Monday, September 15, 2008

Updated locations / Dates / Chicago / Paranormal

Hello Friends,

As promised the Worth Historical Museum
and I have added the day light tour of
Haunted Archer Avenue to the web site.

It is limited to JUST 12 individuals,
for Saturday Nov. 15th - start time 1pm.

Details of this tour and experience at:

Don't forget the other special dates:
* Joliet Paranormal and Ghost Tour for
Saturday Sept. 27th and includes the
haunted Joliet Mansion.

* The haunted location that will be made
known to the general public on Oct. 25th.
You can experience it! We will have an
Investigation Team there also (with their
equipment). This is a location that
men do not even like to be in at night

This will start at 9:30 pm, following the
Psychic fair that starts at 6pm and both
locations are in Worth, IL.

Details at our web site:

Have a great week,

Edward Shanahan

The Unexplained World