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Chicago Paranormal Dates & Locations 2009

Hello Blog Readers,

This is posted to inform you of the upcoming dates
from Jan - May of 2009 for Paranormal dates and
the locations with Chicago's area Haunted Historic
Locations, The Unexplained World and Beyond The Veil.

It is posted by Edward Shanahan, a Paranormal Spiritual
Observer and Psychic Reader in the Chicagoland area and
also includes the dates and locations that he will be
doing public readings.

The newsletter below is the January 2009 from
Haunted Historic Locations at:

Feel free to go there and view photos and even sign
up for the newsletter, listen to The Unexplained
World - Internet radio broadcast and more. The
information is below in the January 2009 newsletter.


Edward Shanahan

Hello Subscribers,

I would like to welcome the new subscribers
to the Haunted Historic Locations newsletter.

I wish for all - A Very Happy New Year of 2009.

Below you will find some additional dates
and as mentioned in our last newsletter,
what I would be starting with this months
newsletter. I have added some dates and
the location that public Psychic Readings
are going to be done. Those dates also
include our Annette joining me with the

Also starting with this newsletter, I will
include an article in each newsletter that
I have written in the past and has been
published on either major paranormal and
article web sites or in print. They are
articles to give you something to think

Remember you can contact me personally
by e-mail with recommendations, comments
or just anything else at:

Again - A Happy New Year to All.

Edward Shanahan

What's in this January newsletter:

* Annette and I will be doing Public
Psychic Readings in February and
March in the Chicago's Downtown
South Loop and your invited.

* Paranormal dates and locations.

* Next Internet Radio Broadcast - Readings.

* Entertaining Psychic Parties.

* Those assisting me at locations and a new
person who will be joining me. Also are
you a local Investigator or Team. Who has
a Ghost Box ?

* Article - A Soul's Pre-Life.

* Web Site list.

* Contacting Ed Shanahan (me)

Public Psychic Readings:

* Annette (my co-host of The Unexplained
World - Internet radio show), and I will
be doing Psychic Readings in February on
Friday the 13th (also in March), at

The Weather Mark,
1503 South Michigan Ave, Chicago, Illinois
From 8pm to 1am or later.

The gift offering will stay the same as
last year, just $20 per reader.

Annette will be doing Past Lives Readings
and Tarot Readings (over 20 years of

I will be doing Palm Readings, my Psychometry
One on One readings (your palm held between
both of mine), and Conscious Channeling with
items of your loved ones who have passed

Remember The Weather Mark serves great
food and drinks along with having a crowd
of great people who visit the location.

Also the February 13th date is the opening
day of the Chicago Auto Show and we are
right down the street from it, so if you
start your day out at the auto show, come
by afterwards and enjoy The Weather Mark
and a reading by Annette or me.

* Paranormal dates and locations.

(A) The Haunted Historic Scutt Mansion
in Joliet, IL. It is a whole different
animal at night !

Saturday January 31st. 7pm to 11pm or later

This is a Beyond the Veil night with
Ms. Ursula Beilski and I. Joining us
also on this night will be Michelle who
at times sees Spirits and is also a

Also for those who attend this night with
us and take photos, Ursula will consider
the photos from this night for publication
in her next book.

For more details, photos of the location,
my personal experience there, a video
of photos taken there, and our special
offer for you - visit the
Haunted Historic Locations web site at:

(B) Explore and Experience
Haunted Archer Avenue - during the day.

Saturday April 25th, 1pm - 5:30 pm
Limited to just 12 individuals, it
becomes more of a personal experience.
Transportation bus provided.

Join the Worth Historical Museum and
me on this date, as we provide for you
a day to explore haunted locations along
Archer Ave.

As many of you know from the past
newsletters or the web sites, I have spent
my whole life in this area of the S.W. side
and in the area running from Archer Ave
in Summit right through Willow Springs
(the most spiritual and haunted area in
the Chicagoland area), and beyond.

We will take you to the locations others
do, but also locations I personally know
about and researched by living in the area,
what others have experienced in some of
the locations. Locations that are on The
Unexplained World web site and others
that I have not put up there.

This is the areas that I have been written
up in Paranormal Books about.

We will get out and explore many of the
locations and that is the reason why we
do it during the day, to allow you access.

Not only will you get the Paranormal
and Spiritual history and experience
presented by me, but also the historical
one about the area that will be provided by
Christine Brooks from the Worth Historical
Museum, who has years of involvement in
the History and Historical Societies of the
state of IL.

I also plan on having Jamie assist me on
this and possibly Michelle also, if she is

For more details and photo of what seems
to be either a Spirit or Angel taken during
the day: visit
Haunted Historic Locations web site at:

(C) Explore and Experience
Bachelor's Grove Cemetery and other
haunted locations during the day.

Sunday May 17th
1pm - 5:30 pm.
Limited to just 12 individuals, it
becomes more of a personal experience.
Transportation bus provided.

Join the Worth Historical Museum and
me on this date, as we provide for you
a day to explore Bachelor's Grove
Cemetery and other haunted locations,
like the location in Oak Lawn, that a
child has been seen during the day and
vanishes, and what could be the cause.

