Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chicago area Psychic Parties and a Haunted Mansion for Your Party.

Entertaining Psychic Parties, you can plan for the months ahead, September, October and beyond for your Entertaining Psychic Party with Edward Shanahan in the Chicago area, suburbs and can travel.

You may want to consider something unique for your Psychic Party or Haunted Get Together with friends. A 1800's Victorian Mansion in Joliet, IL that Paranormal Investigation Teams have documented as being haunted. A location that has seen two past owners die, two murders and is next door to a building that two children died in during a fire.

Also let's not forget the energy from years past left on the antique items throughout the Victorian Mansion and no one forgets the Doll Room after they have entered it, a room that is lined along the walls with dolls from as far back as the 1800's, looking at all who enter the room or the Dance Room with Pipe Organ, the last owner was found dead in the hallway outside of this room.

A location that Chicago area Entertaining Psychic Reader, Channeler and Paranormal Spirit Feeler Edward Shanahan was drawn to and has become a regular location that he provides for individuals to explore and experience along with holding Public Readings at.

In co-operation with the board of directors of the Joliet Victorian Mansion and Museum, named the Scutt Mansion, Edward Shanahan can provide those interested, the opportunity of having their Psychic Party or Haunted Get Together with friends at the mansion and includes Edward Shanahan doing readings (see below), for a fee that is equal to the per-person cost that some Readers charge for doing Psychic Parties at an individual's home.

Edward Shanahan is a Chicago area Psychic Reader and Channeler. He has been written about in two paranormal books and a third coming out in 2009. Produced in 2003 and 2004 the Chicago area cable TV show 'The Unexplained World'. Host of the Internet radio broadcast 'The Unexplained World' with his co-host Annette and the show has now been broadcasting for over three and a half years.

Edward Shanahan has been mentioned and written about in the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune's Red Eye Newspaper 'Best Bet' section, Time Out Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune's Weekend section, Southtown Star Newspaper, News Harold Newspapers, WTTW TV, Orland Park Prairie Newspaper and other local papers.

Personal Psychic Readings / Conscious Channeling / A Paranormal Spiritual Observer / Haunted Locations / Entertaining Psychic House Parties / Readings In The Round.

More people are having Ed Shanahan for Entertaining Psychic House Parties! From Allison in April 2009 - Thank you Ed. We had a great time, you were a big hit!

As he Reads all those present and Channels with all involved with what he calls his Readings in the Round and it has become an entertaining part of his Psychic House Parties. He has also done it on stage at night clubs. Also as other Psychics do at house parties, Ed will do private readings or combination of both Psychic Readings in the Round and Private Readings.

Type of Psychic Readings by Edward Shanahan:
He starts with doing a Palm Reading and goes as far as even telling the individual if they are an old soul or young soul and explains the difference. He then goes to Personal Psychometry Readings, this is when he puts the individual's hand between both of his hands and he attempts to tap into their energy and connect with the inner child inside the individual, to describe the individual and what may be going on with them, including their past, present and future. This is also best for personal answers by way of the One on One Psychometry.

Then if individuals bring items of a loved one who has passed away, Edward will do Spiritual Conscious Channeling, and that is a reading done with items of a love one who has passed away. So if you attend a location he is doing readings at, bring items of a loved one who has passed away with you. Edward recommends items like rings, watches, glasses etc.. stuff that they would of wore and picked up their energy.

Recent Articles on the Internet about Edward Shanahan:
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To contact Edward Shanahan, you can e-mail him at
his web site at: Edward Shanahan.com

Coming on Saturday Oct. 31st - Halloween Night.
All Hallows Eve: The most magical night of the year.
Shanahan and those Spiritual Feelers who assist him, will take you beyond the veil, when it is the thinnest on this night and conclude the night with a Seance that Shanahan will allow himself to go where he has never in the past, with the Spiritual Feelers and himself attempting to bring an experience to those who attend, an experience of the Spirits in the Haunted Joliet Mansion.

Halloween Night was a very special night for the last owner who died in the mansion, as there was never a Halloween Eve that he did not celebrate Halloween, expect for the years that have now followed his death.

To keep informed about All Hallow Eve, e-mail Edward at
his web site:
Edward Shanahan.com
and he will put you on his private newsletter list. The Newsletter will come from 'Haunted Historic Locations', this will keep you informed.

Below you will find a letter Edward received from an individual who was at one of the Paranormal Nights Edward hosted at the Haunted Joliet Mansion. On this night, Edward did his "Circle Of Energy" in the Doll Room.

Letter as received from Wayne:
Hi Ed,
I sure thought that my message went thru to u, but according to my sent box, it never made it, so I'll try again. When I agreed to go along to the mansion in Joliet, I figured at best it would be an historic adventure. I was a paranormal virgin if u will. Then I got upstairs to the "doll" room where there was already something going on. I went to the west end of the room and my right arm got extremely cold. Only the right arm. I tried rubbing it and putting my coat on to no luck.

Then came the overwhelming sensation to get the hell outta that room and now! At that point I had no idea why I was leaving, only that I needed to go. I did not want to return to that room, but I did. Once again the same chill and the same desire to get out. When the Circle came, things got stronger for me. Cold and the sense of being messed with. 1/2 of the ride home, my wife's friend (who was also in the circle) and I were really sick to our stomachs. Like having too much to drink and wanting to get sick. I was also detached for a New York minute. Once that passed then I trying to fight staying awake. Never felt like that. It was as if I didn't sleep for a week. I fell asleep hard and woke up the next morning just as tired and felt scrambled. The whole day I felt like I was standing on one foot. I told this to Candy and now I would be honored if u could take the time to tell me what u think.

I would like to see u again sometime when u r doing readings. I don't belong to Kenosha Paranormal so I do not know if I am able to attend the next time u r in this area. Thank u once again for adding me and taking the time to read and respond to this.

Peace be with you.