Monday, December 7, 2009

Chicago Paranormal / Psychic Newsletter from Edward Shanahan

Hello Blog Readers,

Below is a sample of the free e-mail newsletter
that I send out every month covering things of
interest that I will be doing with the Paranormal,
Psychic Readings in the Chicago area and also
The Unexplained World, Internet radio show.

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Thank you and have a Happy Holiday,

Edward Shanahan

Dec. Newsletter from Edward Shanahan
Hello Subscribers,

Edward Shanahan here and I would like to
welcome all the new subscribers to the
monthly newsletter of Paranormal and Psychic
information, dates and upcoming locations.
This is the December issue.

* Dates coming up, plus I will do what I have
never done before, attempt to encounter a
Demonic entity and it will be a live broadcast
from the House of Hell on Jan. 9th - details
below in the radio show section.

Also I'm calling it 'Ed's Holiday Gathering'
on Thursday Dec. 17th in Berwyn, IL... Sure
it will be Public Readings, but also done
from a stage and I throw some entertainment
in at no cost. The place had a great fun crowd
in October and it will be at Cigars and Stripes.
Come on out, details below - in Public Readings.

* If you did not know:

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Edward Shanahan

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I would like to Thank 'Everyone' who has in
one way or another participated in what we
have tried to provide you over the last year.

There are still a couple public readings left
in 2009, and the Internet radio show with what
is coming up, are real interesting. Remember
the 'Not on Sunday Night' broadcasts are only
a 1/2 hour long and seem to be enjoyed by those
who listen to them, you can download all as a
podcast also and many are doing so.

Annette and I are more laid back on these broadcasts,
as I look at them as being fun and usually we have
someone calling in for a few minutes on these nights.

You can find a whole 3 years worth of subjects and
shows at:

Also what is coming and to plan for in 2010,
that includes 'Seance Parties / Gatherings in
Your Home'.

With the Holidays coming up, may you be watched
over and protected by the Spirits of your loved
ones and do not forget them either, as you miss
them this holiday, they also miss you.

Below is the information............

Happy Holidays to all.

Edward Shanahan

* Chicago area Police Officers who will be
A&E's TV show 'Paranormal Cops' have been
interviewed on our The Unexplained World.
It happened this past Sunday night and you
can listen to the archived show and hear what
they are about, at:

* The new 'Chicago Haunts 3' paranormal book
is being called the best.

With the holiday season started and the
search for a unique gift, one suggestion is a
book that readers are calling the best Paranormal
book about Chicago and the history, that has
been written and it is brand new.

Details and why the book is different, at:

* Paranormal Date coming up..

Saturday December 12th..
Archer Avenue and Resurrection Mary
tour with Ursula Bielski and I will also
be joining in on this tour once it gets to
the S.W.Side.

* Public Psychic Readings:

Thursday Night Dec. 17th - 8pm to 1am
Consider it like 'Ed's Holiday Gathering' also.
Cigars and Stripes
8pm - 1am
6715 W. Ogden Ave. Berwyn,
IL 60402

NO SET FEE - just a gift offering. I will
be doing my Readings in the Round from the
stage. Also Conscious Channeling, so bring
an item of a loved one who's passed away,
items like eye glasses, rings etc.. stuff
that would of been worn and picked up their
energy. Also entertainment thrown in at no
cost. So come on out and enjoy the night.

* Sunday Dec. 27th - 1 - 4pm
Haunted Scutt Mansion in Joliet
206 North Broadway
Joliet, IL 60435

This will be private readings for
the public. $20 for a 1/2 hr and
also the mansion will be hosting
a tea party and tour during that
time frame. The cost for that is

You do not have to have a reading
to participate in the tour and tea
party. But for the readings, you will
also have to pay the additional $10
for the tea party and tour.

Details on my type of readings,
is at:

* Radio Show - you will not want to miss:
(you can set a reminder or listen at:

> Tuesday Dec. 8th - 8pm central..
How To Do Lotto Spreads with
Tarot or Playing Cards.. Also start
of our 4th year of the show.
I will discuss how to do spreads to
get your numbers for an entertaining
different way to get numbers and I will
even give out some numbers. If you want
numbers picked just for you, just call in.
A 1/2 hour broadcast.

> Sunday Dec. 13th - 9pm central..
House of Hell and It's Still Active.
The family / owners of this house will be
calling in. It's in IL and guess who is being
allowed to spend a night in the place ?????

> Monday Dec. 21st - 8pm
Our Holiday Broadcast.
Even Santa said he will give us a call
again this year and so will Gummi Girl,
tribute to our troops and more.
45 min broadcast.

> Saturday Jan 9th 2010
8pm - 9:30 pm
Broadcasting from House of Hell
location. I have picked a paranormal
team of Investigators and Feelers
to participate with me, as I seek out
to encounter a Demonic entity at
this active location. I will list those
who will be participating in the next
newsletter, waiting to have some

(you can set a reminder or listen at:

** Plan now for 2010 **

* Your own entertaining Private Séances and
Paranormal Nights for 2010..

I have to say it seems all have enjoyed
the Mansion or Humphrey House with the
night ending with a Séance (see web page
for comments, even the newspaper and TV
show seemed to enjoy them - ).

I decided with the Private Séance and
Paranormal Nights for you and your friends,
that instead of it being 1/2 down, now only
a small portion has to be put down to reserve
and the difference paid on the night of your

Also I changed it to only a minimum of
6 people instead of 10. This should make it
easier on those who want to experience it,
but can not get together 10 people..
Details at:

A Great Holiday Gift given now for the future.

* Psychic House Parties for 2010 and
* Séance House Parties for 2010.

2009 was a busy year for house parties.

I would like to suggest my 'Reading in the
Round' for an entertaining night for you and
your friends. From N.W Suburbs to N.W.
Indiana and all cities in-between.
For details on the type of readings I do, go

** Also new for 2010 - I will also provide in
your home - Séances parties / Gatherings
for an entertaining night for you and your

What I have learned over the many years, is
Spirits know no boundaries or walls. Also
many of us have Spirits around us. In the
past Seances and my 'Circle of Energy',
individuals have left safe, the spirits are
returned after their visit and it is finished
when calmness returns, making it a great

Also Annette who has over 20 years
of Tarot Reading, Runes and Past Lives
Readings experience, also does readings in
N.W. Indiana and has been doing house and
public readings for years. She is also a High
Priestess for over 20 years, something most
Readers in N.W. Indiana of Chicago area can
claim to be.

She and I also do entertaining readings
together at N.W. Indiana house parties along
with some South Chicago Suburbs. The parties
can be from elegant dress to toga parties
(Still will consider New Years Eve).

Also we have done readings at public
locations in the Chicago South Loop area.
With the public locations comes the free
advertising on our Internet radio show and
through newspaper publications and the

For more details and to e-mail me about
your party and interests, visit:

Again wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and
the Best New Year ahead for you.