Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Seances with Edward Shanahan in Chicago area

Hello Readers,

Well I'm now deep in to doing the Seances at the Haunted Historic Locations.

They have been going very well. We did one last Tuesday night at the Joliet Scutt Mansion, that also brought out a TV crew and morning radio show hosts. They requested to come out, I did not send any PR stuff out to anyone to invite them out.

Also appearing in a newspaper this coming week will be an article by a reporter who attended my first Seance at the Senator Humphrey House about 3 weeks ago, again one who requested to experience it (and they and their photographer did experience).

Another sign that their going well, is others around my area who never offered to do such a thing (as in the past with the type of readings I do, Internet radio broadcast etc...), are attempting to get on the bandwagon to do so now.

I'm waiting on a EVP from the one at the Scutt Mansion, a response from a spirit to one of my requests.

Thank You to all who have attended and those in the future..

You can hold your own private paranormal night and seances at a Haunted Historic Location, for more information go to:

Also keep in the know of what is going on in the world of the Paranormal, visit the daily Paranormal Casebook.

Edward Shanahan

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunday Night -10/18 - Last Witch to Go On Trial in USA.

Join Annette and Edward Shanahan with their guest:
Z Budapest. Sunday, Oct 18th, 9pm Central time at:
(you can set a reminder at the site - now)

Z Budapest is known worldwide for her pagan activism and as
the founder of the Dianic tradition.

She was the last witch to go on trial in the United States, and
found guilty. Through her efforts, the laws forbidding psychic
readings and all forms of divination were repealed in California,
thus giving wings for all such laws to be repealed in the United

Z Budapest has written some of the most thought provoking
pagan books available in several languages and throughout the

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tuesday Night - Pagan and Wicca Events Coming, on The Unexplained World

Join Annette and Edward Shanahan Tuesday Night Oct. 13th - 8pm central time, on
The Unexplained World, Internet Broadcast
of their 'Not On Sunday Night' show at:

This is their 1/2 hour broadcast and they plan on having callers from two different Pagan / Wicca organizations calling in to discuss what is events are coming up in the Chicago land area and Midwest.

You can set a reminder now at the web page.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Haunted Joliet Mansion, Ghost Stories, Psychic Readings with Shanahan on Oct. 30th.

On October 30th 7:30pm - Midnight.

The Joliet Drama Guild will be presenting haunted stories readings in the various rooms of the haunted Scutt Mansion for your enjoyment.

This talented group will be dressed in costumes and giving their best interpretations of some of the best loved stories of the season.

Edward Shanahan will be providing entertaining Psychic Readings all night, as they did in the Victorian times, in the Victorian Parlor.

The reading will include Conscious Channeling with items of your loved ones who have passed away. Remember to bring items like rings, eye glasses, a watch etc.. items that they wore, as the Veil will be thinner on Oct. 30th.

No set fee for Readings by Shanahan
on this night, just a gift offering. View his personal web page, the list of newspapers that have carried him, the books and more at his personal web site: Edward

A lively and haunting evening for everyone attending.

You can pay at the door, you do not need to reserve.
The proceeds from the door go to help the Scutt Mansion / Museum.
206 N. Broadway St., Joliet, Illinois 60436
(815) 723-3052

For more details go to

How about a night at the haunted mansion for 'just you and your friends' ?
It can be arranged! Visit this past article for details

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chicago Ghost Conference - was enjoyed Saturday

Chicago Ghost Conference, a great day spent there Saturday and 'Thank You' to all who visited with me and the many who signed up to receive the newsletter, had readings and talked about the Paranormal. Paranormal Cops (A & E - TV show), great group of Police Officers and had fun talking to about cities they patrol and I'm in often.

And Ursula Bielski - Chicago's top paranormal author who held the conference, a friend and who I partner with doing our Beyond the Veil nights - and has included me in her Chicago Haunts 3, new book that just came out. I had fun all day and Saturday night. A very large turn-out of people, top people in the paranormal that where speakers all day and a great location, live band after-wards, dinner and just a great time.

Edward Shanahan