Friday, January 9, 2009

Chicago Public Psychic Readings Coming ...

Public Psychic Readings:

* Annette (my co-host of The Unexplained
World - Internet radio show at: ), and
I will be doing Psychic Readings in February
on Friday the 13th, (plan for it early) at:

The Weather Mark,
1503 South Michigan Ave, Chicago, Illinois
From 8pm to 1am or later.

The gift offering will stay the same as
last year, just $20 per reader.

Annette will be doing Past Life Readings
and Tarot Readings (over 20 years of

I will be doing Palm Readings, my Psychometry
One on One readings (your palm held between
both of mine), and Conscious Channeling with
items of your loved ones who have passed

Remember The Weather Mark serves great
food and drinks along with having a crowd
of great people who visit the location.

Make it a party for you and your friends.

Also Friday February 13th date is the
opening day of the Chicago Auto Show and
we are right down the street from it, so
if you start your day out at the auto show,
come by afterwards and enjoy The Weather Mark
and a reading by Annette or me.

Remember this Sunday Night (1/11/2009 at
9pm central time, Annette will be doing Past
Life Readings on our Internet radio broadcast
of The Unexplained World at:

Enjoy and Blessings,

Ed Shanahan