Thursday, October 8, 2009

Haunted Joliet Mansion, Ghost Stories, Psychic Readings with Shanahan on Oct. 30th.

On October 30th 7:30pm - Midnight.

The Joliet Drama Guild will be presenting haunted stories readings in the various rooms of the haunted Scutt Mansion for your enjoyment.

This talented group will be dressed in costumes and giving their best interpretations of some of the best loved stories of the season.

Edward Shanahan will be providing entertaining Psychic Readings all night, as they did in the Victorian times, in the Victorian Parlor.

The reading will include Conscious Channeling with items of your loved ones who have passed away. Remember to bring items like rings, eye glasses, a watch etc.. items that they wore, as the Veil will be thinner on Oct. 30th.

No set fee for Readings by Shanahan
on this night, just a gift offering. View his personal web page, the list of newspapers that have carried him, the books and more at his personal web site: Edward

A lively and haunting evening for everyone attending.

You can pay at the door, you do not need to reserve.
The proceeds from the door go to help the Scutt Mansion / Museum.
206 N. Broadway St., Joliet, Illinois 60436
(815) 723-3052

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How about a night at the haunted mansion for 'just you and your friends' ?
It can be arranged! Visit this past article for details