Sunday, June 21, 2009

Protection From Unwanted Spirits.

The question asked of me from Rosemary in my Yahoo Group, was :

Ed: I wonder if you would tell us who don't know, how you do the energy to protect yourself because I never personally learned from anyone how to do this and that could be because I never had any classes or instructions and it could be if I had been instructed on how to protect myself I might not have the problems I have had. Others also tell me how they surround themselves with protection and they have never had any problems what so ever and so I would like to have those who know how to do this protection from unwanted spirits to give me some feedback and instructions as to what they were taught and maybe I will be able to protect myself better.

Well all I could do is speak for my self and my Internal Knowledge, my response was this:

Hello Rosemary,
I know this does not follow the what is the preached path by many, but as many know I have gone by my internal knowledge over the years and what 'I experienced' with the person who opened me up (did not teach, just opened me up and guided, directed me, like holding my hand and letting me discover). I'm a full believer in a few things (why wait for the book - LOL).

1) - We all have come from the Spiritual / Spirit World (reason for Internal Knowledge), and we will return back to it. Some are old souls and some are young souls (we gain our internal knowledge each time we return to the Spirit World upon death or Near Death Experiences - just read the documents on the net of knowledge gained through near death experiences) and that is where we learn and bring back with us the knowledge gained from each time we cross over. So the Spiritual / Spirit World is our natural home and also home for our soul. So I feel we are always a welcomed guest, reason for my Medium Work, Channeling and also being a Paranormal / Spirit Feeler, as I feel it is the reason for being able to tap into the Spirit World (reason I feel that I can do it).

2) - I'm a firm believer that no living person is more powerful then the Spirit /Spiritual World, nor will it be allowed. So I always show respect with that belief and it is internal knowledge, you will never see or hear me state that I can control or manipulate Spirits, one can bring calmness to a situation, but I do not believe one can manipulate or control what is more powerful then the living.

3) - With that knowledge and respect, I believe by way of all my experiences that I'm protected by the Spirit / Spiritual Side, but I also listen to what is being told to me internally, and one has to remember that it is 'free will' to listen or go about as you want to, and I'm a full believer and have experienced things manipulated to work out in a way to protect me the first time. But then if I'm offered it again I'm on my own with free will to decide and that is also showing the Spirit World if I respect it or will go about and do what ever as I see fit and this just recently happened and only 3 people know why it was manipulated and now I have to make a decision on what I will do if it comes back up (has to do with a location).

4) - My belief in my Higher Power 'without flaws' and the Spirit World along with all I mentioned above, is my protection along with the Internal Knowledge. I till this date have not encountered in or from the Spirit World, what I would call an evil spirit and nor have I've been effected. But again I go back to the internal knowledge guiding me (an old soul), as there has been a couple of times a person in a group that I'm with, has been what I call 'somewhat attacked' and I took control of the situation and got it to stop, as I tapped into the Spirit that was acting up and I started to describe it and a couple of other things I said at the moment, it was my internal knowledge that was reacting for me, not something I read or was instructed on how to do, just my internal knowledge kicked in and I acted and said what I did without thinking about it. This was witnessed by others when it's happened.

5) - We are allowed only what we are allowed by the Spirit World, simple as that. If I'm not allowed to do what I do at a location, it will not happen and this has only happened twice since 2003. So that kind of explains my Protection and Internal Knowledge and what I do and how I go about it, there is a bit more, but I will save that for the book :-)

Edward Shanahan