Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Shadows Know

Deep in the darkness of the mind, a depth un-reachable by science and the medical field, lurking in the shadows that are beyond common and acceptable thought, is an area that is unknown by many and yet many live with.

In the depths of our own human self who attempt to live and walk on the white or light side of the road, there is the shadow that follows behind or along on the path walked.

In the paranormal world of study and experience, many talk of what is waiting in the shadows, just waiting to be invited into our living world.

Individuals are at times are warned about going beyond the veil, into the world that many perceive as being a world of darkness. As lurking in the shadows they say are Demons, Evil Spirits, and a dark side of psychological wrath.

To warn against it, one would have to say then, it would have to have been experienced, yet the majority who talk against going beyond the veil, do so without having experienced what it is actually that they are warning against doing.

I believe that it is more their fear of knowing and tapping into the reality, of the reality that lingers in the shadows of the un-known that is within the reach of those who seek it.

An example could be as simple as one taking a prescribed medicine that has a side effect of taking one's mind to a world that they hope to never experience again. One that opens the closet of skeletons that seemed like they were just waiting in the shadows, to remind one's mind of the past. Is this something to fear? Depends on the person, but consider it a light focusing on the past, to structure one's future, then no it is not something to fear.

With myself being one who has experienced Spirits and the Spirit World and being one who brings this knowledge of experience to others with my attempt of connecting with the Spirits of their loved ones who have passed away. Also providing groups of individuals to experience the Spirits that visit and remain at locations, I have a different thought, one that is gifted to me and not my own, as this is written with a knowledge that is beyond my human knowledge, as I'm being guided with what is being written here.

The fear of what could be beyond the veil, the warnings about going in to the dark evil shadows of Demons, Evil Spirits, not to open that closet. Is a mask against the reality and an attempt to take away your free will and experience of the true knowledge that awaits one who does do what others have not experienced, has warned against doing.

By who and why? You may ask.

By what I call the 'The Real Dark Side', is the side that is always there and is in the shadows of all of us. Whatever the title is one desire to give it, the majority of the living has their own title or description for it. The source plants the seeds of thought pertaining to the evil that is in the shadows waiting to be invited in. It attempts to take the free will away from individuals to go beyond the veil that takes one into the reality of the Spirit World and Spiritual Side that has no Evil Spirits, Demons, or any wrath that may be waiting in the shadows.

Then there is also the consideration of the inexperienced individuals that I describe as new or young souls, those who are new souls and inexperienced to the Spiritual World do to their own freshness from being within it. During my personal readings for individuals, when the person turns their palms facing up to be read by me, I first look to see if they are a young or old soul. What I have learned with the conversations I have with the old souls, is that like me, they do not fear Spirits or the Spiritual World, nor see any evil present within it, because of their many experiences of being within it.

Spirits, Ghosts, the Paranormal or whatever name one may give them, are showing and being experienced more then ever and to all walks of life. A kind of coming out of the shadows or closet, I would say.

The majority of people know they exist and believe in Spirits and the Spirit World. However, there still are those who need to prove or disprove it. There are those individuals who are searching for proof using tools not yet truly proven and a tool may never come along that will prove a Spirit is present, when proof has been knocking them on the head and for many they internally know it. One has to remember no tool can measure the love one has for another, yet one knows it without the use of any tools.

Individuals have to just research what has been documented by so many who have died and comeback, those who have truly experienced the Spiritual World and come back to share that experience for reasons known to them.

The proof is out there to be experienced in a living state, but many warn us not to go there. Not to go beyond the veil with mind and soul to experience what is there in the shadows waiting and wanting in this fragment of time we live in, for us to experience what we once were and what we will be again, a Spirit of the Spiritual World, something we already know.

The spiritual side attempts to get our attention, many call it a haunting or ghosts, and if you experience this in your home, then you are told that you need someone to somehow get rid of the paranormal activities. What are you really getting rid of? May it be a Spirit as you your self once were? In addition, you will be again part of the Spiritual World that the Spirit you are experiencing came from.

Consider that thought and also consider the reality of the fact that no living person is more powerful then the spiritual world when you read about those who claim to be and claim to have control over spirits. One with internal knowledge can bring calmness to a paranormal situation with the knowledge from within of being an old soul, but the living controlling a spiritual power will never be allowed by the Spirit World, nor will those with internal knowledge of being an old soul attempt it.

I have personally gone deep and will go deeper in my experiences and with what I do and how I do it with Spirits and the Spiritual World. To do so is to give those who participate with me, the experience of the true Spirit World that is at a location. The plans have been made for the very near future to take others and my self to locations that the fear of what may be present at the location waiting in the shadows beyond the veil, rests in the closet of the mind.

