Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chicago area Paranormal Conference Oct. 19th / 20th 2013

Ok - I was just informed that the S.W. Suburban Palos Park Paranormal Conference is on Oct. 19th and 20th and is directed to the general public as a whole like it was last year, as individuals can be interactive at the location with what is offered.

I enjoyed the location and the crowd last year as I provided readings all day on both days and spoke about the paranormal as both days were full of speakers and things for individuals to do.

This S.W. Suburban Paranormal Conference being on the S.W. Side is surrounded by the most haunted areas in Chicago and the S.W. Suburbs I have lived all my life in and never have to travel more then 5 minutes to start 'feeling' if I want.

So set the date for Oct 19th and 20th. Last year it drew great for the 1st one and the cost will remain the same only $10 per person.

Details as it becomes known.

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