Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Hauntings - Sunday night the 5th.

Hello Friends,

This Sunday Night the 5th, at
9pm central time, Our Internet
radio broadcast is:

The Hauntings - The locations and the
people who have experienced them.

You can set a reminder - now, for the
show at:

Also still being broadcast at the
web page above, is our last show
'When Demons Attack'.

Join Annette, Mercedes and me, as we
will have the guests who have experienced
the locations. Also as a guest co-host,
one of the individuals who assists me
with my Circle of Energy and has been
part of it at the haunted mansion,
Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, and was
part of it when we did it at a cemetery
for a family at their family headstones,
and the granite headstone of one of the
family members seemed to weep.

Our guest co-host is Jenelle and
will be part of the whole show. In
the future I hope to get Amy on also.

On this night we will have those on who
have experienced the locations in the
past. Including Wayne, who had his first
time Paranormal experience at the
haunted Joliet mansion, when we did
my Circle of Energy.

Remember it's this Sunday night at
9pm central at:

Go there and set a reminder for this

Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World