Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Photos - Paranormal Dates - Web pages

Hello Friends,

Well it's straight ahead and non-stop with dates, photos
and changes to web pages.

NEW PHOTOS of the Hosts of The Unexplained World -
Internet radio broadcast have been posted on our web
page at our web site. Yes it is Annette, Mercedes and
my self, all three of us together and taken by Wanda
at the past Pagan Fest in Willow Springs. You can
view them here:

This coming Sunday is our next broadcast and
it will be about:
Magick, Potions and Spells.

You can hear it at 9pm central time, along with our past
Haunted Remote Broadcast (hear it now), at:

DATES & New Photo:
A new photo of me from Ashmore Estates is
now at my personal web site and many have
said they like it. You can view it at:

July 10th (Thursday), is the 'Welcome to The Unexplained
World, and hosted by the Burbank, Pk. Dist. details at
web page here:

July 26th - Saturday.
Haunted Senator Humphrey House in Orland, Pk, IL.
There are only a few openings left for this 'Beyond
The Veil' date with my self and Ursula Bielski.
Beyond The Veil is a creation of Ursula and my self.

I will also be doing readings of your loved ones who
have passed away, while we are there.

For more details visit the 'Beyond the Veil' web page at:

Oct. 31 - Nov 1st and 2nd. Halloween Weekend.
Unique Midwest Conference being held in Burlington, WI,
and I and The Unexplained World is part of this huge event.
Special Thanks to Pam, for the input. You can view the
detail banner link at the web page:

This Saturday night we will be doing the experiment with
Mr. David Kump that we have talked about on the past
Internet radio broadcast. Will discuss it on the Sunday's
Night broadcast.

More dates have been set, but not to be made public at this
time and working on getting two unique locations for us in
the near future. I have been working on one of the two for
the last year now.

Come over and view my MySpace at:

That is what is happening right now, and remember to
join us Sunday night.

Happy Hump Day...

Ed Shanahan - The Unexplained World