Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When Demons Attack !

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The Unexplained World
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Will be the author of 4 books, three are based on her and her families experiences with Demonic forces.

Lisa Lindley is the author. Her three books are:

NEVER ALONE- One Family's Hope For Finding Peace While Living With The Paranormal (released July 2007)
This account talks about our story and also helps others who might be going through an active haunting with children. We have lived in two houses outside of the St. Louis area, including our current one, that have been haunted with physical manifestations of demonic activity during the past five years.

NEVER ALONE – The Journey Home (released November 2007)
tells the truth in vivid detail about the events surrounding August 13, 2007 when after saying that we would never allow paranormal activity to run us out of our home, around 5:30 p.m. we fled our home for six days and eventually returned to fight back against these forces of darkness.

It is a true story about our family of five uniting together to fight back against spiritual warfare, finding faith in our darkest hour and turning to God for help. Our family realized that we were no longer dealing with what we thought were so called "ghosts" and the biggest part of our nightmare began. Our family has been attacked in ways that the human mind has a difficult time processing. All events in the second book began four days after NEVER ALONE – One Family's Hope For Peace While Living With The Paranormal was made available to the public. All events are real and documented over a five-year period of time.

DEMONS-EXPOSED (released August 14, 2008)
This book unveils the truth surrounding demonic forces and the world of dark spiritual warfare. It is a mixture of the frightening details surrounding our circumstances while interconnecting a spiritual viewpoint. Here, you will see the "real deal"; a first hand account from a hidden place that some may never dare to go.

She will be Annette's, Mercede's and my guest and talking about her experiences with all of the above.

9 pm Central Time - Sunday Sept. 21st.
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