As in the past when we placed an Ouija board in my Circle of Energy to see if, the spirit world would interact with it with no assistance of an individual. What is documented on video and posted on our web site, is what appears to be a Spirit or Shadow Person walking within the area of the Ouija board. The Spirit did not interact with the board, but did with those individuals who were present; as did other spirits and those, who participated in my Circle of Energy can be heard talking about the activities as they happened.

With the location planned in the future that we bring groups to, I plan to bring a ghost box with us, to place in my Circle of Energy in an attempt to see if the Spirits at the location will interact with it, as they do with the individuals that participate in my Circle of Energy.

One day I may experience what others warn that is out there waiting in the shadows. The last few years I have yet to encounter what is warned about. However, I have met it in the living with one who worships with rituals based and directed to the powers of evil. It was a meeting meant to happen, to show me were evil resides, the power of it is within the living, and that there is the free will to walk either side that one should decide on.

I had his ability proven to me personally with my own blood that ran free from the palm of my right hand that required stitches to stop the bleeding. The ability shown to me was a sign of respect for me and a gift of the knowledge given to me of were evil resides, a knowledge that could only come from the experience that would show me were the reality of the source evil comes from.

With that experience I nodded yes, as I knew that he knew my internal knowledge of the Spiritual World, that he was aware of my own abilities and that there is mutual respect and knowledge of both sides of the gray line we all walk.

You as the reader of this, have the free will to take from this what ever you desire and take it any way you want. The knowledge written here and that I have personally experienced is gifted to me, to pass on to you, to open the door within yourself, to shed some light on what the internal knowledge of what the shadows within you already know.


Edward Shanahan

(c) 2008 Edward L. Shanahan

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Paranromal Web Sites - updated.

Hello Friends,

I have updated the web sites for going into 2009
for: The Unexplained World - Haunted Historic Locations
and Edward Shanahan.

I have our listing of upcoming Haunted Historic
Locations and dates (these are limited and more
personal daylight and explore tours on the S.W.
Suburbs outside of Chicago).

Also it includes an updated description for Ursula
Bielski and my 'Beyond The Veil' at the Haunted
Joliet Mansion on Jan. 31st.

That web is our Haunted Historic Locations, web site:

Also I added a new web page to the photo / article
section of The Unexplained World Web site. It is
the Joliet, Haunted Scutt Mansion. You can see it
and all the other Haunted Locations (over 20),
Photo pages at:

Also updated is our web page of:
Our 2009 Spirit Weavers ~ Readers and also includes
the Spirit Feelers who will be assisting me in 2009.

You can find the link to it toward the bottom of
the page at:

or at the web page of photos and locations mentioned

Also for your Holiday Joy, if you have not heard it yet,
our re-broadcast of our Holiday Internet radio broadcast
that also includes an interview with Michelle who sees
Spirits and is a Feeler. It can be heard when you get
to the web site at:

That should be all until after Christmas, enjoy
the Holiday, be safe and stay warm.

Ed Shanahan

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Join Ursula Bielski and Edward Shanahan at Haunted Mansion

Hello Friends,

I hope all those here in the Midwest
are staying comfortable in this weather.

Friday night in the newsletter I sent out
to those who subscribe to my Haunted Historic
Locations newsletter at:

I posted the fact that a date has been set
for Beyond The Veil with Ms. Ursula Bielski
and me, to take individuals to the Haunted
Joliet Mansion - the Scutt Mansion.

I have not finished my web site pages yet,
to include our Beyond The Veil at the haunted
mansion, but Ursula has and the information
is below along with a link to the web page.

I wanted to inform you all, because there
is something we are doing incase you may be
interested in giving it as a Holiday Gift for
someone you know, including also your self,
and it may help you out if your interested.

Below is the information and the link to the
web page for more details.

Have a safe and great Holiday,

Edward Shanahan

Beyond The Veil goes to the Haunted Joliet
Mansion - The Scutt Mansion and there is a
little bonus thrown in for those reading this
here, to assist you in maybe giving this as
a gift for the holidays for someone special
(including you).

Ms. Ursula Beilski (Chicago's top paranormal
author of 6 books), and my self - for the 1st
time will together take individuals for our
Beyond The Veil location experience - to the:
Haunted Joliet Mansion, The Scutt Mansion.

This will be Ursula's very first time at the

You have seen me write about this location in
the past and I have taken groups there both during
the day and at night and at all times we have
reached the max amount of people allowed to
sign up.

This will be at night, on Saturday January 31st.

This will also be an opportunity for those present
to have their photos considered for publication in
Ursula Beilski's next book.

Also since your receiving information on this by
way of my posting it here and before I even have
it listed on the Haunted Historic Locations web
site (I wanted to inform you before Christmas
Gift Giving).

You can reserve your spots for the night of Jan. 31st,
with just 1/2 down in advance and the difference paid
in cash on the night of January 31st.

