Friday, June 1, 2007

Sunday and Monday - Paranormal interests.

Hello Friends,

Well the months are flying bye..
I hope you all have a good weekend.

Sunday night The Ghost Chicks and
Psychic Reese will be guests of
The Unexplained World Internet
Radio Broadcast @ 9 pm central

Lorrie and Tara are the Ghost Chicks,
a name that has caught on as their
exposure has grown for what they do
and are known for in the Paranormal Field.

Also they have teamed up with Psychic
Reese and will be also discussing their new

You can view the Ghost Chick web site @

and Psychic Reese web site is:

You can listen to the show and
most recent past shows @

Monday night June 4th -
Deanne and I will be doing readings at
Champs in Burbank, IL. 7 pm - 10 pm.

Champs is located at:
6501 West 79th St.
Burbank, IL 60459
(about 8 blocks east of Harlem Ave).

Sunday June 10th,
is our Psychic Fair and Paranormal gathering.
1pm - 5pm

Your readers will be:
Patty - from Mystic Investigations, doing Pendulum & Tarot readings.
Ronda - she will be doing Tarot readings.
Deanne - who will be doing Tarot and Intuitive readings.
Ed - Palm readings, Psychometry (one on one) readings,
and Conscious Channeling /Psychometry using an item(s)
of your loved one who has passed away (bring it with you).

There is no set fee's - just a gift offering to the readers your
read by.

ALSO:We will have a Paranormal gathering also this day.
Figure on coming out between 1pm and 1:30 or so.

Talk about your experiences and feel free to bring your tools
with you if you use any. We hope to have some images / videos
and evp's from our last outing at the Humphrey House.

Also what is planned is a free outing to one of the locations in the area.
This will follow the Paranormal gathering and will be the choice of the
group who attend the gathering.

There is a chance I may or may not be going on the outing,
depending on how many I will have for readings.
@ Champs in Burbank, IL.

Champs is located at:
6501 West 79th St.
Burbank, IL 60459
(about 8 blocks east of Harlem Ave).
Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World