Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Paranromal Web Sites - updated.

Hello Friends,

I have updated the web sites for going into 2009
for: The Unexplained World - Haunted Historic Locations
and Edward Shanahan.

I have our listing of upcoming Haunted Historic
Locations and dates (these are limited and more
personal daylight and explore tours on the S.W.
Suburbs outside of Chicago).

Also it includes an updated description for Ursula
Bielski and my 'Beyond The Veil' at the Haunted
Joliet Mansion on Jan. 31st.

That web is our Haunted Historic Locations, web site:

Also I added a new web page to the photo / article
section of The Unexplained World Web site. It is
the Joliet, Haunted Scutt Mansion. You can see it
and all the other Haunted Locations (over 20),
Photo pages at:

Also updated is our web page of:
Our 2009 Spirit Weavers ~ Readers and also includes
the Spirit Feelers who will be assisting me in 2009.

You can find the link to it toward the bottom of
the page at:

or at the web page of photos and locations mentioned

Also for your Holiday Joy, if you have not heard it yet,
our re-broadcast of our Holiday Internet radio broadcast
that also includes an interview with Michelle who sees
Spirits and is a Feeler. It can be heard when you get
to the web site at:

That should be all until after Christmas, enjoy
the Holiday, be safe and stay warm.

Ed Shanahan