Sunday, December 21, 2008

Join Ursula Bielski and Edward Shanahan at Haunted Mansion

Hello Friends,

I hope all those here in the Midwest
are staying comfortable in this weather.

Friday night in the newsletter I sent out
to those who subscribe to my Haunted Historic
Locations newsletter at:

I posted the fact that a date has been set
for Beyond The Veil with Ms. Ursula Bielski
and me, to take individuals to the Haunted
Joliet Mansion - the Scutt Mansion.

I have not finished my web site pages yet,
to include our Beyond The Veil at the haunted
mansion, but Ursula has and the information
is below along with a link to the web page.

I wanted to inform you all, because there
is something we are doing incase you may be
interested in giving it as a Holiday Gift for
someone you know, including also your self,
and it may help you out if your interested.

Below is the information and the link to the
web page for more details.

Have a safe and great Holiday,

Edward Shanahan

Beyond The Veil goes to the Haunted Joliet
Mansion - The Scutt Mansion and there is a
little bonus thrown in for those reading this
here, to assist you in maybe giving this as
a gift for the holidays for someone special
(including you).

Ms. Ursula Beilski (Chicago's top paranormal
author of 6 books), and my self - for the 1st
time will together take individuals for our
Beyond The Veil location experience - to the:
Haunted Joliet Mansion, The Scutt Mansion.

This will be Ursula's very first time at the

You have seen me write about this location in
the past and I have taken groups there both during
the day and at night and at all times we have
reached the max amount of people allowed to
sign up.

This will be at night, on Saturday January 31st.

This will also be an opportunity for those present
to have their photos considered for publication in
Ursula Beilski's next book.

Also since your receiving information on this by
way of my posting it here and before I even have
it listed on the Haunted Historic Locations web
site (I wanted to inform you before Christmas
Gift Giving).

You can reserve your spots for the night of Jan. 31st,
with just 1/2 down in advance and the difference paid
in cash on the night of January 31st.

Also joining us will be - Michelle, who we talked to
on our recent Internet radio broadcast of The Unexplained
World (it is listed as our 3rd year and Holiday Special):

Michelle will be assisting me this night, she sees
Spirits at times and is a Feeler also. She talks
about it on the radio show above. Also she will
for her first time, be part of my Circle of Energy.
Also I'm hoping that Mercedes can join us on this

Ursula will have her Ghost Box with us on this night.
This is the one that she and I have used at other
locations in the past with great results.

Also she will be assisting individuals with doing
an Investigation type of exploring at this location.

I will be offering 6-8 free Conscious Channeling
readings of items of loved one's who have passed
away, depending on time (remember it has to be
an item they wore often, like glasses, rings,
watch etc..).

Michelle and I will be wandering around the building
to assist those with our feelings and maybe Michelle
will see something. I also hope Mercedes will be able
to come out.

Also my Circle of Energy at the end of the night
and most likely in what I feel is a creepy room,
the doll room.

You can reserve your spots for the night of Jan. 31st,
with just 1/2 down in advance and the difference paid
in cash on the night of January 31st.

** Remember to mention your putting 1/2 down and
that I mentioned it **

Information on reserving is at:

Or just go to this web page and click on 'Beyond The Veil'

Thank You, stay warm and have a great
weekend and Holiday.

Edward Shanahan