Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scientists are taking ORBS seriously

Hello Friends,

I would like to direct you all to an interview we had on our broadcast of The Unexplained World last April. I think many may find it interesting that NASA researchers and Scientists are looking at Orbs as something beyond what has been said in the past by the paranormal field.

Question!!! Who or What owns the largest collection of Orb photos???
(answer below - after link for this re-broadcast).

Our Guest was:

Dr. Klaus Heinemann, a former research professor at Stanford University and researcher in materials science for NASA, the American space agency is our guest this night and says - There is no doubt in his mind that the Orbs may well be one of the most significant outside of this reality phenomena mankind at large has ever witnessed.

Scientists and the science world are feeling and looking at it as a possiblity about Orbs being more then what has been said by the paranormal field Investigators.

You can hear the re-broadcast (you may have to copy and paste the address if it breaks up here do to length)
re-broadcast of Scientists are taking Orbs Seriously

The answer to the question and stated by the Professor above is:
the Vatican in Rome (the Catholic Church), owns the largest collection of Orb photos in the world.


Edward Shanahan
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