What is also provided on this day time
experience and done so by Christine
Brooks from the Worth Historical
Museum, plus this is unique as it is the
map of who was buried at what locations
in Bachelor's Grove Cemetery and you
will have this with you when you enter
the cemetery and you get to take it
home with you.

On this day time experience you will
learn the History both from a Historical
History and also a Paranormal History
of the locations we will visit.

Also on our web site for Haunted
Historic Locations, if you go to the
web page with the listings of these
dates and locations. At the top of
the page, you will see a link to the
photo I took during the day, of what
seems to be the Ghost House of
Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, that
others talk about and I just happen
to capture a photo of.

I will show you on this date, the
location that I was guided to point
the camera at and took the photo
while in the Cemetery, so you can
also try to capture the Ghost House
with your camera.

I also plan on having Jamie assist me
on this and possibly Michelle also, if
she is free.

For more details on the Bachelor's
Grove Cemetery and other locations
to explore and experience, go to our
web site at:

* Next Internet Radio Broadcast:
Readings for callers.

Sunday January 11th
9pm central time to 10:30pm
(we are running a 1/2 hour longer
on this night).

(you can go to the site now and set
a reminder for your self).

This has always been a popular
broadcast in the past, we only do
it twice a year and this is the start
of our 3rd year of doing it.

Annette will either do a Past Life
Reading for the caller or a Present
type of Reading (callers choice).

For the very first time on the broadcast
and for callers, I will also do a Psychic
Reading for a specific situation type of
question a caller may have.

So callers can have two readers per
call if they should desire it.

This is on Sunday January 11th at
9pm central time and just go to the
web site to hear the broadcast:
(you can go to the site now and set
a reminder for your self).

* Entertaining Psychic Parties.

Well I have taken a break since
Dec. 13th and the Readings kick
into full gear again starting next

Right now I'm booked up until
the start of March as far as
dates go. You see by the dates
for the Public Psychic Reading
dates above, what weekend dates
I have booked already for readings
in March.

So all others are open starting in
March and beyond.

You can see on my personal web
site what is offered to each person
that is read and I also do my
Conscious Channeling with items
of your love ones who have passed
away and it is something special if
it just family having the Psychic
Party and is a honor for me to assist
the family.

Also what I offer to do for Psychic
Parties and the choice of the host
(who gets a free reading), is posted
on the web site.

And also I do travel, most of my
readings have been on the North
and N.W. side and suburbs, so
traveling is not a problem.

So if your looking for an Entertaining
Psychic Party (also if you desire two
Readers, that can be arranged), by me,
feel free to go to my personal web site

* Those assisting me at Paranormal
Locations and are Spiritual Feelers.

I have added two individuals, many
know from last month's newsletter
that I have added Michelle, who is
a Spiritual Feeler and at times sees

Jamie also will become part of those
who assist me, she will be starting
soon and I look forward to working
with her.

Mercedes is still on the list of those
who assist, but her abilities to do
so has been limited.

Amy will always have an open door.

Jenelle will be part of those who are
invited to do Psychic Readings and
Psychic Parties. I had her involved
majority of the time in 2008 with the
paranormal stuff, and when she is
ready to get involved in it again,
the door is open.

Also at times I will be looking for
a Paranormal Team to be involved
or one who is an Investigator and
has the tools. I already have the
LAPS team who are pretty local,
but I know they can't always be

So if your an Individual Investigator
and have tools or are a Team that
has tools and are local, I would
be interested in talking with you
and seeing if there may be an
interest on your part. Also those
who have a Ghost Box, feel free
to contact me.

* Article by Edward Shanahan

A Soul's Pre-Life

Well it was one of those vivid dream nights
again or a message received (you decide).
But for me it was like being a witness to
the creation of pre-life. It has been said
that before we are any type of life form,
like as being just a soul, we choose our
parents, and we choose our life purpose and
what makes us up, like personality, color etc.

Well the vivid dream was that of, I guess
you could call it 'a soul', and this soul
was descending down what appeared to be a
tunnel of light. But this soul would stop
every few seconds and it was looking at
what appeared to be a shelf.

One shelf would have life hardships, and
the soul only had two seconds to make a
choice of what hardships it would choose
before descending down to a life form.
Then it would move onto another shelf below
the last, and then also have a two second
choice of lets say the type of loves it would
encounter, and this went on through different
descending levels until the soul was conceived
by it's chosen parents.

The soul was given many choices on each
shelf, but only had like I said, two seconds
to decide on the things in life it could count
on for sure, and these things were like it's
foundation for the life it would face and the
length of that life. The soul then only had
those things to create a life on and it is up
to that soul, on what degree it would do so.

Also there was something like a message,
like the type you see at the end of a movie
(the credits), that explained that even though
the souls had free choice, their whole life was
not mapped out for them, that this was just
a foundation to work with.

Those that did not choose from the shelves
(kind of like not making up their mind on
choices or decided not to pick any thing
from the shelves), would not live long or
becomes a miscarriage and at a later time,
that soul would be given another chance
to make it's choices.


Edward Shanahan
(c) 2007 Edward L. Shanahan

* Web Sites List:

For Chicago Paranormal Locations, many photos,
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