Also joining us will be - Michelle, who we talked to
on our recent Internet radio broadcast of The Unexplained
World (it is listed as our 3rd year and Holiday Special):

Michelle will be assisting me this night, she sees
Spirits at times and is a Feeler also. She talks
about it on the radio show above. Also she will
for her first time, be part of my Circle of Energy.
Also I'm hoping that Mercedes can join us on this

Ursula will have her Ghost Box with us on this night.
This is the one that she and I have used at other
locations in the past with great results.

Also she will be assisting individuals with doing
an Investigation type of exploring at this location.

I will be offering 6-8 free Conscious Channeling
readings of items of loved one's who have passed
away, depending on time (remember it has to be
an item they wore often, like glasses, rings,
watch etc..).

Michelle and I will be wandering around the building
to assist those with our feelings and maybe Michelle
will see something. I also hope Mercedes will be able
to come out.

Also my Circle of Energy at the end of the night
and most likely in what I feel is a creepy room,
the doll room.

You can reserve your spots for the night of Jan. 31st,
with just 1/2 down in advance and the difference paid
in cash on the night of January 31st.

** Remember to mention your putting 1/2 down and
that I mentioned it **

Information on reserving is at:

Or just go to this web page and click on 'Beyond The Veil'

Thank You, stay warm and have a great
weekend and Holiday.

Edward Shanahan

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

re-broadcast of Fun Holiday - The Unexplained World.

Hello Friends,

Last night was a fun show. It was Annette
and my start of our 3rd year of broadcasting
The Unexplained World, and with Mercedes.

Had a very Jolly Santa joined us, along with
Michelle who see's spirits and is a feeler
plus other stuff including a Holiday tribute
to our soldiers, a fun show..

You can hear it at:
(will be the broadcast that comes on)

Or at my MySpace when you get there


Ed Shanahan

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sunday - 3rd yr of The Unexplained World broadcast, Holiday show.

A lot with The Unexplained World show coming up:

This Sunday Night, December 14th at 9pm central
time - at:
(You can set a reminder there now).

Join Annette, Mercedes and me Sunday night
as it will the start of the 3rd year of Annette
and I broadcasting The Unexplained World.

It will be a Holiday show (for us), Annette will
be talking about Yule, I will be discussing what
to do for your Spirits from Christmas and Holidays
past. A holiday song for our Troops. A call from
way, way up North. Chicago's top Paranormal
Author (6 books), Ms. Ursula Bielski plans on
calling in and maybe one more guest that has to
do with the paranormal.

So join Annette, Mercedes and I
on Sunday night, at 9pm central - it will
be enjoyable..
(you can set a reminder there now).

Edward Shanahan - The Unexplained World

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bits of this and that

Hello Friends,

Whew is about the best way to start this blog. I've been a
bit busy, Thanksgiving was the 1st weekend I did not
have something going on with either the paranormal stuff
or doing parties.

Since August I have been taking groups of individuals to
the haunted Scutt Mansion in Joliet, and working with
Historical Societies, involved with others on their tours
and the house parties. Already booked into January.
Busy but I enjoy it.

Ursula Bielski and I have already set some locations
for our Beyond The Veil, with the 1st one coming up
in January. Details will be known shortly.

This Sunday the 14th, is the start Annette's and my -
The Unexplained World - Internet radio broadcast. It will
also be a Holiday show. Details are already posted for the
show, I will pass it along here, later in the week.

Well that is it for now, and I leave you with this thought:
Remember it is rough out there for many people and their
families, some not knowing what tomorrow will bring them.

So for us who can help in some way, let's try and do so,
I have given and will probably do so again before the holiday
is over. It does not take much, to help those who need it,
and maybe the little bit will make a BIG difference for a

Blessings and Happy Hauntings,

Edward Shanahan

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas / Holiday / 3rd year of The Unexplained World Internet radio broadcast

Sunday Dec. 14th 9pm central time.

Starts our 3rd year for The Unexplained World
Internet radio broadcast.

A Holiday Tribute to our Soldiers. Yule Time.
Spirits of Christmas and Holidays Past. Is there
going to be a long distance call coming in from
up North?

Starting our 3rd year with Annette, Ed and Mercedes.

Come and join us or hear our archived shows at:

Monday, December 1, 2008

For Psychic Readers - hear The Masks Of Tarot - here.

Hello Friends,

For Readers (Tarot - Runes - Palms etc.), On Sunday night our
guest on The Unexplained World broadcast, was the author of
The Masks of Tarot, Scott Grossberg.

This is something unique on how to do readings and Annette,
Mercedes and I - are used as the examples for how this unique
way of Readings are done and right on.

Also for a limited time (mentioned on the show), the listeners
of this broadcast are offered a discount from the publisher's
web site.

Hear it on my MySpace page @

or below at the link.


Edward Shanahan - Chicago area Reader.