Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bits of this and that

Hello Friends,

Whew is about the best way to start this blog. I've been a
bit busy, Thanksgiving was the 1st weekend I did not
have something going on with either the paranormal stuff
or doing parties.

Since August I have been taking groups of individuals to
the haunted Scutt Mansion in Joliet, and working with
Historical Societies, involved with others on their tours
and the house parties. Already booked into January.
Busy but I enjoy it.

Ursula Bielski and I have already set some locations
for our Beyond The Veil, with the 1st one coming up
in January. Details will be known shortly.

This Sunday the 14th, is the start Annette's and my -
The Unexplained World - Internet radio broadcast. It will
also be a Holiday show. Details are already posted for the
show, I will pass it along here, later in the week.

Well that is it for now, and I leave you with this thought:
Remember it is rough out there for many people and their
families, some not knowing what tomorrow will bring them.

So for us who can help in some way, let's try and do so,
I have given and will probably do so again before the holiday
is over. It does not take much, to help those who need it,
and maybe the little bit will make a BIG difference for a

Blessings and Happy Hauntings,

Edward Shanahan