Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chicago Dates: Psychic Readings and Paranormal in Chicago area

Hello Friends,

Because of the interest in having readings done, and my
schedule until November does not allow me to schedule
private readings at this time. I would like to give you two
public locations I will be doing readings at:

Friday November 12th - 8pm to 1am.
The Weather Mark - 1503 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago. IL
(this is right outside of Downtown Chicago).

It's my 2nd year of doing readings there for their special
events. Annette my co-host of The Unexplained World
will be joining me. She does past lives readings and

The event and party is called 'A Full Moon and Back to
Collage party'. Readings fee to the reader of your choice
is a gift offering on $20.

The Weather Mark has great food and great people that
attend this location.

Keep your eyes on the Chicago Tribune (either there Red
Eye' newspaper or the Friday weekend pull-out section of
the Tribune, as I was told there will be a write-up on it
in there.

Saturday October 25th,
The Worth Historical Museum at:
11500 S. Beloit, Worth, IL.
(just west of Harlem Ave at 115th Street)
details at and under Oct. 25th- All Hallow Eve>
Fee of a gift offering of $10 per reader of your

Four Readers -
Annette - doing Past Lives and Tarot Readings
(she is my co-host on The Unexplained World
radio broadcast) - 20 years of readings experience.
Ronda - doing Multi Tarot card readings (you may
of seen here at one of the Psychic Readings nights
in the S.W. Suburbs).

Jenelle (Jay), Runes readings, she has participated
in some of the haunted locations with me and will be
also joining us later in the night for the Paranormal
location we will be at.

Ed Shanahan - that's me and I will be offering all my
readings I do. For more details, visit my web site:

As I mentioned, I'm booked with House Parties and
the paranormal locations with the Historical offerings,
along with the events mentioned above.

That is why if your interested in a personal reading,
you can visit one of the two locations above.

At the haunted locations, those that allow us indoor
access, I have been known to do free readings, matter
of fact when Ursula Bielski and I bring a group to the
Senator Humphrey House - all present receive free
readings - and is done 'In The Round' - meaning that
the readings if the one being read agrees, are done
out-loud for all to hear. This is great when families
are present and they bring items for the Conscious
Channeling readings. The 'In The Round' readings
are also becoming popular with House Parties, as
it puts me right out there when a reading is being

Paranormal Offerings -

1st - let me say if you sign-up to receive the
newsletter for the Haunted Historic Locations

Those who do receive it, have a special offer
for a night at a Haunted Mansion in Joliet.

The Haunted Historical Locations experience / tour
for Sunday Sept. 21st is full. The Worth Historical
Museum and Park District has added Saturday
Sept. 20th to the date.

Details at:

Joliet - Haunted Locations and Gangster Tour..

The Museum of Victorian Life and Joliet History
brings you this special day on Saturday Sept. 27th
We will finish the tour and then enter and spend
time at the Haunted Joliet Mansion.
Details at:

Saturday Oct. 25th - 9:30 pm until ???

New Haunted Location - open to the public for
the first time in Worth, IL. Suicides have happened
here and even adult men do not like being in this
location at night, for what they experience and

That is what we will be offering, exploring the
location at night, and will have a Investigation
Team there, Psychic Feelers, and is being offered
for you to experience it, as we and I experience it.

Details at the web site, under
Oct. 25th - All Hallow Eve night.

Oct. 31st - Nov. 2nd.
I'm honored to be part of the conference in
Burlington Wi, and all it has to offer including
the location that is one of a kind. For details

Visit the photo packed, video haunted location tours, articles
and more at out 'The Unexplained World' web site at:

Enjoy what life offers you this time around.

Edward Shanahan