Sunday, May 11, 2008

New 'News' from The Unexplained World

Hello Friends,

I'm happy to announce that after a conversation
with an individual who I was impressed by her
ability as a Spirit Feeler, something she basically
kept to her self and yet she could not hide it.

Also add that to the fact she is part of an
Investigation Group and has experience with that
also. I'm happy to say that Mercedes will be part
of our Inner Circle for The Unexplained World and
joining with me on our upcoming The Unexplained
World paranormal locations.

The reason for this is she adds to the strength
of the Circle of Energy, as proven at the Axe
Murder House (I've done the circle for three years
now and I know when the rare opportunity of
having a strong feeler on my left side is present).

Mercedes has also been invited to join Annette
and I on our broadcasts, and she will be back on
a week from this Sunday, (next show the 18th),
as we pick up with part two of our discussion
with Mr. David Kump.

Part one can be heard here - comes on when
you get to the web page:

Also as mentioned in the past, the Investigation
team of LAPS is one I highly recommend after
seeing them at work (and only way I will
recommend an Investigation team), and will be
speakers with me on Thurs night July 10th, at
the Burbank Pk. district for the 'Welcome to
The Unexplained World' night.

There may be another one or two individuals
I add to our Inner Circle of The Unexplained
World, that will be made known in the future.

Right now our The Unexplained World, inner
circle consists of:

Edward Shanahan (Spiritual Observer / Reader)
High Priestess Annette (co-founders)

Inner Circle Members:
Amy (Psychic Feeler)
David Kump (UFO's and such)
Mercedes (Paranormal Feeler)
Steve Hyzny
Donna / Mark (Paranormal)

Our paranormal web site is located at:

Our Yahoo group is:

I am working on dates and locations
for The Unexplained World in the future,
it is something I want to do the way I have
it planned in my mind and just working with
crossing the t's and dotting the i's to make
sure there are no surprises for me once it
is set. Details soon will be following and
there should be things you enjoy with what
I'm planning for The Unexplained World.

Also let me say, if any group of individuals
outside of the Chicago land area (meaning
like Wisconsin), etc.. would be interested in
having me out and possibly Mercedes and
others in the inner circle, feel free to contact
me and I will see if it is possible.

Beyond the Veil trips are a creation of
Ursula Bielski and my self and different
from my The Unexplained World paranormal
outings and her Chicago Hauntings Tours.

The next couple of Beyond The Veil
locations will be:

Ashmore Estates in Ashmore, IL.
over nighter starting on June 21st.

Ashmore Estates is a three-storey building
that was built in 1916. It has housed people
who were indigent and those who had mental
disabilities. From 1916 to around 1956 the
building was the Coles County Almshouse
located on the 200-300 acre Coles County
Poor Farm.

During that period as many as 100 people
died in the building. From 1956 to 1976 it
housed the "mentally impaired" as a
mental institution. In 1976 Paul Swinford
purchased the building and reworked it to
be used as a ICFDD (Intermediate Care
Facility for the Developmentally Disabled).
The building remained in use until 1987
when it was closed due to lack of funding.
9 paranormal groups have visited here since
July 2006. All have said the building is very
--from the Ashmore Estates website.

The Humphrey House - Orland, Pk. IL
Saturday July 26th. - 6pm start.

The home of Senator and Mrs. John Humphrey,
the couple lived in this Orland Park home
until their first child died at birth.

The infant girl was buried at nearby
Bachelors Grove, one of the most haunted
cemeteries in the world. When Mrs. Humphrey
was found dead in the house soon after,
extraordinary events at both the home and
the cemetery began, leading even the home's
caretakers to wonder whether the famed
"Madonna of Bachelors Grove"--one of
Chicago's most infamous phantoms--is,
in fact, the shade of Mrs. Humphrey bearing
her lost child.

More details and reserving for either Beyond the
Veil nights, can be found at:

or reserve by calling:
For reservations, call

Experiment - Are you interested in participating ?

As it states, this will be an experiment at no cost
or fee. Mr. David Kump will be running it (hear our
last broadcast).

What I need are a couple more feelers or sensitive's
to participate in my Circle of Energy and done for a
different reason other then picking up spirits. This
will be in the eve and we are looking at Saturday
June 14th.

It will be done very, very near the Indiana Dunes
and we will meet at Annette's house (details of
meeting location, once you commit to coming).

As I said this will be an experiment by request of
David Kump.

Just e-mail me if interested.

Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan