Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Paranormal - What happened, possibilities, what's coming.

Hello Friends,

I'm just bouncing back from our Villisca Axe Murder
House Trip / weekend and followed up by doing readings
last night (Monday).

Below you will find my overview thoughts on the
location, my experience and how all contributed in
one way or another.

Then what is a possibility and what is coming up.

Also for those who are interested, I have a
MySpace page and blog at:

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World

The Villisca Axe Murder House - Experience.

I have to say it was an enjoyable drive there and back.
Sure it was long, but I never have been in Iowa, so that
was new, plus those I traveled with were comfortable to
be with, and when your traveling hours on end, that is
very important. And Mike, Wanda and Mercedes I briefly
met in the past and on this trip I feel they have become

You can hear Mercedes describe some of the stuff that
went down at the house on our recent broadcast (it will
be the show that comes on when you get to the page):

Also in the Archived Shows you can hear the live 1/2 hour
remote from the Villisca Axe Murder House with Ursula
Bielski(who planned this Beyond the Veil overnighter with
me), Wanda, Mercedes and Mike. Mercedes and Mike's cell
phone are the only ones who were able to get out with the
phone call to the broadcast that Annette was controlling,
so we ended up sharing phones for the remote broadcast.
Annette had her hands full but did an excellent job.

We had 12 individuals total participate, a nice number
for this location.

It was a very interesting and active location, one of the
few that I got banged up some at, but each could of been
worse then what actually happened, as with two of them
inches made a difference. Lu who is also a feeler caught
it hard when a door slammed on her finger when she first
walked into the location.

It actually was for the first time, at a location that
I provided my self protection before the Circle of Energy.

Yes it is haunted, yes there are spirits there, both good
and bad and I believe most experienced it in one way or

Right now Marion and her husband are working on putting
the EVP up on the Internet, this stood out on it's own, was
caught on the recorder while it sat in a closet next to
the bed the boys where killed in. This came about why we
all were downstairs and we had the Circle of Energy going.

One thing that came out of this and was important, is what
came about in discovering who also had abilities to feel
and know the spirits. The two ladies I had on each side
of me, Stacy and Mercedes both are strong feelers and
I hope to have Mercedes participate in other Circle of
Energy locations in the future, as she also has the
paranormal background as an Investigator and she describes
what is going on as it happens during the Circle of Energy.
This then would give us 3 who I can invite to be on my left
side because of their abilities that I have already experienced.

The Ghost Box that Ursula brought with her (and will
bring to other locations for Beyond the Veil), was a very
interesting tool to have with, and made a few of us actually
wonder about it's ability, because of how direct it was to
some of the situations that it responded. We will work with
it in the future also, as a test of it.

To hear more, just listen to our recent broadcast at:

The Possibilities:

OK - I had a discussion with Mr. David Kump, who you
can hear also on our last broadcast. After hearing
'again' what came about in the Circle of Energy, and a
believer as many are, that Spirits, Supernatural, the
unknown of other forms of lives beyond what we know,
could be tied together.

He would like to have me involved, Annette (who has
already agreed, along with me), those who I feel have
abilities to be in the Circle of Energy (on my left side
& I will be contacting them), and an invitation to those
who also have abilities to feel.

This will be an experiment, right near Indiana Dunes,
no cost or fees and we would meet at Annette's (near
the Indiana Dunes), for this experiment. If there is
interest right now, let me know.

All I have to do is set a date for this. More may be
discussed during our next broadcast on May 18th,
as David will be our guest again for part two of our
discussion with Annette and I, and Mercedes we
plan on having back also.

Other Possibilities:

Plans are in the works for local S.W. Chicago Historic
Paranormal Locations, this will be The Unexplained World

Also if you or your team would like to have me involved
in one of your ghost haunting locations and outings or
have me set one up for you, feel free to contact me by
e-mail, my MySpace, Yahoo group etc..

Upcoming Dates:

Sunday May 18th - 2nd part of our discussion with
Mr. David Kump, on our broadcast at 9 pm central
time at:

Thursday July 10th - It's official now.

"Welcome to The Unexplained World"
on Thursday eve 6:30 - 8:30 pm,
The Burbank Park Dist - special event.

I will be talking about the Supernatural and also we will
have an Investigation team there that I respect because
I've seen them in action, they will be talking about and
explaining their paranormal tools.

This is limited to the amount of people 16 years and older.
A Park District fee of $10.

E-mail me if your interested and I will then e-mail you the
registration information.

If your within the area, stop in there in advance
to register - their address is:
8050 S. Newcastle, Burbank, IL 60459

June 1st - Monday
at Champs in Burbank, IL
6 - 9 pm

6501 W. 79th Street, Burbank, IL 60459

(Champs is about 6 blocks east of Harlem Ave on 79th St.)

From palm readings, one on one psychometry, to reading
items of your loved ones who have passed away.

No set fees - just a gift offering of your choice.

I will also be in contact with Cigar & Stripes in Berwyn
to set up another date, hopefully in July.

Beyond the Veil - dates and locations with Ursula Bielski
and my self.

The dates with a * will be locations I will also be doing
some readings of items of loved ones who have passed

Also the Circle of Energy will be demonstrated with those

Overnight at the abandoned mental institution in Ashmore,
* Ashmore Estates. June 21st. *
* Senator John Humphrey House - Orland Pk, IL *
by popular demand we are back there on Saturday
July 26th. 6 pm to usually 10 pm.

As always I will be doing some readings with the items of
loved ones who have passed away.

It is limited to the amount of people who can participate at
the location.
Notoriously haunted state prison.
Mansfield Reformatory - Nov 8th.
in Mansfield, Ohio.

For more details on the locations and
to reserve, go to:

Two locations with no dates yet:
Another trip to the Villisca Axe Murder House
Camp Chesterfield, Spiritualist Camp in
Chesterfield, IN.

You can e-mail Ursula Bielski on the two
dates above, to be informed of the dates

My web sites:
The Unexplained World

Edward Shanahan

That is about it, Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan