Sunday, November 1, 2009

Seance during and after - Still hanging on.....

I still can't shake what came to me (visualized), toward the end of the Seance I held last night at the Joliet haunted Scutt Mansion. Hit me hard when I realized it. But that's what can happen.

Imagine, knowing that 'what ever' is right near you and the table, but is no taller then the table, actually lower then the table and are looking up at you. And others who are sitting at the table feel them looking at them also, and things are like crossing by your face while, like going by on the table. Then it hits you (me) you actually visualized, it's little infants who have passed away that are surrounding you or around the table in the Doll Room, wondering what your doing, as they don't understand, and there right next to you, looking up at you, like innocent little infants who just learned to stand on their feet.

Hit me hard when I finally realized what it / they where. I had to close the Seance shortly after that.

Lately it's been children coming to me (Senator Humphrey House and now the mansion). I will shake it, as it's just one of those things you learn to know can happen when you .....

I would like to Thank all who came out last night to the Joliet Scutt Mansion. Mary and Noel for assisting those at the mansion and me with they abilities and LAPS for handling the Paranormal Investigator side of things.


Ed Shanahan