Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chicago Paranormal Psychic brings Al Capone's Cullerton Hotel to Chicago paranormal community.

by Edward Shanahan

Valentines Day is one that remains historic in Chicago history and this location is a discovery and exclusive to me is Chicago paranormal at historic haunted Al Capone's Cullerton Hotel. Historically this building is the last building standing from the historic time and area in Chicago known as the Levee District an area that was once the most crime-ridden area in all of Chicago. The old saying is 'IF these wall could talk?', well it will be our attempt to get them to talk by way of the Spiritual side.

More details with a photo slide show of the inside of the building and a video from ABC news about the historic history of the building can be found at: Chicago paranormal Al Capone's Cullerton Hotel and Chicago vice district visit (Photos)

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