Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spirits - Idea / concept for this year and possibly in Indiana

Hello Friends,

In the past (about 4 years back), when I had
access to Ricco D's, what I would do, is take
a group of individuals either through Ricco D's
or back in the woods area and assist them
in opening up their ability to feel / sense
spirits, instead of just being a walk through
the woods.

I talked about this with Jenelle recently, in
the concept of her and I doing this together for
Individuals. As it worked well in the past when
I did it, and I've received some private e-mails
of interest in something like this and Jenelle
showed interest also.

The thing is, where could it be done? Then it
dawned on me, there is an area only 20 minutes
from the IL and IN border, right near the Indiana
Dunes, was Indian land in the past and an area
our Annette lives minutes from.

This area is also very spiritual and Annette has
told me that there is an area we would start at
that I have never been to in the past and it would
take us through this wooded spiritual location to
an area that is a burial ground.

But as I said, this I would not call a Ghost Tour,
even though paranormal activity has been experienced
at the one location that we will end up at on this
night. It will be more of an experience and one we
would assist you in opening up.

Besides Jenelle, I would also see if Michelle and
Jamie would be interested in joining us.

It would be done at night in the Spring or Summer,
Annette would be our Location Guide.

Let me know if something like this would interest
you. e-mail me from my web site: