Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meet The Unexplained World - radio hosts Ed Shanahan and Annette at Large Chicago Area Pagan Fest 6/20

Meet The Unexplained World - Internet radio hosts,
Ed Shanahan and Annette
at the huge Chicago area Pagan Fest on Saturday June 20th.

"Annette and I are looking forward to this, as it is one of the bigger Pagan Fests if not the biggest in the Chicagoland area, and it's being held at a unique location that is what it's all about", Ed said.

Ed has been involved with the Paranormal Field in the Chicago land area for years and he has been written about in two paranormal books. He is a Paranormal Feeler, Psychic Reader and Medium, and Annette is the High Priestess of The Coven of The White Heart, Tarot Reader for over 20 years and highly respected in the Pagan Community, and they will have a table set up there to meet individuals.

Ed also plans on teaching individuals about how to do their own Tarot or Playing Cards Lotto Spread, who knows who may be a future big lotto winner! Also he will be doing demonstrations of his ability to control and manipulate energy or what some call Telekinesis / Psychokinesis, while others hold a set of Dowsing Rods and he attemps to make them move with out touching them. Also he will work with others who come to the table and assist them if they want to attempt Telekinesis with the use of Dowsing Rods.

That and other things Annette and Ed will be providing for free, including letting individuals know if they are an old soul or young soul by looking at their palms, doing interviews for future broadcasts on The Unexplained World, video taping for future broadcast on The Unexplained Worlds - Paranormal TV 24 /7 and later in the day Annette and Ed will be holding a discussion about the Paranormal, Magick, Psychic Abilities and their beliefs.

Join Ed and Annette at Saturday June 20th at:
Heart of the Morrighan Community Interfaith Temple Presents:
A Celebration of Spirit, Unity, and Harmony
June 20, 2009 11:30 AM to 6 PM

Arabian Knights Farm
6526 Clarendon Hills Road
Willowbrook, IL

Entrance fee: Food to Share

All raffle proceeds to benefit:
Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy

There will be vendors, readers, lectures, rituals, music, raffles, food, and gathering of Kindred Spirits of All Faiths!

So far, we have the following:
HOST Heart of The Morrighan Community Interfaith Temple
SPONSORS Witchy Wearables

Mystic Beauty: Fine Gemstone Jewelry
Princess Wear by Paula: Princess and faery clothing for children
Enchanted Journey
Witchy Wearables
Dragonfly Bliss: Soaps, lotions and more!
Heart of the Morrighan (Rosina's Products: Candles, oils, sprays, mojo bags, spell kits, manifestation baskets)
Moksha Imports (Aloha! Ed and Sue, former owners of Sanctuary Crystals are back with stones and jewelry!)
J9 Jewelry
Green Man's Crafts (The Circle Awen)Handmade crafts: wands,Spirit Boards, Boxes Keepers of The Ancient Ways
The Occult Bookstore
The Light of Dawn (Metaphysical Flea market)
Oakmoon Crafts (painted and etched glass, misc. handcrafted items)
Rose of Sharon (Floral Arrangements)
Salem Studio Productions (Handmade crafts, walking sticks,wooden boxes, miscellaneous metal works)
The Witch's Wardrobe Handcrafted skirts, tops, bags, and hats
Purple Feathers Mojo (Henna, Voodoo Wanga Healing, Dolls, Gris-Gris Bags)
Ethical Abundance (Soaps and Candles)
Midnight Hollow (handpainted witch signs, boxes, trunks,and books of shadows)
R.I.P (Researchers Investigating the Paranormal) (tee shirts, hats, pendulums, smudge fans, dowsing rods)
Spiral Scouts
Fireflies (Free Cycle booth, where people can take an item or two for free to keep things that are still usable from going into landfills!)
Spiral Scouts
No Rabbits here (Jewelry)

Rivian Wolf (Reiki, tuning forks, guided meditation CD's)
Life Force Wellness (Reiki mini-sessions, chakra crystal bags)

Amber (Tarot)
The Light of Dawn (Tarot)
Kristin (Tarot)
George Capri
Rose Ann
Mike T.Cindi

"The Elements of Magick and Ritual"
Stan Modrzyk -"Lunar Gardening"
The Light of Dawn "Creating Your Own Oghams", Cuchullain-"Elemental Feng Shui", Nan Louise "Spiral Scouts",
KestrelMorn "Meeting Your Spiritual Guide",
Cindi Muntz
Ed and Annette - The Unexplained World.

"The Unexplained World" (Meet and greet for radio show, taking interviews on "unexplained" experience)
Therapeutic Horse Organization for Research (THOR)
The Witch Hat Society

CARICATURES/ARTIST Caricatures by Mark
DJ Supplied by the Arabian Knights Farms!
The Gypsy Nomads!!!!
Live concert!