Friday, October 10, 2008

Psychic Chicago area entertaining Psychic House and Corporate Parties

In the Chicago land area up to Wisconsin and down to Indiana, from doing entertaining Psychic House Parties to doing entertaining Psychic Readings in lounges,it is enjoyable to bring an enjoyable evening to those who participate.

My Readings In The Round, was a creation that basically just happened one night when Ursula Bielski and I where doing one of our Beyond The Veil Haunted Location experiences / tours at a Senators House that is now a Historical Site.

That experience was a must do situation that has now grown and expanded, as the Reader I put my self right out there for all to hear.

You can view the type of readings I do, just visit my personal web site:
Edward Shanahan

If your in to the Paranormal, visit my web site with Chicago locations:
The Unexplained World

Now I'm booking entertaining Psychic Parties for some of November / December and into 2009.

Take care and enjoy your life this time around.

Edward Shanahan