Friday, December 11, 2009

The Unexplained World web site of the Paranormal and Supernatural

Since 2003 this site has been for those who have experienced or believe in "The Unexplained World" of the paranormal and supernatural. You will see some attempting to use the name in different ways, but there is only one '' and the only blog by the name of The Unexplained World on Google blogs.

The web site is a location covering ghosts, spirits, haunting's, Psychic abilities and more in the Chicago land area and has expanded to a world wide audience, as now the web site has been talked about in four published Paranormal books.

Plus view Edward Shanahan's free video Cyber tours of Historic Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Archer Wood's Cemetery, Haunted Archer Avenue and more. A photo collection of haunted locations in the Chicago land area and descriptions of the haunted locations, plus a collection of articles directed toward the Supernatural.

You will find links to a whole Unexplained World,
where the border between the natural and the
supernatural will be nothing any more but fuzzy.

The Unexplained World