the Spirit to know that they are still part of the holiday family gatherings. The Spirit of holidays past is still part of the present and the love is shown to the Spirit and in return, felt by the living.

Edward Shanahan

©2008 Edward Shanahan

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunday - Demonologist / Exorcist - Bishop James Long

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Demonologist / Exorcist - Bishop James Long.

On this broadcast we discuss with Bishop James Long
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

EVP's captured in Worth, IL building.

Hello Friends,

Well I just came across this from Jenny's video post here
on MySpace (link it below). She is talking about the recent
Oct. 25th night when I ran a psychic fair and also that night,
we explored the haunted location in Worth, that was made
known public for the first time that night.

Also are some things that came across during my
Circle of Energy that I did that night.

I thought this may be of interest.

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World
Worth EVP's

Dr. Who is coming to Chicago.

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