Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Seances with Edward Shanahan in Chicago area

Hello Readers,

Well I'm now deep in to doing the Seances at the Haunted Historic Locations.

They have been going very well. We did one last Tuesday night at the Joliet Scutt Mansion, that also brought out a TV crew and morning radio show hosts. They requested to come out, I did not send any PR stuff out to anyone to invite them out.

Also appearing in a newspaper this coming week will be an article by a reporter who attended my first Seance at the Senator Humphrey House about 3 weeks ago, again one who requested to experience it (and they and their photographer did experience).

Another sign that their going well, is others around my area who never offered to do such a thing (as in the past with the type of readings I do, Internet radio broadcast etc...), are attempting to get on the bandwagon to do so now.

I'm waiting on a EVP from the one at the Scutt Mansion, a response from a spirit to one of my requests.

Thank You to all who have attended and those in the future..

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Edward Shanahan